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MrWorryVeryMuch 01-01-2020 08:43 PM

Facial tension (Best I can describe)
Dear all,

I've been experiencing this facial tightness for about two months now. It doesnt seem to be going away. Mostly on my cheeks and under my jaw (near the neck)

It feels like I'm constantly in a vicious cycle. Feeling stressed up and anxious about this. And then if it subsides, I'm constantly asking myself when it will return.

Prior to this facial tension, I was experiencing a month long heart burn. Which freaked me out as I thought it was some heart related disease. Approaching the end of my heart burn. I went to the ER. got it cured. But my facial tension has never went away. :(

Hope a kind samaritan can help me out with some advices! Thanks! This anxiety is killing me.

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