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NeedMoreCowbell 08-06-2013 02:19 AM

Test Results Help - Plus Health History
Ok,so after some frustration,I decided to post here in case someone could help me.I hadn't been to the doctors in years and finally got one,who I thought could help me,but she said some things to me that made me realize she's not a depth doctor?She's fairly nice,but I know more about some things than she does somehow.And now I feel like I can't talk to her without her thinking I'm crazy.I'm currently trying to get a new doctor,but combination of small town and insurance makes it difficult.
I thought she was going to do some iron tests,but she didn't,and as she ignored some of the abnormal results (the MCH is what I'm most concerned about as the others aren't too far off,the hemoglobin range seems like a rather low range,especially for someone my age),she will probably get upset with me for requesting an iron test.I've had some various health problems since I was a kid,but one of my main reasons for being concerned is I calculated how much iron I normally get...generally it's anywhere from 20-60% DV a day,rarely do I get 100%,and this has been going on for years.I also realized many of the foods I've been craving has iron.

Flags Reference Range WBC 10.9x10E3/uL H 4.0-10.5x10E3/uL
RBC 5.11x10E6/uL 3.77-5.28x10E6/uL
Hemoglobin 11.3g/dL 11.1-15.9 g/dL
Hemocrit 36.9% 34.0-46.6%
MCV 72 fL L 79-97fL
MCH 22.1 pg L 26.6-33.0 pg
MCHC 30.6 g/dL L 31.5-35.7 g/dL
RDW 16.0% H 12.3-15.4%
Platelets 445x10E3/uL H 140-415x10E3/uL

I'll give some background history.I'll try to keep it short,but it may be long.
I was diagnosed with Celiac at about age 11.My mom has it,it's caused many health problems as it was not caught till she was much older.She now has lupus and stops breathing in her sleep a lot of times,though that's only the start of it.

I was a fairly healthy kid till around age 10,and then especially after age 11.It was for a combination of reasons,some emotional and circumstantial drama,not having much money,not having a car,my mom being sick,the list goes on.I went to school and rarely ate breakfast,and often would eat an apple and thai noodle for lunch as we couldn't afford a lot.I did eat better at home,at least.I ended up being really sick a lot of the school year and getting depressed.I was quite a perfectionist and hard working and would beg to go to school when sick.My mom eventually pulled me out and it took me quite a while to get somewhat back to normal.I still deal with (undiagnosed) depression for a lot of reasons.I'm 19.I also had a hard time sleeping at night,and dark circles,which sometimes get better with sleep,but I've had them for forever and they are often pretty bad.
Also when we would run out of food,I got sick of lentils or whatever and sometimes would eat very very little and this went on for years and it still happens,and I'm pretty sure that has somewhat shot my metabolism.I started gaining more weight around age 11 despite being pretty active and not eating much a lot of times.I started getting chronic sore throats too.

There have been times in the past 8 years where I have done much better and had more energy,and if I remember correctly I do think it was partly due to eating more,and more foods with iron,or if I had less stress.But I still rarely had as much energy as other kids and would need to sleep at least 9 hours,12 was often better.Especially now I find myself sleeping 12 hours and getting so tired after being up 12 hours.If I do not get 12 hours,I just get tired after 4 hours and fall asleep in the middle of the day.Sometimes that means I do not eat enough or drink enough water,which doesn't help one bit.One thing that worries me is I used to love drinking lots of water,but have a hard time drinking it now....

