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Kaymarina 06-13-2013 12:06 AM

Feeling scared... Again
I'm so sorry that I keep posting in a desperate manner! I'm just so scared of all this and trying hard not to get locked into an anxiety state.

I still have permanent ringing in my ears, distorted vision, shooting pains and a sort of pins and needles all over but specially my toes and fingers feet and hands and cramps in muscles and I feel dizzy ... I feel like I've been sent to hell!

This morning I keep doubting that this is anemia ... Although all blood tests are normal except for ferritin and hb ... I have been up since 5 am and am shaking with fear . I am trying hard to be normal for my family .... I've got to get better ..... The constant thought is i won't recover! I'm sorry if I sound like a total nutcase but only 3 weeks ago , although very tired , I was normal !
I've let my children down at school ( I teach) and just feel desperate today. I promise I am normally level headed, but I am scared I'm going to go over the edge today. Please help me to get this into perspective. Xx

Kaymarina 06-13-2013 04:11 AM

Re: Feeling scared ... Again
Anyone around? X

ubm9 06-13-2013 05:45 AM

Re: Feeling scared... Again
Were you diagnosed 3 weeks ago? There's a doctor saying "you feel fine until you're not", which I have found to be sooo true. Before I was dxed, I thought I felt completely fine. Within a few days of finding out I was anemic, I really did start to feel very tired & a deadweight. It's partially psychosomatic too I think. And now even a month into iron supplements, I still feel like I'm very tired and energyless, while before I was dxed or started the supplements, I felt fine.

Luckily I don't have the additional symptoms as you, but did you see a specialist to dig deeper into why you are anemic?

Kaymarina 06-13-2013 06:35 AM

Re: Feeling scared... Again
No I went to gp this week because of the symptoms so its not physcosmatic. Plus I've had anemia in the past and had symptoms but not as vicious as now. I certainly didn't feel fine before I got my blood test results which is why i requested a test in the first place they then showed ferritin 2 . I don't think you could possibly bring these symptoms on. I was anemic while pregnant but just felt tired like you do now. Possibly because my ferritin was a bit low but not depleted like now.

Believe me, all I want to do is get on with my life, I've nothing to gain by thinking things are worse an they are.

Cymrygirl 06-13-2013 06:36 AM

Re: Feeling scared... Again
KayMarina, have you started on any iron and/or B-12? Like you, I teach, and the first day of last school year, I woke with a headache and leftover body aches from the night before, which had been Open House, so I was feeling much less than my best. I teach Pre-K, so many of my students have never been in a school situation before, and I was preoccupied with getting them to their various destinations on time which, with 22 bewildered 4-year-olds, is worse than herding chickens or cats! By lunchtime, I was weak, still headachey, still hurting all over, and I didn't get to eat lunch myself since I was working on getting them through the lunch line for the first time and directing them to my parapro, who was seating them. By rest time, I thought I was going to "fall out," but I didn't want to be the only teacher to go home early on the first day, so I was determined to stick it out. By the time I went home that day, I was absolutely wrung out and I went straight to bed. Fortunately, the next day was Saturday, so I was able to sleep in, but I still had some residual aches that didn't go away until later on in the day. At my next doctor's appointment a couple of weeks later, the doctor said he would do bloodwork and was there anything I wanted to check for? Without really thinking, I blurted out, "I've always wondered if my iron was a little low." I knew anemia caused fatigue, but I didn't know it could also cause body aches and headaches, etc. Come to find out when the blood work came back, my iron and B-12 were very low, such that he put me on 325 mg. iron 3X/day and insisted I come in for B-12 shots the rest of the week, then once a week for a month, then once a month after that. My aches have gone, headaches are much less frequent, and fatigue much less as well. I can tell when I've missed doses of my iron/B-12 because my tongue hurts or I have another symptom. Sounds weird, I know, but the middle of my tongue actually does hurt so that it hurts to talk. Anxiety and depression can be symptoms too, and I went through that many years ago and have been on a low dose of Effexor (75 mg.) ever since. I thought it was just from stress, but it could also be from anemia, as I look back on it. Maybe you should consider a low dose of something to keep you from being so anxious. I know several educators who are "on something" for anxiety. It's hard, being a teacher sometimes.

