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  • DO I have ANGINA????

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    metaphysica HB User
    DO I have ANGINA????

    I'm 41 years old and have been on meds for hypertension since I was 27. I'm currently on 20 mg of lisinopril, 10 mg of norvasc and just started 25 mgs of atenolol three weeks ago because my blood pressure was too high and because I had been dealing with some pretty severe anxiety attacks.

    The other night while walking outside I felt an uncomfortable pain which seemed to start in my shoulders but then seemed to go around my ribcage. It felt like pressure/squeezing/crampiness on both sides of my ribcage and I thought it was angina. So, when I got home, I did 60 pushups to see if the pain would worsen (and thereby demonstrate that this was in fact angina). I also ran in place vigorously for about ten minutes. But there was no pain or discomfort.

    The next day, I did my usual workout--cautiously. I did 100 pushups and ran non-stop for 40 minutes. Fortunately, I felt no discomfort during the workout.

    Then yesterday, after eating a large meal, I went outside (it was cold) and after walking about three blocks, I again felt that squeezing feeling around my ribcage. It went away after I got to where I was going but I was again very troubled by it.

    So, I'm angina this off and on? Or could this be unstable angina??? And if this is angina, shouldn't I get it when I'm running vigorously rather than just while I'm walking down the street.

    Either way, I'm going to address it to my doctor. But I was hoping to get some insight in the meantime.


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    Re: DO I have ANGINA????

    just wondering here. back when you were only 27 and you actually sterted suffering from actual hypertension, did they do ANY real testing of like your kidneys and cardiac too just to see if this was more of an underlying symptom of an actual 'organ" related hypertension? knowing what the real underlying reason actually was for someone that young to even have higher than norm BPs realistically should have been done on you just to try and figure out the 'whys' of it being there at all then?

    at this point it certainly needs to be better defined now. getting lab work done on the kidneys and liver too along with getting your abdominal checked with an ultrasound using doppler too just to actually "see" what mostly the kidneys/adrenal glands and the liver as well really does give the best overall picture of any given organ since you can actually have perfectly within all norms range labs on kidneys and liver and still have what would only show upon an actual scan as some type of real underlying types of dieseases going on. this is actually my situation with my labs all within mid range norms and i do have a very heavy amount of cystic damage to my kidneys and my liver from an inherited type of kidney disease that i never knew i had til i was about 40 when our youngest son became deathly ill from a liver disease we did not know that HE had been born with either. he was only 12 when this presented itself then my hubby and i both had to be tested to see who gave it to him. thats when i found out i even had this too but his mutated into something even worse.

    but i had always had perfect labs my whole life and still do despite what a mess shows up on my USs i have had to have done yearly since 99. the one other test you can get that is very highly indicative of even having any type of kidney disease going on is a simple UA done on your urine to see if even any trace of protien is actually in it. this really IS the very earliest sign of any underlying kidney disease process going on. it changes first. this i DID actually have about nine years before i actually found out about everything? but it was during a physical that was done for a certain osha mandate when i was a FF that it showed up in the test they did, but no one ever told me what protien in ones urine actually ment, so i blew it off. well now i DO know. but it WAS there way before 99.

    but the fact you even have that 'pressureized' type of feeling that can come and go and the way you described the actual pain onset, it really does not 'sound' like angina that is in almost every case just is actually brought ON by exersion of some kind, espescially with everything you actually did? that almost certainly would have created ALOT more real pain given the extreme "marathon' you ran yourself thru there, lol. thatnk god it WAS NOT cardiac related or you really could have set off some big time problems there.

    this just really does NEED like a full cardiac work up along with all the types of real lab work too i mentioned along with that one good looksee into the abdominal area with an ultrasound. these all, when put together are like seperate little pieces of the diagnostic puzzle, that seperately may not mean a whole lot, but put together would show alot more of the bigger overall picture of you and your overall organ functions from inside and out? for someone who was only 27 to actually be suffering from a real hypertension issue that required it to even have to be medicated at that age, something more underlying could have been the true reason for it, ya know what i mean? so you simply test and rule in or out any of the possible things that can impact BPs in the stronger ways. kidneys are just a real biggie.

    is there ANY family history of cardiac issues or kidney or liver issues that you are aware of? i would really do some checking intothat if you seriously don't know? some things you really are never told about your own family memeber that everyone related really should be aware of. it can matter alot, trust me. we simply did not even have a freaking clue that there was ANY real kidney diseases or even problems in my moms side since we kind of lost contact with that side after my moms mom passed away many years ago. once my mom contacted her aunt? oh my freaking god, were we EVER stunned and shocked to find out they had this too, VERY heavy with transplanted kidneys having been going on and all kinds of crappy stuff. we were seriously shocked to find this all out only after my son was Dxed and litterally dying from liver failure at only 12 years old? you just never really know exactly what is really being passed on or what is just going on inside your own body til it either presents itself with some types of symptoms or it is an 'incidental finding' that just pops up on like an MRI for something totally unrelated? had that one happen too with my spinal cord. i am a medical freakshow.

    just DO get all i mentioned really checked out now. whatever does or does not actually show will kind of dictate any next diagnostic steps here if needed. ya just don't know til ya look. good luck with this. i do hope they can pinpoint the base of the problem for you. i just realistically don't see the angina thing as being what you explained above really. but other things? possibles that need checking into. please keep me posted on anything you find out,K? **
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