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NDmom 11-15-2012 01:18 PM

Curious... has anyone filed lawsuits for Misdiagnosis?
I'm just wondering... how many, if any of you, have been turned away with quick diagnosis of anxiety/stress/indigestion or anything when you presented the Drs with chest pain, then had to be rushed to the ER for heart attack?

Has anyone filed claims against their Drs/hospitals?

Thank you.

byoung6 02-12-2013 01:29 PM

Re: Curious.. has anyone filed lawsuits for Misdiagnosis?
This happened to me, I made 4 trips to the Dr. for heaviness in my chest arms legs, pain up my chest to my jaw, a boring pain in my back thru my body sort of thing. My dr. dismissed me totally, gave me a script for ativan, and an antacid. Ended up in the ER having a heart attack. Needless to say that dr. got fired! But not until I told her off.

Voxx976 03-05-2013 07:14 AM

Re: Curious.. has anyone filed lawsuits for Misdiagnosis?
No thoughts for a lawsuit because there was no damage to me.
But after 4 years of discomfort, during which I was getting more and more sure was stable angina I arranged for a cardiologist and a stress test.
The test, non-nuclear, was done and during the treadmill test I quickly developed the burning pain in my chest and shoulders. I complained about the rather severe pain but he, the cardiologist (he did the test himself) asking whether I could bear it and continue. I did. It got better, got worse, got better, got worse. I got through the 12 minutes.

They then ultrasounded me and two doctors said I was fine, "It is probably high blood pressure causing the pain???"

I took them at their word and then saw the report stating "patient did not complain of ischemia." SAY WHAT????? I must have complained loudly of pain at least 5 times in 12 minutes.

So I went on for another 5 years and saw a renowned cardiologist and I described my symptoms: burning pain oo exertion, pain on SLIGHT exertion with a full stomach, and pain when walking into a very cold wind.
He said :You have classic should have done something about it years ago." (So nice to hear.)
He ordered an immediate angiogram showing a 99%+ blockage of my right coronary artery.

So yeah, there are morons out there with the word CARDIOLOGIST on their wall plaque.

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