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Jae26 03-18-2011 07:41 AM

Possible angina at 26??
Am desperate for some advice from someone as Im not seeing cardiologist for another 3 weeks and Im going out of my mind with worry.
Ok, so Im 26, never been a heavy smoker (I've only ever smoked afew a day and I only smoke 1 a day now), always been semi-healthy (more so over the past few years) and dont seem to have much heart probs in family history (tho Im adopted so kno nothing of my paternal side, but know that they've mostly died from alcoholism, thankfully Im not a big drinker). I started getting chest pains last year which I just put down to muscle strain as Im a single mum to a 2year old and we used to live in a top floor flat so I was always having to carry my daughter, her pram, etc up n down 3 flights of stairs allday. But when I got breathless and chest-painy after climbing the stairs recently one day my mum took me to a&e, worried that it wasnt normal for someone my age. They've ran afew ecg's and all were fine, but doc said if it was angina they'd need to perform a stress test to get proper results as me sitting calmly on a bed while they test my heart wasnt going to show them anything if it was angina. So Im booked in to see cardiologist on 7th April and they've given me the angina spray for emergencies.
I've been trying desperately to convince myself that Im just unfit and anxious, which is causing all these pains and breathlessness, but I cant even run around the garden with my daughter without getting dizzy and breathless after just afew mins of exerting myself.
Could I just be unfit?? We got moved into a house last september with a huge garden (we didnt have one at the flat so we were always walking around or walking to the local park to play out) so I dont find myself walking about as much. I didnt exercise after giving birth like some mums do as Im naturally active anyway, always running around tidying up, playin with my daughter and looking after other family members, plus Im not overweight, Im very slim (always have been, good genes) so never felt the need to exercise much. Could my lack of exercise have caught up with me or could I genuinely have angina? I seem SO young to have something like that!! And all ecg's, chest xrays and listening to my heart n chest have shown the docs no problems.

JJ 03-18-2011 04:22 PM

Re: Possible angina at 26??
Angina or any heart problem doesn't only affect older folks. I'm glad your going to have a stress test done as that is how they will know. My husband had slight chest pains and a bit of short breath in Nov. but let it go due to us having a cold. Absolutely nothing that bad to think heart attack.

When I saw he wasn't getting any better after days in bed resting I took him to the ER. They admitted him for observation and were going to do a stress test on monday morning. During the night his Troponin levels went up indicating something was wrong, even though in ER he had blood work..EKG and chest X-ray, all normal. They skipped the stress test and did an Angioplasty and found he had a blocked artery. Dr. said had he waited another week he probably would have had a full blown heart attack.

Never ignore chest pains or try to shrug it off as being something else till it is checked. Yours could be nothing, or it could be angina, but best to have it checked now. You want to be around for that baby for a LONG time.

Best of wishes, keep us posted...JJ...:wave:

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