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Beezer81 02-05-2016 09:39 PM

Can anyone relate to this?
I'm wondering if this post is still active? I'm also wondering if my symptoms sound similar to anyone else.
-constant chest pain that started Nov 2014. Went away after several weeks.
-sporadic episodes of dull/heavy chest pain that would be constant for a few weeks then go for weeks. Running made it worse but I could just switch to something with less impact and it wouldn't be as bad. No other symptoms.
-chest pain returned September past as dull across chest. Exercising did not make it worse. By end of September it was more left side sharp stabbing and was horrible to lie down. I literally had to sleep upright for a week. It was constabt chest pain. Not made worse by breathing or coughing and not painful to touch. Tender sternum but not painful. Had left arm pain that went into hand and middle and ring finger. Was fatigued, short of breath but no fever.
-it backed off a bit mid oct to mid nov and if only feel it reaching or turning a certain way or when I got really upset and slammed the door.
-mid Dec it came back but was more central- mid sternum. Dull/burning sensation. Was worse bending over and when if initially lie on my side.
-now it's still the same dull almost always there mid sternum discomfort with occasional quick pains radiating sternum to throat (lasting a second or 2) sometimes I get a quick pain or cramp under my left Breast and sometimes pain moves over more so on the right. I've had upper back pain, pain in arms, etc. in the last 2 weeks I've had 2 occasions of having left arm pain whilst walking up 2 flights of stairs. Pain did not last 2-3 minutes either time. The last one I didn't rest I got up the stairs and continued to walk and it went away after 1-2 minutes. No other symptoms.

I am 34
Endurance athlete
Never smoked
Grandfather had first heart attack at 64. No one else in immediate family has any issues at all.
BP 100/73
Resting heart rate 61BPM
Lipid panel excellent

I've had a cardiac MRI with contrast, 2 EST's, an echo, 4 chest X-rays, a 24 halter Monitor and about 20 ECG's. Endoscopy. All normal.

Can anyone relate to any of this?

casperke 02-06-2016 09:24 PM

Re: Can anyone relate to this?
I can relate to that. The only thing missing from your description is the inability to lift your left arm without help. I had a frozen shoulder that developed after surgery because I wasn't taking care of myself like I should have. The shoulder muscles became damaged. Nothing was painful to the touch. But changing postures meant sharp stabbing pains. Certain postures brought a dull constant pain. Laying down was a scream worthy event for weeks. Most of the actual pain was center chest just to the side of the breast bone. But pain radiated all over the place. I lost most of the range of motion in my left arm for nearly 6 months.

I can't say for certain what you may have, or if it is related to what I went through. But it is very possible that you have a shoulder muscle injury of some sort.

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