If you haven't already, please check with your doctor about iron, B-12, maybe something to help calm your anxiety. If you are off for the summer now, this would be a good time to get started with some kind of treatment since you would have some weeks to get the iron, B-12, and possible anxiety med into your system. It takes some time for all 3 to get into your system and to start working well. One caveat with Effexor, though (generic is Venlafaxine) -- it will give you withdrawal symptoms if you stop it or miss a dose. The withdrawal for me shows up sometime mid-morning if I forget to take it the night before. It makes me feel like my eyes have to catch up with the rest of my head if I move or turn my head. It's called "brain shivers." If I ever stop taking it, I will have to step down the dose before going off it completely. It does, however, keep me from getting frantically anxious like you describe, which is what was happening before I started on it.

Kaymarina 06-13-2013 06:36 AM

Re: Feeling scared... Again
No I went to gp this week because of the symptoms so its not physcosmatic. Plus I've had anemia in the past and had symptoms but not as vicious as now. I certainly didn't feel fine before I got my blood test results which is why i requested a test in the first place they then showed ferritin 2 . I don't think you could possibly bring these symptoms on. I was anemic while pregnant but just felt tired like you do now. Possibly because my ferritin was a bit low but not depleted like now.

Believe me, all I want to do is get on with my life, I've nothing to gain by thinking things are worse than they are.

Cymrygirl 06-13-2013 06:41 AM

Re: Feeling scared... Again
LOL, sorry for the long post! I just wanted to add that a month after I was diagnosed with anemia, I was also diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroid (Hashimoto's), which has many of the same symptoms as anemia, so you might have your thyroid checked as well. I'm now on Synthroid, which I have to take outside of a 4-hour window from the iron, since iron inhibits Synthroid absorption (figures, huh?). This has somewhat hampered my taking all 3 iron doses since I sometimes don't remember to take all 3, but I've been doing fine on 2.

Kaymarina 06-13-2013 06:54 AM

Re: Feeling scared... Again
Hi thank you for your answer cymrygirl. It each secondary school and have struggled on feeling ill until last week my ears began buzzing so loudly that I couldn't feel part of the world! I have taken all this week off now. I am taking iron x3 a day and my b12 is fine according to the test. I don't know if you are from USA but here in England they do not take anemia seriously and like to blame all ailments on anxiety. However I know this is not the case. Thanks for your support glad you are feeling better x

Kaymarina 06-13-2013 06:56 AM

Re: Feeling scared... Again
Hi thanks but luckily my thyroid result was fine. So looks like ' just' anemia for me :((

Cymrygirl 06-13-2013 06:58 AM

Re: Feeling scared... Again
I am in the U.S. Hope you get to feeling better soon. You may have to "raise Cain" (as we say here in the South) with your doctor or get a second opinion if they don't take anemia as seriously there. It can be quite serious, and from what I've read, the symptoms can hit hard and hit suddenly when you are seriously depleted.

Smargie 06-13-2013 01:13 PM

Re: Feeling scared... Again
I'm sorry you are feeling so awful and anxious! Try to remember, as Cymrygirl pointed out, that anxiety and panic can be symptoms of anemia. Your ferritin is REALLY low! Sounds like you are just getting slammed with all kinds of symptoms. Yikes! :eek:

I'm in the U.S., and I would say that many GPs do not take anemia very seriously here at all. Mine has been telling me for over a year that I am anemic, but told me not to worry about it and didn't prescribe iron supplements or even tell me to get something over the counter. :rolleyes: I think that many docs don't realize how serious anemia is. Are you able to get a referral to a hematologist? Once I got to the hematologist and she saw my labs (I have a ferritin level of 5), she became determined to get to the bottom of it and to try to get me feeling better ASAP. I will be seeing her again in a few weeks, after a GI pill camera test, and if my numbers are still so low, I will be getting an IV infusion of iron. She said that that is the fastest way to get your levels back up. Are you able to self-refer in the UK, or do you have to go through your GP or consultant?

It's really unfortunate how some docs can get you to doubt yourself and your symptoms. It was a real relief for me when the hematologist asked me about my energy level and how I was functioning in general, and then said that she wasn't surprised that I was feeling so bad given that my ferritin was "in the single digits." After hearing this I really started to take in just how badly I'd been feeling--I'd been sort of denying it to myself before that.

