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wicka1 10-08-2010 02:23 PM

Does low RBC, high MCV and MCH mean anything?
Hello All-

I was hoping someone could help me interpret my husbands lab results. He has been feeling lousy for a long time, suffers from depression and anxiety, high heart rate, difficulty catching his breath, cannot tolerate any physical exertion and he has developed sores in the corners of his mouth that won't go away no matter what he puts on them. His doctor ordered some blood work and I have posted the results and ranges below:

WBC- 6.9 (3.9-11.0 k/mm3)
RBC- 3.52 (lo) (4.30-5.80 M/mm3)
HGB- 13.5 (13.0-17.0 g/dL)
HCT- 40.4 (34.0-51.0 %)
MCV- 115 (h) (80-100 fL)
MCH- 38.2 (h) (27-33 pg)
MCHC- 33.3 (31-36 g/dL)
RDW- 15.9 (h) (0-15.0%)
PLT- 389 (130-400 K/mm3)
Folic Acid -13.4 (>5.4 ng/mL)
Methylmalonic- 128 (73-376 nmol/L)
Ferritin- 305 (5-365 ng/mL)
Vit D 25 Hydrox- 35.5 (32.0-100.0 ng/mL)
TSH- 2.03 (.35-4.0)
T4 Free- .94 (.80-1.90)

For the past five years, everytime he has had a CBC done, his RBC comes in low and the MCV and MCH are high. His doctor said this is not a concern. He has also been supplementing with D3 to bring that level up since it was at 25 the last time he had it checked three months ago. Thank you for your help.

jonnstar 10-08-2010 04:55 PM

Re: Does low RBC, high MCV and MCH mean anything?
Some extra iron, a B12 tablet containing 2000mcg, and a multivitamin might be of assistance in building his RBC cound and supplying the extra iron, folate, B12 etc needed for this. They are cheap, and the FDA regards them as suitable for self medication. Make sure the doctor knows what he is taking though.

He realy needs to get to the bottom of this, it might be time to ask for a referal to a specialist heamotologist.

wicka1 10-09-2010 07:48 PM

Re: Does low RBC, high MCV and MCH mean anything?
Thanks for the reply. He is going to make an appt. with his doctor to discuss these results. I just don't how much luck he will have getting a referral if the doctor doesn't think there is a problem with these results. I also have a question about his hemoglobin. His is 13.5 which is in range but at the bottom of the range. Does it matter where in the range this number falls, or is it fine as long as it is in the range?

jonnstar 10-16-2010 07:22 PM

Re: Does low RBC, high MCV and MCH mean anything?
It is usualy fine if it is within the range, but it depends on the individual - again, if there is any doubt, a course of iron, B12 and multivitamins should give the answer - if he takes them and feels better, then keep taking them. If he takes them, and after a couple of months, he doesnt feel any change, then the hemaglobin numbers arnt the issue, so he should stop taking them.

He should of course tell his doctor that he plans to take supplements just incase.

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