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Dashxx2 08-14-2012 04:12 PM

Test result question
Hey all,
This is my first post here and I'll get right to it. I discovered in late June that I had iron deficiency with these numbers:
IRON : 94 (40-190)
TIBC : 363 (250-400)
% Saturation : 26 (15-50)
Ferritin : 12

The Doc had me start taking iron supplements and I was tested again yesterday. Here are the results
IRON : 51 (40-190)
TIBC : 305 (250-400)
% Saturation : 17 (15-50)
Ferritin : 26

A bit more background, the blood tests were originally ran to find why I had been so fatigued (with other symptoms like brain fog). Turns out my testosterone was basically non-existent (initial total testosterone was only 85).

I was glad to see the ferritin increased since that was the only iron related number that was actually out of range, but I'm surprised that the iron and saturation levels dropped. Is this normal?

nola 08-22-2012 01:44 PM

Re: Test result question
Sorry no one has been able to answer your question. I am not sure why there is a drop in numbers. Mine are always changing, up, down, etc. each time I'm tested. Did you ask your doc? It's good your ferritin level is up and since your other numbers don't indicate anemia, I would not worry. Perhaps the first time you took the test you had eaten an iron rich meal. Even eating red meat or something with a good amount of iron the night before a test can raise your numbers the next day. That's weird that your saturation went down that much though. I'd talk to your doc and retest soon to see what your new numbers are.

Heatherx5 08-22-2012 09:22 PM

Re: Test result question
I had a big long response typed out and the site went down. Grrrr...

Anyways. I think if your anemia is related to the testosterone this is probably normal. Your body is probably still trying to balance itself out. If you just found out that you had low testosterone in June and it wasn't being treated up until then I would guess it's taking a while for what your doing to treat it to kick in.

Your saturation is still within normal range, low but normal. I am very jealous of how well your Ferritin has gone up but in my opinion it's still low enough to cause the brain foggy and fatigue effects. I would guess once you hit numbers in the 50's you will start to feel optimal again. I'm sure once you get the testosterone issue taken care of you will see your anemia get better as well.

Ferritin is a pain to raise and you seem to be on the right track. Make sure you keep taking your iron and eat iron enriched foods as well as maybe a tall glass of orange juice when you take your iron as it helps with the absorption.

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