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strk3 12-12-2003 04:28 PM

Burning in chest with bicep pain...angina? Anxiety? MI?
31 year old male, high cholesterol (the bad cholesterol is within normal limits but the good cholesterol is too low) probably 25 pounds over weight. I have had an echo, a stress echo, a bubble study (microbubbles injected into blood to see if I have a PFO), numerous EKGs, a transcranial dopplar, an ultrasound of the corotids, and MRIs of the noggin.' All normal. So, I've been worked up by the docs.

I have had a burning sensation in my chest (middle) with "pinching" pain in my left arm, including the bicep, wrist and forearm (not simultaneously but individually during different bouts). I also get a sharp pain in the chest that lasts seconds. The burning sensation episodes lasted 10-20 seconds tops. They've happened 3-4 times since August 2003 with the last three happening in the last 2 weeks.

Any clue as to what this is? The docs have said its nothing to worry about but that I do have a risk factor (cholesterol) for heart disease. Any insight would be great as I am really stressing. Thanks.

N2-VW 12-16-2003 09:48 PM

Re: Burning in chest with bicep pain...angina? Anxiety? MI?
I have the similar thing going on but with more freq. I am going through all the tests now. I will keep you posted

zip2play 12-17-2003 07:51 AM

Re: Burning in chest with bicep pain...angina? Anxiety? MI?
strk3, N2VW,

Throw me into the mix also. I am finally seeing a good (maybe the best) cardiologist today....nervous as a kitten.
It's been 10 years of worry whether it's heartburn or cardiac ischemia. Since it's brought on by a burst of excercise and passes in minutes with rest, is often horrible walking into a cold wind or bolting to cach a bus, the evidence seems to point to cardiac to me. Occasional radiation to both shoulders and I can best describe it as a "griping burn"....not a crush, but a bit of a squeeze but always an INTENSE burn with breathlessness.
It sort of also seems like some kind of bronchial burn.

I guess I really can't rest til I have some sort of angiography...all the rest is aimless guesswork.

Past testing included treadmill echocardiography which to me looks like they can definitely prove that I have a heart and it beats:D.
Diagnosis: pain probably not heart related.
I really don't want the correct diagnossis made at autopsy!
More later but, guys, isn't NOT KNOWING the most AWFUL situation.

I've since controlled my lipids to superlative levels, don't smoke, very low homocycteine and C-reactive proteins....but those are risk factors not diagnoses. :rolleyes: Just not reassuring enough.

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