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pleazngod 01-07-2012 04:04 PM

Possible Unruptured Aneurysm?
I am a 35 year old female. I have been having problems with my head for a little while now. First it started where if I would turn my head to the RIGHT, it would hurt. I have also been noticing when I wake up in the morning, it would feel as if there was a hand around my neck although my breathing would be fine. I have just realized this morning that this feeling is the result of my lying flat on my stomache with my head turned to the RIGHT. I found this out because when I woke up this morning I had this feeling and then when I straightened my head, the feeling started going away. As soon as I turned my head back to the RIGHT, I could gradually feel it coming back again. I also frequently have sharp pains in the back of my head like just above my neck. These pains comes and goes and only last for seconds at the most. My eyes also stay extremely dry. I am not sure what this could be but I hope that someone on this site can give me some input. Thank you in advance.

feelbad 01-11-2012 08:12 AM

Re: Possible Unruptured Aneurysm?
honestly? this really 'sounds" more like a "possible" spinal issue of some kind moreso than anything to do with the actual brain so much? the way you have been sleeping sounds like the underlying generator of the symptoms you are having. depending upon just how long you have been sleeping in ONLY this way, you could have at least "some' movement or 'shifting' of potential vertebrae or discs up in that c spine area. it wouldn't hurt to just see your doc for, to start with, just a c spine series x ray to see how all the c spine vertebrae and discs are aligned up there. that would show the "outter structures' of the overall c spine itself. depending upon what gets found, an MRI would then show all the way down to that cord level to really rule something in or out if there just IS any slippage or movement up there.

when we turn our necks, depending upon what just could be going on in anyones spinal up there, it can impinge nerves or even impede/impair at least some of the bloodflow too. but something would have to be actually pushing onto one of the many blood vessels up thru there to actually even 'do" that? but the fact you are 'feeling' any type of actual sensation/perception along with this, it just should really be at least x rayed first. just see your doc and ask about the c spine series.

i would also seriously 'try' and sleep in ANY other actual posistion other than the neck turned to the right one you have been that creates this. continuing on in that very same posistion,and over time, just could bring on more symptoms or make things worse up there for you. i HAVE to sleep only on my back because of having a truely totally messed up c spine from surgeries done for a herniation and having to have a stupid surgery done that went directly into my spinal cord from the back esp. but do see your doc about this just so you know. while anything IS always a possible when it comes to the human body, i really kind of 'doubt" that this sensation/feeling you are having is due to having an actual aneurysm, but just more "likely' a spinal issue. as far as the dry eyes thing? alot of people actually have this too, so it is not all that uncommon to just 'have' as a seperate condition. you can also ask your doc when you see him/her about some good rx eye drops too to see if that helps.

but i would get this all checked out. let me know what you find out. take care, marcia

pleazngod 01-16-2012 11:38 AM

Re: Possible Unruptured Aneurysm?
Thank you so much for your advice...It was very helpful as well as needful. I am going to see the doctor real soon...will post what the doc says...again thankyou so much.

feelbad 01-17-2012 10:46 AM

Re: Possible Unruptured Aneurysm?
not a problem hon. what you have described here just really sounds to be, in my own experiences with c spine crap and history of annies too, much more 'likely, not to mention sooo much more 'common' to spinal problems. any given annie can either show many symptoms or absolutely none too. but i would definitely get the c spine looked at with a deeper scan like a contrasted MRI at the least, just to really try and see what 'may' be your underlying promblem than thinking aneurysm right away. just see what shows or does not show up, K? then you just kinda go from there. and DO please keep me posted. good luck with this,marcia

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