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zigs87 02-22-2009 06:55 PM

Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
Hi everyone, this is my first post on the boards! I'm a reasonably healthy 21 year old female, been experiencing headaches for about 2 months now. Had an MRI/MRA scan done a few weeks ago at my own request because I felt something was wrong. The scan came back saying I have a blood clot in one of the veins around my brain, which is scary but apparantly easily treatable. My concern is the recent serverity of the headaches which have got worse, and I'm wondering if it's possible for a scan to fail to pick up a tumour of an aneursym? I'm really scared! Thanks xx

studey 02-22-2009 10:32 PM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
A MRA would pick up any thing dangerous well, like a aneurysm, tumour, things like that..Glad it picked up the blood clot in the veinous..So glad is was not in the artery !! Would have been life threatening..But So happy you have NO aneurysm or anything bad..You could have maybe migrains, For some unknown reason..I know they (migrains ) do not like hormones,,Good luck Studey

feelbad 02-23-2009 10:17 AM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
considering that you also had an MRA,well it pretty much would exclude any real possible chance of having a 'hidden' type of arterial issue going on. an MRA just highlights ONLY all the arteries within the brain and nothing else,so if something were there,it would have shown itself pretty clearly. so thats one good test you had there.

do you know if they did use a contrasting agent for that MRI you had? it would just highlight certain areas in the brain a bit better,thats all. what you actually have going on there is only in a vein and not an artery,so that really IS good news for you. arterial crap is just much more risky in nature just to have and to try and treat too.

just what is their plan to treat that clot? i would definitely speak with your neurosurgeon? or neurologist about the continued headaches and as to if the vein issue could be contributing to them. it is possible that what you are feeling IS simply stemming from that alone,or something else. but from the tests you have had done,it would appear they covered alot of bases for you,so that really IS a big plus for you. most docs wont go that MRA route unless they have to eventually just do it. luckily they did that at the very same time? just assuming.

i would just speak with your treating doc about the head pain and see what they think could be the culprit. glad they didn't find anything of an arterial nature up there. do you actually have your own copies of those rad reports for these tests? if not,get them. you just need them for your own files and to simply read thru the summarys at the very end to see if there was something left out that you were not actually told about? it does happen alot unfortunetly(espescially with specialists). you just need to read thru them so you can ask the best questions of your treating docs. i do wish you luck getting this treated. please keep us posted as to how things are going. or if you see something in your reports that you were not told about too. Marcia

zigs87 02-24-2009 08:05 AM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
Hi guys,
thanks a lot for your responses they really helped me! I've just reread the report I was given when I was referred and realised I had an MRI/MRV scan NOT MRA... is this different? How?
when I spoke to my neurologist last week he said basically that he isn't too worried and there's a possibility the clot would go away on it's own but to be on the safe side he's putting me on blood thinning meds for 3 months. I can't remember exactly everythin he said, you know how you can't really take it all in when you're hearing it? Think I was in shock or something! I'm going to try and speak to him again this week just to reassure myself. I haven't got a copy of the report, I'm sure if they give these out in the UK? I trust my doctor tho, he's really good. xx

studey 02-24-2009 10:03 AM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
Hi, I just googled MRV, It is the same thing as MRA, But to be Honest I have never heard it as that..But then again, I have never been to England..Where they call everything (some things ) as a different name..Like bathroom-loo..LOL,,No problem, It is just how things are in our language..And I love It...Good Luck to you, So Glad you do not have a aneurysm..I have one now for 8 years,,It is a monster !! It is inoperable, beleive me, I live in the states,,I have sent my angiograms everywhere..It is just not operable..You are lucky..Find out why you are having your head pain,,Take your blood thinners,,You will be OK..Are you on Birth control pills ? I know sometimes, they can cause problems..ASk if that was What caused the CLOT,,Good luck..HUGS, Studey, a.k. a . Cindy

zigs87 02-28-2009 11:37 AM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
I'm so sorry to hear about your aneurysm. You never know what developments might happen though so don't give up hope! I can sympathise so much with the headaches. I'm going to try and get hold of my neurologist just to speak to him like. Hospital processes are so slow though, it's nearly 2 weeks since I was supposed to start the medication but the messed up the prescription! ARghhhhh!! xx

zigs87 03-10-2009 08:58 AM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRV scan
Hi guys,
So just a quick update.
I was referred to a heamatologist (sp?) who was pretty concerned about the clot and did some blood tests. This was after about a week of not suffering from any headaches which was pretty amazing. The tests came back saying that there was no clot however, which confused me as the scan had showed a clot. The doctor said it was possible that the clot had just dissolved on it's own which I was happy to go along with until a couple of days ago when the headaches returned. I'm still being put on medication just to be sure, but is it possible that the scan could have been read wrongly or failed to show something up? the doctor is trying to get old of my neurologist to see a copy of the scan for himself but it's proving really hard to do. any ideas? so worried! Thanks xx

studey 03-10-2009 11:20 AM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
It just depends on how big or small the clot is, if it was a pretty small clot in the first place and on its way of being disolved by your body, then it would not take a very long time..Does your head pain come on at certain times of the month..or just any time..Sometimes hormones plays a big part on migrains on some people,,a d then some people they just do not know why they have head pain..Good luck, and happy to hear your clot dissolved on it'd own, It usually does but it does help if your blood is thin. studey

feelbad 03-11-2009 09:25 AM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
i am just a wee bit confused about hw actual bloodwork could even possibly tell whether or not an actual clot was even present within your brain somewhere?? i just don't quite understand that. did he explain this at all to you? this just does not seem even possible to me to actually detect what may be a blood clot within a vessel in the brain and doing bloodwork of any kind.

