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eclipse27 08-30-2006 07:04 AM

aneurysm/bad headaches
Well i've been going threw so much medical problems. I get this horrible pain in teh back left of my head/upper neck. Its hoorible pain. I also get this pressure behind my left eye, and feel like my heads in a vice grip. I'm scared maybe i have an aneurysm or something. But wouldn't that show up on mris and cat scans?....I've been to 15 specialist. And so far they haven't figured out what i have. I've had 3 mris, and 2 cts of the head. So hopefully im just being a worry wort and it isn't a aneurysm. Ive had all these symptoms for over a year now. And i've been out of work and school. These pains scare me. I only have gotten the rear head/upper neck pain twice. It feels like a pull, then it feels really weak and hurts soo bad. I'm also heavily fatigued. I've tried i think 4 different types of headaches medication. I know for sure one was topomax, another was depicote *two different mg's*, i tried migranle, and there were some more. Any help would be graciously appreciated. I also notice the more i sleep...the worse i feel. Like im so tired, i'll go to bed, but its soo hard to get up. I feel like im dying. Everything aches im extremely dizzy, massive headache/pressure. I feel like im in lala land. But as the day progress's i usually feel alittle better. No where near 100% tho. I go from like 20%-40%.

jen52983 08-30-2006 11:12 AM

Re: aneurysm/bad headaches
If you've had that many scans done and nothing has shown up yet, then i think it's a pretty good bet that nothing is growing in there!

There is a HUGE variety of headaches, and just as much variety for what causes them. The pain behind your eye that you mentioned sounds like it could be sinus related. The pain in the back of your head/neck area can be from stress, or sitting. Do you work at a desk, or spend alot of time in a chair? The pressure from sitting for a long period of time may be hitting a nerve and triggering your headache. Hunger also causes headaches, depression, fatigue, allerigies, sleep deprivation... the list goes on.

I also went through MRIs because of these constant headaches I was having where it literally felt as if I had a clamp on my braing. Turns out I had a food allergy (gluten intolerance/celiac disease) and that was one of my side effects.

I hope you figure out the cause and get better!

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