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SleepyBatman 09-05-2020 08:57 PM

Unable to concentrate? Get a headache
I am not able to concentrate on my work for more than 30 mins (and I need to focus on any task for hours to get it done). I end up with a headache around the right side and the back of my head (pretty much like tension headaches). My work involves looking at the computer for hours (and have got my eye sight checked - no issues there). The work area is also fine, with adequate lighting, sunlight, air etc and nothing to distract me either. In general, i am fine if I am not "thinking". I cannot focus even if I am watching a movie for example. I can read a novel but at a very slow pace (unlike before).

I am told to meditate, focus on other things, take it light etc, but none of those are feasible/has helped for me.

My sleep pattern is also affected. I used to sleep decently well earlier, but off late it is very disturbed and with vague & illogical dreams (something which never happened earlier). I am not sure if these two - sleep issues + headaches - have any correlation, but wanted to mention it here.

No changes in my diet, lifestyle patterns, relationships etc as such. So, it's mostly mapping to work & stress from it IMO.

Working as a tech lead, my job involves a lot of focussed thinking & working, but I am ending up with this headache (or headache like feeling) often.

Any comments?


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