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loz82 06-12-2012 07:05 AM

Don't understand blood results
Hi there,

I have previously had a low B12 result and I'm now 34 weeks pregnant. My last B12 levels were showing low (99). Last week I was admitted to hosp as they were concerned that I was in premature labour. Fortunately baby has stayed put so far fingers crossed.

I don't understand my test results, especially as I am taking Pregaday (once a day) which contains Ferrous Fumerate 100g and 350 micrograms Folic Acid. (was prev taking just Ferrous Fumerate 210g twice daily but doc changed prescription).

The first results from 30/04/2012 (taking Ferrous Fumerate 210g twice daily) read:

Test taken after one B12 injection & taking pregaday daily (11/06/2012)
The result of the second test does not include B12 as the lady didn't put the pot in! Have had test done for B12 today and should have the result tomorrow or Thurs.

Should I be worried about these results? To me looking at the latest results taken 11/06/2012 it appears as if I am not improving at all if anything I appear to be getting worse. (I would imagine these results reflect my terrible fatigue). What would be the usual treatment for such results?

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