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dgot14u 12-18-2019 05:52 PM

Anxiety over waiting for daughters test results
I'm here because I'm a father who is feeling very anxious about MRI results that we are waiting on for our middle schooler daughter. She's been complaining about pain for a couple of weeks. We took her to the doctor and they initially thought that it was due to a bruise. But after a week of not getting better we took her back and she got an xray that showed some abnormality in her bone in that area, prompting them to order an MRI. She just recently had that MRI and now we are waiting for the results. And I am trying not to be beside myself with fear.

I generally suffer from panic attacks and anxiety of late, so unfortunately being here is not new for me. It's just that our family has been through a lot already. This has the feeling of being another shoe waiting to drop. I've been trying to convince myself that the chances of it being anything like cancer are low and I've been trying to rely on faith. I've called friends and family members to share with them what's going on and to get their prayers because I don't know what else to do right now. I hate feeling helpless about this potential danger to my child. I know people have differing views on God and faith, but all I can do as I wait is rely on a power greater than myself. And I pray to God that this is not serious and that she will be okay.

MSNik 12-19-2019 02:14 PM

Re: Anxiety over waiting for daughters test results
Please do not worry about what is unknown. Worrying about something that has not happened yet causes you to live through it twice. Once- possibly for nothing if it turns out to be nothing...twice if you worry about it now and then find out it is something to worry about.

Cancer doesn't usually hurt. That's a good sign! More than likely it is a bone issue, if it is anything at all. The radiologist will look at ALL MRIs within 24 hours, if this was something to really be concerned about ,they would have called your doctor who would have called you immediately. Rest assured if this was an emergency you would know it by now. Whatever it is, your doctor doesn't appear to be freaking out so you shouldn't either.

Call the doctors office tomorrow- its Friday, find out if they can get results for you. Ask for a call back from the doctor.

Willing to bet this is nothing more than something simple....and sending you prayers for strength...but please do not worry about what you don't know. You cant change it anyway- so until you have something to worry about, please don't.

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