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frisbeefreak 12-26-2011 01:57 AM

What does this sound like?
So about a month or 2 ago I was watching a movie and out of no where it felt like someone had taken a taser to my heart. It forced me to sit up and lean forward grabbing at my heart in hope it would stop. It lasted about 1 minute. It was so bad I was afraid to breathe in fear that the pain would intensify. For about 2 weeks after that episode, I had mild attacks like that one daily. I made an appointment with my doctor and went in about 2 weeks later when the pain mysteriously just went away. My doctor told me it's anxiety................and I don't need an EKG because I'm too young to have heart disease...................I am 23. Was a heavy drinker, smoker and user for about 5 years. (Thankfully I no longer drink, smoke or use.) Don;t you think a doctor, especially with the knowledge of my past, think maybe something might actually be wrong with my heart? Anyways I've had no pain in about a month in a half now. Does this sound like angina? OR IN MY DOCTORS CASE, ANXIETY?

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