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MrZan0913 07-20-2016 08:42 AM

Help with Panic disorder + medication answers
Hello, I am a 24 year old male who has had panic and anxiety attacks since I was pretty much born. I had a very unstable childhood and upbringing which is what probably contributed to a lot of it. My grand mother had severe anxiety but more (control) anxiety as I would call it and that has also been passed down to my Mother, which also for clarification the grandma I was speaking of is my mothers mom. I was put on Ritalin when I was 7 years old because I was always wanting to walk to hallways of school or couldn't stay still so of course I was diagnosed with ADHD. After a month of Ritalin I had my first large panic attack which from what my mother tells me was just me not being able to breathe well and throwing up and heart racing. We went back to my doctor and he put me on Paxil on top of the Ritalin. It helped I think, at least I thought it did but I went from 75 pounds as an 8 year old to 125 so that caused my mother to take me off of Paxil. This long winded back story is just me trying to explain my past with medications. I am now 24 and am on 10 mg of lexapro and take .5 clonazapam daily. I have no relief from anxiety without the clonazapam really and truly I believe it's just developed into a "dependence" issue less than an panic attack issue. My question is, is there any one out there that had success with no medication and just (cognitive) therapy, or since I was on medication for so long have have been off and on anti depressants which I will list below, do I need them forever? Or can I get better and feel better if I'm off of them?

thanks for any answers that come!

Born 1991
1998 - Ritalin
1999-2001 - Ritalin + Paxil
2001-2004 - Effexor XR I think
2005-2006 - No medication
2007-2009 - Effexor XR
2009-2011 No medication
End of 2011-2012 Celexa + Lorazapam daily
2012-2013 - Effexor XR + clonazapam
2014-2015 Cymbalta + clonazapam
2016 - today - Lexapro + clonazapam

movielover40 07-20-2016 10:19 AM

Re: Help with Panic disorder + medication answers
I was going thru a rough patch taking Ativan like crazy. Wound up in the ER with a suspected heart attack which was a panic attack.

My doctor at the time put me on a mild beta blocker instead of Ativan - tranquilizer and that really helped. Kept my heart from racing without the tranquilizer side effects.

Best of luck to you. Horrible feeling having panic attacks.

Siobhan89 07-21-2016 06:27 AM

Re: Help with Panic disorder + medication answers
I've had pretty bad anxiety all my life and finding a medication that helps hasn't been easy but the one medication that I swear is a god sent is Propranolol. Obviously the thoughts behind the anxiety are still there but the symptoms are all pretty much gone. Works super fast as well :)

Also I always suffered from the side effects, with Propranolol I've had none - hope this helps :)))

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