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joy1966 07-01-2009 10:31 AM

I was told I was anemic almost a year ago. I was so tired and drained I finally got my blood checked. My Hb level--think thats what its called--was 7. I went on iron pills 3x a day. In January the Dr. checked my blood again and said it was good and to go off iron pills. 2 months later I went back because I was feeling bad again, got blood rechecked and was told iron still too low and to go back on iron pills. Did not tell me a number when I asked how low it was, just that it was half of what it should be and to stay on iron pills forever. Should I go see a hematologist?

FLFLOWERGIRL 07-01-2009 04:14 PM

Re: Anemia
joy1966--Welcome to the boards!:wave:

Do you know what your ferritin level was when you went off the iron pills after your Hgb was normal again? Also, if you didn't fix the problem that caused the anemia in the first place, it will repeat itself. Your doc should have addressed this with you. You need to request a copy of those labs that s/he didn't give you values on. I would suggest seeing a GI doc to look at maybe malabsorption syndromes, if not caused by heavy periods in which I would see a GYN about. A hematologist is for people that do not absorb iron and need IV iron therapy or have blood issues and these *usually* present in your labs if it were the case. You really should know for yourself what your Hgb is right now. You also need to know WHY you need to stay on iron pills forever. Take care. FLFG:)

joy1966 07-06-2009 08:17 AM

Re: Anemia
Hi. Thanks so much for responding. I did call the Doctor and got my lab results. Still not sure how to read it or what it means exactly.
Back in September of 08 my results were:
HgB 9.3
HCT 30.9
MCV 69.4
MCH 20.9
RDW 17.8 High
MCHC 30.1

GR% 48.2
BASO% 2.0 High
FE 14
TIBC 559
TIBC Saturation 3
Ferritin 4

In January (when I was taken off the iron pills) my results were:
Fe 58
TIBC 328
TIBC Sat 18
HgB 13.6
Ly% 42.4 High
GR% 48.8 Low
Could not find the Ferritin on this report they sent

When I went back in March 09 (and they put me back on iron pills) these were my results;
FE 25
TIBC 448

RBC Low 4.07

If you can decipher any of this for me, I would be so greatful! I have got to do something. This weekend was my period--and i do have heavy ones--but my gyno did not think I lost enough when she questioned me about them and thought it might be compounding the anemia, but not totally responsible for it. She said she could do the endometrial abl. to give some relief. I was so weak yesterday and so tired, one of my kids kept asking me if I was ok.
Thanks for the help and have a wonderful day!
joy1966 :)

neffie663 07-09-2009 07:13 AM

Re: Anemia
Your ferritin(stored iron) is only a 4 so you have a long climb to get it back up most Dr want to see it at least 70 when you are having a problem.Flowergirl is right you need to find why it is so low.

stressedgirl 07-11-2009 09:32 PM

Re: Anemia
my ferritin is 13....would this cause missed periods?

FLFLOWERGIRL 07-14-2009 09:08 AM

Re: Anemia
joy1966--Sorry I wasn't here for a while to respond to your post, in response to my questions prior. From what I gather from your labs, back in Sept. '08 you were at that time considered to be moderately anemic as reflected in your Hgb count, you also have a decreased MCV of 69.4 which means a decrease in the size in RBC's, which is diagnostic of and classed as Micro-cytic anemia; the most common form of iron deficiency and also seen in anemia of chronic inflammation/disease as seen in Thallesemia patients. The high RDW is a variation in the RBC's size and shape. It is typical for this number to go up in response to anemia. So, you basically had IDA and iron depletion at this time from the reading of a 4 ferritin. You had no iron to pull from to keep up with the Hgb. A low Fe and Sat% ='s anemia/iron deficiency.

You don't give ranges, however, in Jan. when you were taken off iron supplements your iron was still a little on the low end of normal according to my labs. With an 18 % Saturation this is also low end of normal. A ferritin reading here could make all the difference, if it (as I'm assuming it is) low end normal, and the problem has yet to be corrected, it will repeat itself. Eventually, you will run out of storage iron ending in anemia. Some people have to continue iron for a duration of time beyond their anemia. Some even stay on iron indefinitely (like myself :().

In March, you are anemic again based on the RBC's and iron panel, you don't give complete results.

Since this is an ongoing problem for you I think that you may want to consult a GI doc and run some tests just to rule other cause out if your GYN doesn't think this is the sole cause of your problems.

If ablation is a possibility for you as you say, I would take advantage of this opportunity. It makes a great difference even IF it's NOT the only cause. You need to stop ALL causes and ANY blood loss when you are having something like this happen. You will have many more answers after this and go on from there. It made all the difference for me when I was anemic. I was unable to bring my numbers up and after the ablation they went up naturally with ease over a period of time. Take care FLFG :)

Stressedgirl--I don't know if it would stop your periods, but IF you were anemic it surely can cause an increase in them. FLFG :)

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