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mopets 02-09-2013 12:53 AM

aneurysm all thru fam wat age shld i get testd n wat tests?
my paternal grandmother aaa ruptered in 1992 <age 65> it finally took her in 2003 my paternal aunt barely made it thru her rupture a lil ovr a year ago <about same age> my paternal uncle didnt survive the 1 that ruptured in his neck/skull in 2011 <he was around 65> im 36 yr old female ive asked my dr to run the tests but she wont says insurance wont covr etc. Im a big believer in early prevention so wat tests at wat ages wld u recommend? Thank you and prayers to all dealing with this

feelbad 02-12-2013 11:46 AM

Re: aneurysm all thru fam wat age shld i get testd n wat tests?
since in "most' cases of having THAT many family members would be rather odd at best, 'something' would almost have to be an 'underlying' condition that would even make this possible.
do you know if there is high blood pressure running in your family? any actual kidney diseases, esp one called polycystic kidney disease in particular? i happen to have PKD myself and one of the few high risks of having it also include a much higher risk of having aneurysm becasue of some form of 'elastin" is actually missing from the blood vessel walls that simply 'allow' for expansion without rupture or creating an annie. i was born with a vascular malformation inside my spinal cord, then in 2005 ended up with a brain annie too.

there just ARE certain 'conditions' that do create higher risk factors for vascular problems like annies to generate. going into your overall family history more in depth, just may reveal something that all of these particular family members had in common. sometimes we have to play a bit of detective in order to really find out some answers to our own medical issues,or any risks from them. ask alot of questions of surviving family members or their wives of husbands to see if there just is any real solid connections there.

the best basic type of test to actually just see the brains many arteries would be what is called an MRA(done the same way as the standard MRI). an angiogram is the very very best, but usually would not be done unless something a bit odd showed up on your MRA first. at your age, it would not hurt to at least try and obtain one. quite honestly, if your current primary does not actually take this seriously and it IS something that is kind of important to your overall well being, i would change primary docs in a heartbeat. trust me, not all docs in any specialty esp primary docs ARE crated equal. you need to have one that actually takes your concerns more seriously. as far as having the main thorasic arteries checked out? since i have never had to go down that road, i am not too certain how they would do that one. i just don't know if an ultrasound, which normally WILL show bloodflow using doppler, is possible, or would actually just 'see' enough of that artery in that area. do some searches on the best way to detect a triple A and see what you get. maybe using a contrasted CT might do it, i really am not too certain. but i DO know getting that MRA on the brain would most definitely show something if it were there.

but do some checking on your family history to really see what just may be in common in all of the members who unfortuently had one. with the AAA's occuring, it could even be a 'familial defect' that got passed on that would be considered to be more congenital, meaning 'born with". this can and does happen with peoples families where a particular heart, vascular or other body organ defect does get passed on(it would be in the DNA when the body gets formed in utero). but you DO need to get at least ONE baseline(starting point) MRA done with possible checking of the arteries surrounding the heart as well. no one truely just knows what may be lurking inside their own bodies til a knowledgable doc finally allows some forms of 'inner" testing to see what is there. trust me on that one.

if you ask your primary one more time and they will not just 'do' this one test for you, move onto another who will actually just 'do their job AS a primary" for you. this one definitely is not. nor do they have YOUR best interest at heart here just considering the huge familial history. and there really would almost have to be at least 'some' form of underlying connection/condition between your family members who have suffered with these too that you seriously NEED to start inquireing about(possibly some type of vascular issue like i have with no elastin or less inner arterial walls than the normal three layers we are just supposed to have in all arteries since they carry the high presure blood flow). that is just ALOT of close family members to be a coincidence, ya know?

i wish you luck with this and do hope you do not have to deal with this too some day. but you are right about early prevention, since it usually allows for the ealiest INTERvention as well if something happens to get found. i had NO symptoms with my annie only because i had an amazing neurosurgeon who thought they saw something on a routine brain MRI that was a very small annie in the bend of an artery. it was coiled and things are still going well. just had my seven year follow up MRA last month actually. good luck with this and ask questions, and take notes. if anyone actually has ANY medical records, that would helpTONS right there. **

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