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pottamus 09-03-2011 11:51 PM

Consistently high MCV levels and neuro symptoms
Hi there. I'm new here. I have had a consistently elevated MCV level on blood work averaging 98 for the last year. Coinciding with this has been some chest discomfort (Not heart attack or anything cardio or asthma). More like an internal tightness. Neuro symptoms in the last 6-7 months consisting of difficulty initiating swallowing, some muscle weakness/tingling, strange head sensations like disconnected feeling/pressure, and at one time difficulty speaking, getting the words out. I've been worked up with a head MRI which showed a sinus cyst and a pineal gland cyst (apparently "normal" ranges according to the neuro). My recent CBC showed my levels had all dropped significantly, but still in normal range except for the MCV. I don't have diabetes, I am not an alcoholic, I am not overweight. My large intestine was removed in my 20's due to ulcerative colitis so my aborsption is always an issue. My docs have not been very helpful in looking at me as a whole and at the big picture. Any ideas?

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