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Can anyone settle my nerves? Scared of aneurysm

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Can anyone settle my nerves? Scared of aneurysm

Hi. I am writing in hope that you all have some words of wisdom for me. I am 39 years old and although I have had headaches and anxiety for years due to a change in symptoms I saw a neurosurgeon Monday who is a friend of my family. My father passed away 10 years ago from a ruptured aneursym.
I have pressure like sensations in my head, some odd facial numbness on the left side. I do grind my teeth at night horribly though. Anyways, my neuro exam looked okay according to my doctor and I mentioned my fathers death and asked if they were genetic. He said only if 2 or more immediate relatives had them and to my knowledge nobody else has had one. He didn't know exactly what was causing my facial numbness but has ordered alot of testing. He ordered a CT of my sinuses and MRI/MRA with and without contrast of my head and neck. I am still waiting on my insurance company to approve these.
I was hoping to have already had it approved and had them done by now if you know what I mean! It's just an uneasy feeling. My anxiety is very high and my stress level is high along with it.
I just got remarried 4 months ago. We moved to a new part of the city and my husband and I work for the same company.
His hours have been cut which is hard financially so I am looking for a better paying job. I get up at 4am and work 12+ hours. It's just been alot of stress. Along with the pressure headache and numbness I get dizzy and all of that only creates more anxiety.
Neuro does not think it's aneursym but he did say he wants to check me for it and rule out bad stuff first as a cause and go from there.
Dad was so young when it happened, and it just so sudden. Any suggestions to calm my nerves while I wait this out? Thanks so much!

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Re: Can anyone settle my nerves? Scared of aneurysm

sorry about your dad hon. i lost mine too very very out of the blue with NO actual symptoms or reason to even THINK there was anything wrong til the day he passed in march of 07, and i DO so miss him terribly. you just DO very much have my sympathies preem.

first of all here, take a very deep breath and try and keep as much as possible from dwelling on the upcoming tests or anything else that will simply naturally 'stress you" and can potentially also raise your blood pressures too. anything you can do to try and keep distracted, like even reading alot of books right now, the better for you overall(i know, much easier said than done,lol). the things we cannot realistically control, those are the things that we DO tend to stress over most, but STILL cannot change, and all we do is really create even MORE potential issues for ourselves, sooo as much as possible, just try NOT to allow your brain to even go 'there' right now.

just based upon YOUR ongoing symptoms, this really could be much more likely to be something NOT aneurysm than could be? so THAT is on your side. what any real 'inherited' type of condition comes down to in THIS particular sense, really has more to do with anything that can impact the vessels like i have with a kidney disease that simply created much more fragile blood vessels and placed me in the 'higher risk' catagory for developing different forms of vascular malformations, which annies also are? i have had one vascular malf i was borrn with actually in my spinal cord that was actually fed by veins(lower pressure than actual arterial ones like annies are) and then another decided to simply 'pop in' in 2005 in my brain,which was an actual aneurysm there. but this was only becasue of MY individual physiology and a kidney disease that weakens vessel walls.

while what occured with your dad very easily could have been more dependant upon HIS possible underlying fluctuating BPs(no one truely just 'knows' what their own BPs even 'do' during the course of any given day or esp in times of higher stress?) or the actual location of this within THE more specific artery, that becasue of where it was located, that area became much more weak over time and the 'way' the blood flow was simply 'hitting' the arterial wall on the inside(but we DO also have three different/seperate "layers" within all arterial walls since they just carry the high flow arterial bloodflow too). but in some families, it is not so much the 'inheriting OF aneurysm itself, but high BPs or the way the arteries just 'are" structually/layed out within your family group? that CAN be passed on and is an 'underlying structural possible and not always a specific reason for any of the rest of your family to be at that higher risk level, ya know what i mean(just ALOT of very highly individual factors play a part here)? some of our overall body system make up CAN be inherited but not the actual 'medical problem" itself just depending upon what 'that' problem even is, so that could just have been 'your dads' total and complete medical situation and not anyone elses like with what you are dealing with right now?

and the one huge thing to always remember here is that any head pain/headaches can just come from sooo many other sources/reasons than from 'just' possible anuerysm. i personally had NO head pain what so ever with my annie, just heat flushes down my head really. so everyones individual 'presentation' of actual annies just are and can be highly different than anyone elses can or some will have 'some' of the same "types' of symptoms too. it all depends upon alot of differeing factors.

there just are also many different types/forms of actual vascular malformations even possible to even have or be born with too and also can have not only within our brains, but also in our spinal cords or within the GI area with the triple A type of annie too? depending upon your actual age here hon, that too would show lower or higher risk for many different medical issues just kind of popping in too. but you DO have some of the very best types of testing ordered here that pretty much would cover looking really closely with ONLY the arterial structures being looked at without ANY other softer tissue structures there to possibly block views either with that MRA W/contrast? and then the MRI, and the contrast just IS a really good idea there too, to better see the 'rest" of what does not show up at all with the MRA, the soft tissue. so you ARE going to be getting a really great look inside your brain for alot of things that could create your symptoms and things definitely also being ruled out there too once the testing is done.

i do hope they can get moving on this VERY soon for you. i KNOW how much the waiting sucks when anything medical is simply involved can be. just try and keep the major stressors down and distract yourself with other things when you just DO start to overthink this stuff too, it DOES help or i would not be telling you to try this. been there done that one ya know? and DO please keep me posted on what you find out,K?

also, DO obtain your very OWN copies of any and every single type of testing result that EVER gets done on you too(esp these seperate reports that will be generated soon). this IS a right you have to it and it does also help YOU in just even just having this part of your own medical history in your possession too. this also allows YOU to simply read thru anything that is tested on you that does not always even get told to us, the actual patients? just always get your own stuff. its very simple to do and just THAT crucial to have with YOU. good luck with everything preem,marcia
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Re: Can anyone settle my nerves? Scared of aneurysm

if the neurologist told you it probably is not an annie, then why not take him at his word Good luck getting an answer soon ( with an easy fix)

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Re: Can anyone settle my nerves? Scared of aneurysm

Sorry about your Dad. I understand his death has been very painful to you. My dad died of aneurysm, so I understand how you feel, especially your subconscious fear of aneurism.

You are sensitive by nature, so I feel that most of your symptoms and anxiety result from the job search and financial situation. So, if your doctor cannot find evidence of aneurism you should focus on your personal balance and regaining your inner strength and calm.

It's hard to relax during stressful times at work etc, but please consider that a calmer, more "cool-blooded" approach to your practical challenges would help you overcome any hardship.

Some times professional problems show us new paths that we need to follow, e.g. considering a career change, getting a new, part-time job in an area that we love, going back to school (distance-learning) and becoming more competitive professionally.

Believe me, once you address your job problems in a practical, decisive manner, your headaches and the aneurysm symptoms will go away !

Good luck !

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