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    Old 11-27-2008, 06:50 PM   #1
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    Wife with Anemia


    My wife has been feeling pretty bad for over a year.

    It all started when she was pregnant back in 2006. She was mid pregnancy and had a routine blood test. They discovered that she was anemic and figured that it was gestational-anemia. I couldn't tell you any of her results, but apparently it was enough for them to prescribe iron pills that were the size of horse pills.

    She had our baby and all seemed to go back to normal for a couple months. She had to have another blood test and they found that she was anemic again, but they didn't give her anything and this has been since 2007.

    She did have her gallbladder removed in late 2007 and since then, she has had many issues with her digestive system and just feeling overall horrible everyday.She seems to bruise very easily and has bouts of really bad fatigue.

    The latest discovery is was that she was doing her hair and she found that there is a bald spot on her head about the size of a quarter. just a chunk of hair is completely gone. I did look online and found that sporadic hairloss could be linked to the anemia if it is bad enough.

    Shouldnt the doctors be doing more for my wife? Could the hairloss be from the anemia?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Wife with Anemia

    Yes I agree they should be doing more for your wife maybe see another doctor at this point.....
    I think but I am not certain flowergirl could do better tahn I on this one but I think you can lose hair with anemia......Thyriod problems can cause hair loss too.....
    I would like to suggest she is checked for celiac disease as thsi will cause digestive problems for sure also deficiencies in Iron,B12,Folate Vit D low ferritin I kno wbecause I have this and took many years to get a diagnoses I was very ill with a B12 deficiency....
    She should be checked for that as well.......So getting the following maybe beneficial
    Iron studies
    B12 serum
    Hyc (for B12 deficiancy if the levels are in the so callede normal range and the following test for the same thing )
    uMMA (urine test is more sensitive)
    Vit D
    Celiac panel
    Celaic gene

    Celiac can be triggered during pregnancy ,,,,,,but either way you will need to find the root cause of the iron deficiency.......
    You mentioned your wife had gallbladder removed was that due to gallstones.......I have a gallstone doesnt bother me nut was told it is related to the gluten apparently it is common for celiacs

    I wish you well and welcome to the board were there are plenty here to help and make suggestionstake care

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    Old 11-28-2008, 11:24 AM   #3
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    Re: Wife with Anemia

    Welcome to the boards! Sorry your wife is feeling poorly. It sounds like she may have a couple of things going on. Only your doctor can tell you through further testing. Did they ever do a ferritin check when she was anemic? This would be good to know. It sounds like she may have had a low ferritin and didn't replace iron stores so she had the problem once again. If it is not corrected properly the first time it will repeat.

    If she is not seeing a GI doc she may want to do this. They will find a way to help her to feel better with these issues. She doesn't have to feel bad, there are meds that can help here, usually.

    The bald spot--General hair loss is a common symptom of many autoimmune diseases. Hair loss in round or oval patches can be a symptom of alopecia. Small patches of hair loss can be a symptom of mixed connective tissue disease (lupus). Loss of hair in the outer eyebrow, dry, tangled or course hair can be a symptom of Hashi's thyroiditis/Hypo-T. Decreased hair throughout the body can be a symptom of Addison's disease. She may want to see a Dermatologist (TO BEGIN) to rule out conditions.

    Yes, docs should do more for all of us, but many, many, don't so it is up to you unfortunately. Hope you get this resolved soon. Best of luck to you both. Keep us posted. FLFLOWERGIRL

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    Re: Wife with Anemia

    Flflower girl is right. I was thinking a bald spot isnt usually anemia. I can tell you from my own experience that when I lost my hair, I noticed it everywhere. My brush, the shower, all ove rmy house. It thinned all over but mostly in the front of my head. My hairline was receding. But I never had bald spots.

    I can relate to the pregnancy thing. I was anemic when I was pregnant as well, and didnt take the iron they prescruibed to me. Im an idiot and didnt take any prental vitamins as well. thank god both of my children were not affected by my dumness.

    I felt better after I had him, but then worse at six weeks post partum and just went downhill from there. After bleeding for a long time and then getting surprisingly heavy periods, things got bad.

    She needs a doc who will check her for more things. Plus, the bald spot does not sound so much like iron deficiency.

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    Re: Wife with Anemia

    My hair loss with low iron was the same as Steph describes. Sorry, I forgot to say this before. Your wife's case just doesn't sound iron related, but it is different for everyone, so you never know. FLFLOWERGIRL

    Old 12-01-2008, 12:12 PM   #6
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    Re: Wife with Anemia

    Okay. First off, sorry you came but boy I hope God clones you. You sound like a husband 100 of us here would love to have; caring, concerned, etc. enough to seek out help from these types of sites -- so may I applaud you and say she's a lucky woman to have you.

    Now regarding Anemia:
    There are different types of Anemia. I have a trait called Thalaseemia Minor Anemia -- also known as Mediterrean Anemia. its a result of having one parent that carried and passed on the gene. If both parents have the gene, it results in most cases with a child born with Cooley's Anemia a more severe form.

    Thalaseemia Minor people can live, like I do, normal. Its just that I have a lower ability to fight infections and as a kid was prone to being sick with swollen glands, fevers, etc. more quickly than some other kids. With this trait, I need to make sure to take antibiotic before any dental work, etc.

    I didn't know I had this trait until I had my son and 8 months later was flat on my back with gall bladder attacks and subsequent removal. A pathology test on the 'stones' showed that they weren't true gall stones but blood cells that kinds crystalized in the gall bladder. Doctor described it similar to a clam making a pearl. Only these pearls hurt~! -- I should also add that I am Italian by heritage and therefore, Greeks, Italians, Polish, anyone whose descents were from the mediterrean area seems to be prone to this. Blacks have it with Sickle Cell and the Jews have it with TaySaks. But all -in-all its the same family.

    Your wife's hair loss doesn't have anything to do with anemia. Taking iron supplements when I was pregnant resulted in hair loss of some extent that I ddin't have to shave underarms or legs, etc. Hair growth on head was thick and grew fast, but then after pregnancy, it fell out in a large degree that I'd say my hair is now on the thin side.

    It sounds like your wife's hair loss is alopecia. This is an auto-immune attack and usually from stress of some kind. A trip to the dermatologist should help.
    I would also make a trip to a hemotologist so that the Anemia can be better defined.

    You really need to do this since most traits are passed. In my case, we didn't know I was a carried of the gene until son was born and my Thalaseemia was diagnosed. Afterwhich it was imperative that husband and son got tested. When son came back negative, husband was tested to make sure he didn't have the gene because we wouldn't have had anymore children if he did. He didn't and we have a lovely daughter -- only she has the trait herself and now she will require genetic testing if she wants to get pregnant should her husband be of the heritage that lends itself to carry the gene.

    Your doctor should do more or change doctors!. I hope this helps you with info.

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