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deljo 02-06-2012 08:34 AM

Abdominal CT Scan
I am having a CT Scan today for lower left side pain. I wrote a post about a week ago regarding this pain, briefly, I saw the gastro Dr. who did not even exam me but said the pain was from my hip, then my PPO said I didn't have a hernia. I then saw the surgeon who did my 2 colon surgeries. She prescribed the CT. I need to take Diatrizoate sodium before the test for me this causes extreme diarehea (sp) I am just dreading taking this stuff. I'm going to take the last dose in the hosp. so I can be close to a toilet.I've had this stuff previously. The CT Scan is easy, but the prep is terrible. I think the surgeon is looking for either adhesions or a AAA. Wish me luck.

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