One important thing that happened was I went through a very stressful time from May 2011 to..gosh...end of that year,basically.There was still stress,of course (when isn't there?lol),but this was more so,one of the worst times of my life.the main reason was we had to move,and the entire thing was very draining.I also had people calling me lazy even when I was doing all I could and didn't get much sleep and would shake when I would finally sit down,I was so tired.If I overdo it,at the end of the day when I try to sleep this still happens.Once we were in our new place,it took me around 6 months to somewhat get back to normal,though I was sleeping most of the time.I would eat and fall asleep for 6 hours,then get up for 3 and fall asleep for 8,things like that.Also 2 weeks before we moved,I suddenly got an armpit rash.It was raw and bleeding and just fun.It's been about 2 years,I still have it.I've figured out some things to keep it somewhat under control,but it's never totally gone away.I think it could be fungal or inverse psoriasis,or both.A few weeks back I was googling in frustration as it had flared up and was worse than it had been in a while,and found a photo,and it looked almost exactly like mine.My doctor does want to try an anti fungal cream,which I don't have much hopes for as I've done different anti fungal things and it's helped a bit,but didn't get rid of it.But I will try it anyways,cause you never know!
Last year I suddenly got this awful ear infection,and I've had it off and on for 8 months,though it's pretty much chronic right now.I did go to a ear,nose and throat doc and he wants to try a few things,so I hope we can get it taken care of.I'm pretty tired of this health problems all of the sudden appearing and not leaving.

My periods the past 2 years,especially this last year,have gotten really bad.They are fairly regular,which is good,but I get severe pms and when I'm on my period it's pretty bad.I tend to get moodiness,cramps,pain to where it can be hard to walk,nausea,dizziness,and exhaustion about a week before my period.Then when it starts,the first day I almost can't even get out of bed to use the bathroom.I feel pretty much the same as before my period but 4x worse.My period is normally 5-7 days.I tend to get dizzy and faintish a lot anyways.

When I talked to the doctor about it,she wanted me to try calcium,but I had a feeling that was not it,that I was getting enough.And my blood tests show my calcium levels are on the high side of normal,so I was right.Then she wanted me to try a birth control pill,but when I asked for a certain kind,she said the side effects are the same for all of them,even though my friend who has tried many different kinds told me to ask for one without certain side effects.I had a bad feeling about the one she wanted me to take,so I looked it up and most women didn't do very well on it,normally it was women who had PCOS who got good results,the rest got worse.So I was don't feel this is the right way to go,at least not with this birth control.

I am going to try to get turmeric cause my friend had good results with it,and it helps with inflammation,plus it's cheap,and usually if it doesn't help,at least it doesn't hurt.

I decided to start taking an iron supplement on my own,since I know I often don't get enough,I figured I wouldn't be getting too much.I got Floradix,and it's 60% DV iron per serving and of course I can take a little less if needed.Um,I'm going to be eating more meat as I can.Most of my life I have not eaten much meat.Partly due to money and partly due to being picky,a lot of meat grosses me out,but I did figure out some options that I like.Also trying to increase my iron in other ways,and like I said,I've been craving iron rich foods,and I do feel a bit better and almost like I can breathe better when I eat those.I do think diet is extremely important (though one thing that is healthy for one person can be unhealthy for another,people don't seem to get that),and try to use a combination of knowledge I have gathered and what foods seem to work for me.As we don't have a car and a limited amount of money,that can be hard to put into practice,but friends do sometimes bring over stuff from their gardens which helps.Even though I do follow a gluten free diet as best as I can,some foods seem to give me the same reactions as gluten..but sometimes I do great eating those same foods,so it can be confusing.I tend to get a headache with a lot of soy,so I avoid it as much as I can.I also don't eat much cow's milk products.

Speaking of breathing....I've rarely told anyone this,but the past few months,I've been stopping breathing either in my sleep or as I go to sleep.It especially happens when I get really tired...I jerk as I fall asleep,or twitch as well.But it's like my body is so tired it relaxes too much and forgets to breath and that wakes me up.That scares me as like I mentioned,my mom gets the same thing,a lot,I've seen it happen....I never though anything like that would start happening to me.I've also started having something really weird happen to me,it happens more so when I get into that exhausted state,noises will hurt me physically.Also light touches.

Whew..that was long...hope it made sense.I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.
I welcome any suggestions,especially from people who have celiac.

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