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tylerjohnojala 01-31-2017 02:26 PM

My Girlfriend throws up whenever shes anxious!
So for almost as long as she can remember she vomits whenever she gets anxiety. It has to be a strong anxiety but the process is as such: she will have something anxiety-inducing come up; she will worry about it, then worry about vomiting (because in her mind she always does); then create more anxiety with the idea that she will vomit; finally, she vomits and usually feels like she got it 'out of her system'

She seems to have conditioned herself over the years that the way to get rid of the anxiety is to throw up, and that is not healthy for her and I want to help. Is there some kind of way I should go about dealing with this as a boyfriend and/or what should she do to help herself?

She can usually control it now but it triggers a process whenever something makes her anxious because then she starts to shut down and can't be around people.

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