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thysis 11-23-2012 11:19 AM

2mm aneurysm and 6.7 cystic lesion
**** my life , i mean seriously .
I have had CFS for 10 years now . Just diagnosed with Fibro and now this .
*** .

MRA shows 2mm aneurysm and MRI showed a 6.7 mm cystic lesion along with cervical reactive nodes 9 or more ranging from quarters to pennys in size .

Are cystic lesions cancerous or can they be ?

Im sick to my stomach with nausea , headaches , neck stiffness and so many other symtoms for the past 4 months .

Not sure what is causing what .

I see a infectionous diease specialist on monday and back to the neurologist to set up a CTA and more doctors .

I was reading these forums before this MRI/MRA and felt so bad and scared for everyone in them . Now im part of it . So scared but don't want to show my feelings to wife and 6 year old daughter :( .

I hope everyone thats sick is blessed by god and makes it thru these tough times ...

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