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I have questions and need advice -long

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weez HB User
I have questions and need advice -long

I'd love some comments about my situation as I don't know how to proceed. Two years ago exactly I was diagnosed with anxiety or anxious/atypical depression - I can't remember which but my doc refers to it as my 'anxiety problem.' Never felt any blue/hate my life type of symptoms instead I had a ton of physical symptoms and a constant sense of worry and a stressed-out feeling. I was also quite preoccupied with my health - do I have cancer? Is this a bruise a sign of leukemia? and so on. I also had anxiety attacks or panic attack -don't know the difference, and felt agoraphobic. I had slowly developed these symptoms over about a two year period before I was diagnosed.

To make a long story short I was prescribed Lexapro which only made me feel nuts and stressed out of my mind - then I was switched to Wellbutrin which after a few weeks of incredible sleepiness worked very well. I also had Xanax as a back-up. At the same time my doc did a hormone panel and thyroid test on me and everything looked fine except one hormone called Pregnegnelone which was very low and I was put on supplements. I'm currently 39 so doc was concerned that all this could be related to hormone changes.

So everything was great for about 18 months. Then I started becoming preoccupied with my health - ended up having a brain scan because of my weird headaches, developed high blood pressure (which now needs medication) and freaked out over my newly diagnoseed fibrocystic breast condition - convinced I had breast cancer etc. Now I'm getting chest pain -a weird pins and needles feeling in my chest sometimes accompnied by tightness and shortness of breath. Doc did a EKG about 6 months ago when I develped high-blood pressure and said that my heart looked fine. My blood-pressure is totally fine now and doc strongly suspects it's related to my anxiety condition.

So the kicker is - I don't feel this all the time - only badly about 10 days out of each month (mostly consequtive days) and I can't QUITE relate it to my monthly cycle.Other days I'm either COMPLETELY fine or have just minor symptoms. Though overall things are getting worse.

I'm not sure if I should go back to my doc and have her check out my heart or ask for new meds - I'm scared to because of happend on Lexapro. I'm also considering having a full-body MRI that I've seen advertised that costs $1000 or so - am I nuts? When I am feeling this way I worry about silent cancers like colon cancer, ovarian cancer and so on CONSTANTLY. If I distract myself by gardening or something else I'm usually OK even at the worst of times. But a couple of days ago I had a major chest pain attack while surfing the net looking at holiday decorations.

How should I proceed? I guess I need to go back to the doc. But I'm embarrased because I've gained back 12 pounds - I'm overweight to begin with.


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hry33 HB Userhry33 HB User
Re: I have questions and need advice -long

is the wellbutrin still helping with stress and anxiety, sometimes the dose needs upping

in general anxious people should try to ignore their bodies and leave all worry about their bodies to their doctors, you probably have hypochondria, our bodies work best when we ignore them

several books are available on how to stop worrying, they have useful advice

your doc is there to help and reassure you, not to pass judgement on you, go and see him

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weez HB User
Re: I have questions and need advice -long

Thank you for your reply. It must be hypochondria - I am going through one of my high-anxiety periods right now but this afternoon I was outside digging holes and planting - I totally forgot about my symptoms and I don't recall any chest pain.

I'll be seein my doc in about a month and I'll ask her if I should up the dose of Wellbutrin. It just seem so strange that I can feel so good/normal and then poof - the next day I'm a total hypochondriac stress-bomb.

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murph6 HB User
Re: I have questions and need advice -long

just wondering what kind of symptoms have you had over the last couple of years? i really think mine have to do with hormones! im 35 and since christmas ive had all sorts of symptoms if its not one thing its another, and when im busy i dont have any, doctor said its all anxiety. she wont test any of my hormone levels, my symptoms are a feeling of somethings just isnt right, tingly lips,numbness in left arm, temple spasms ect,ect,ect im suppose to be taken paxil but havent touched any, i worry all the time about cancer ect.i would love to have a whole body mri, but i cant even get them to test my hormones. well good luck stacie

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weez HB User
Re: I have questions and need advice -long

It all started with mild agoraphobia - I felt uncomfortable when I went out by myself - it wasn't so much of a problem if I was with others but whenever I ran errands I would always come home before I was done. Then I started to feel "spacey" when I was out like in stores and such. At about the same time I started to get worried about my run of the mill aches and pains - is my sore leg bone cancer? is my stomach ache a sign or colon cancer or ovarian cancer, and so on. I also became a nervous wreck whenever anyone but myself was driving - particularly my husband (but then again this might be legitimate!) because I thought that we would all die in an accident. For the most part I kept it all inside and didn't let on that I felt this way.

Around this time my blood pressure started to become irregular and I started getting weird headaches on one side of my head. I also think that my face, throat and chest are flushing but I don't really feel a "hot flash" per se. Doc ran a complete hormone panel and thyroid test but everything checked out OK. Around here if you want a complete MRI then you can just schedule and and pay for it yourself - you don't need a referral. I'm thinking of doing it for my 40th b-day which is in 5 months. Frankly, every body part that's been tested has made me that much less worried (about that particular body part). I also get chest pain.

My hair is also thinning.

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