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davman 02-09-2014 11:01 AM

Aching in upper back/lungs when walking, especially in cold?
Someone on another board here suggested this is possibly angina, so I wanted to garner a few opinions on this board. To summarize:
[LIST][*]I've had this now for about 2 weeks[*]I had this once before in November for approx. 1 week[*]I also had this back like 6 years ago, but not sure how long, maybe a few weeks?[*]I wasn't exercising at all in November, but had been walking regularly during January for a diet contest, then this started right after that ended (but while I was still trying to walk).[*]It seems to happen faster when I walk in the cold then inside, but still happens indoors[*]The sensation is a burning/aching feeling that FEELs like it is in my although sometimes can be felt in or around my collar bones on the front[*]Very diffuse, not able to pinpoint an exact place[*]It gets increasingly uncomfortable to the point that I have to stop walking and then it subsides, but starts right back up after starting to walk again within 10-15 seconds[*]When I first start walking, sometimes it starts very soon (within a minute or so), and sometimes it takes several minutes to notice something[*]I saw a doc about this on Friday and he did an EKG which came back normal, but he referred me to a cardiac place to get a consult and possible stress test, so will be calling them tomorrow to schedule something[*]Yesterday I woke up and had this sensation when I woke up and was lying down, so just getting up and walking just a little was very painful and the only way to get relief was to lie down, but after lying down for 20 minutes at something, it seemed to dissapate and all of a sudden I was walking around at least inside without any discomfort. Still continues to happen though walking any distance (or stairs) especially in the cold.[*]The doc thought it could be bronchial and gave me a prescription for an inhaler. I did two doses yesterday But I didn't tell an immediate difference and couldn't really tell any big difference in general[/LIST]
I think that's most of the "data" for now. Wondering if anyone has thoughts about whether this could be angina or if it's most likely something entirely different?


davman 02-09-2014 06:13 PM

Re: Aching in upper back/lungs when walking, especially in cold?
Sorry, I meant angiogram, not angioplasty.

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