there is always a possibility of any scan not being read right,alot comes down to the overall experience and knowledge of whoever is doing the read. that is also what dictates what any actual radiologist would also see or not find on any given film too or what actually ends up in an MRI or other radiographic type of scan.

but something just does not sound right to me here. i am rather suprised,just given that this is in a vessel,that you did not get referred to a good vascular doc/surgeon for the best overall eval and consult. i would just really love to know how this doc came to the conclusion that your problem was gone with just bloodwork alone,ya know? while anything is indeed possible,i am just as i said, confused. believe me,it does not take too much these days to do that,lol. any further info you can find out about this magic bloodwork i really would be very interested to know about it. i really do think you need a much more in depth MRI done WITH contrast, just to really see what may or may not actually be there. even a CT would actually show a blood clot within the brain. i do wish you luck here with this. please do keep us posted. Marcia

zigs87 03-20-2009 12:58 PM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
Hey guys,
Thanks for your responses I really appreciate your opinions. I have just come from the hospital, my GP sent me after I went in this morning after still not having heard anything relating to further treatment and still experiencing bad headaches. She, together with my heamatologist, insisted I was given an MRI with and with out dye, and that the results were reported back today - all completely clear! I asked about the blood tests aswell, basically they can't reveal a clot however if clotting is present a number of something (I can't remember what) will appear higher; on the test I had done a few weeks ago and another today both were normal so it appears there is no clot and nothing else sinister. My question is, having now had an MRI without contrast, an MRV and an MRI with contrast, will they have definitley ruled anything scary (ie tumour or aneurysm) out? Becuase the headaches are still present. Any ideas?! Thanks so much xx
Oh, the original scans haven been sent to a different radiologist for rereporting, still waiting to hear back on them.

studey 03-20-2009 05:09 PM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
you can say you are pretty clear you are tumour and aneurysm free or there would have had seen something ..You can bet on it..No matter how many radiologist you send it too..I bet you are having some sort of migrain..So sorry..They are disabling..And I hope that there are a way that you can get a hold of them before they get a hold of you..I would hate to see you fighting for a life,,so young, But you would not be the only one..But I sure would hope not..I will send prayers your way and positive vibes..I had a clot, Stroked out after they put in a stent..they gave me some TPA..And that only took away part of it..(saved my life ) The rest of it my body had to resorb.. I was on blood thinners for awhile, Now I have to take baby aspirin for the stent..Otherwise, I am not allowed blood thinners..Good luck to you..Hugs, Cindy
Ps, that test was a PT or PTT, it test to see how thin or thick your blood is..Hugs

zigs87 04-05-2009 12:47 PM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
Thanks for your advice and support! I suppose sometimes you just have to trust the experts. I'm still a bit worried because of some symptoms I'm still expereincing but I'm gonna try and ignore them and see what happens. Thanks for everything! xx

feelbad 04-06-2009 09:32 AM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
i too would say after all that testing that was done,your brain would appear to be pretty darn well cleared. SOO, the next place to check out would be the spinal area, espescially the c spine. certain problems within that particular area can very well caused headpain. what i am curious about is the 'symptoms' you mnetioned that you are just going to 'ignore"? just what ARE all of the symptoms you have been experiencing, even the more subtle ones? just knowing what those are would help alot. Marcia

zigs87 04-06-2009 04:46 PM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
Hey marcia, yeah I will look into other areas now I think. The other symptoms are like ghosting vision at night or for example if I'm reading subtitles in a film, dark against light. Nothing too obvious though. I went back to my optician and he has changed my prescription so going to see if that helps. As well some ringing in my ears but I tend to get a block up of ear wax that has to be treated every 6 months or so so I think it's just that (gross I know haha). I went back to my neurologist and told him about the vision and after an eye exam he said he thought there was nothing to worry about. It was actually after I started experiencing it that I was sent for the MRI with contrast and that came back totally clear. I'm assuming all these scans would show anything really nasty? I know I havent had an MRA but the doctors don't seem to have found any reason to think it's necessary. Like I say I'm just trying to concentrate on other things for a while, I'm getting so tired of being worried! Thanks for any advice I really appreciate it xx

onyxgates 05-07-2009 12:26 PM

Re: Aneurysm - MRI/MRA scan
How have you been feeling? Are your headaches still around? I just had a major tension headache two days ago. Right after my surgery I would get them daily, now it's down to once a month. Kind of nice!!! Before they found my aneurysm, I didn't have bad headaches but I did have a non related seizure. I was taking Ultram for my back pain and it ended up lowering my threshold for seizures. I am so thankful as that seizure saved my life. My aneurysm would have blown had it not been clipped (at least that is what the doc says). I have one heck of a guardian angel watching out for me!!!!

Fill us in on how you are.

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