There IS a light at the end of the tunnel and you WILL get better eventually, but it's going to take some time and perhaps some persistence on your part. From what I understand, once your ferritin level (which, as you probably already know is your body's stored iron) gets so depleted, it can take months to get back into normal range. I hate to say this, but I think you are just going to have to accept that you are going to be sick for a while. You need a doctor who really understands anemia and knows how to treat it as well as some time to heal. I know how hard it is as a mother, when others are depending on you so much, and it must really add to your stress level to have those students depending on you too. But, you can't make yourself function properly when you are having vision and hearing problems, pain all over and dizziness. :dizzy:

I hope you are able to "raise Cain" and get yourself some help soon. You WILL get to feeling better with proper treatment--just not as soon as you'd like. Sorry! Keep us posted.

Shirley2641 06-16-2013 07:50 PM

Re: Feeling scared... Again
I am anemic also and I understand how scared you can feel. One day you might feel a little bit better and the next day you could even feel worse, but my message right now is about a book I just bought. I got an ad from Rodale about a book called The Drug Muggers. It is written by a pharmacist name Suzy Cohen,RPH. It is the best book I have ever read on vitamins, what they do,how to take them and what to put on your plate to help restore them. She gives you the details of how to take them, what not to take with them, such as iron, you should not drink milk or dairy products a couple hours before and after and I never knew that. There is so much the doctors do not seem to know to even tell you about them, but she tells you things that you maybe have never heard before. She tells you what medications robs what vitamins, she tells you how much you should take if you take certain medications and also if you do not take medications,she also tells where you can get good products from and all of the vitamins and which vitamins work the best and Are most absorbable. Just thought perhaps some of you might want to check into this book, as I am certainly using it as my Bible right now. I do think it's a new book, and I don't know if it can be bought anywhere else yet or not. I find it so amazing as to what all she can tell, that you just do not hear about. I have said ever since I received the book, that I think everyone should have it in their home. After coming on this site tonight, I realized at least everyone with anemia should have this book so that's why I am mentioning it. They offer a free 21 day trial on the book but I didn't look at it but five minutes and knew I would not be sending it back.

I do hope you feel better soon and I also am hoping to feel better soon, she says in the book that it would take 3 to 6 months to recuperate from being anemic. I guess there is just no fast cure and of course it all depends on what medical problems you may have to go along with it. I am 72 and have a few medical problems to go along with things, so I am fighting a real hard battle here. I can say I have never felt so tired and rundown and weak in my life. I to kept trying to fight it and was thinking some of my high blood pressure medicine was causing my problems. Well, good luck to all and I will be keeping up with things here too. So much to learn from each other.

Kaymarina 06-16-2013 11:28 PM

Re: Feeling scared... Again
Thank you Shirley. I will look into the book.

attochoke111 06-19-2013 02:28 AM

Hi again Kaymarina, sorry you're not feeling any better, I completely understand your anxiety and frustration as I'm experiencing the same again after having one really good week, then having a heavy period and now feeling like I'm back to square one. I too live in the UK and totally understand GP's attitudes to anaemia.. My symptoms are different from yours, I get really bad nausea and dizziness, anxiety, dodgy bowel movements and extreme tiredness that's not refreshed when I sleep for ages. Every morning is a nightmare for me as I feel like I've been hit by a truck.. takes me ages to ease into the day. I'm on afternoons/evenings at work because mornings are so difficult for me. I keep getting recurrent thrush too which is vile. Had yet another day off work and spent all day in bed yesterday as I felt so sick. It's horrible. Work are going nuts, they don't get that one day I could feel ok, next I'm floored. I don't even get it! It's just the way it goes unfortunately. The most frustrating part is that I was getting a lot more good days than bad two weeks ago.. then my period.. this week I've had about 2 days where I've felt ok out of 7 :-( I'm currently in bed listening to Radio 4 considering forcing breakfast down me. Sigh. Every day is a chore. You can always private msg me if you like, seeing as I'm in the same time zone. Prop each other up! I don't know what to suggest at the moment except to try and keep the anxiety under control as that's the worst. It makes the other symptoms far worse for me! Indigestion, shaking, sick feeling, lack of appetite.. nasty! Your level of 2 is extremely low remember, mine was 11 so when you get up to double figures you should start to feel slightly better, the visual/aural disturbances are because your body is extremely low, it doesn't have any resource of iron. If I were you I'd push for IV iron, but I know that in the UK they don't like doing that until you have tried the tablets over a few months. Try telling them that you can't function visually/aurally etc.. can't drive, can't function for the kids, they may take you more seriously. Keep us posted.

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