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    Old 03-21-2005, 01:49 AM   #1
    Join Date: Dec 2004
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    mletters HB User
    Extreme Symptoms PLEASE HELP


    I have been suffering from a mysterious illness for the last 18 months. Every day I cycle through dizziness in the morning (30 minutes after getting out of bed), waking up at 06am every morning on the ***. Vivid dreams/nightmares every night. Then when I get to work I have the wierdest symptoms.

    I am afraid but I don't know what of. I just feel really empty and down inside. Whenever I have to meet someone or walk toward someone, I feel like I am going to pass out. I get what feels like a rush of blood to my head. Then my arms and hands just dont feel right. If I try to drink something I feel as if I would drop it. I shake uncontrolably.

    I also notice a horrible pressure sensation behind the top of my nose and forehead. It just doesn't feel right when I look at people I have a horrible dizzy sensation (not vertigo).

    My armpits are drenched by the time I have got to work. My hands are sweaty.

    Also, my jaw goes stiff and sore. I also have Tinnitus, TMJ, neck pains, insomnia, depression, weak legs with random pains in them every day.

    Can anyone please help me? I've tried 18 doctors and all just say all tests are normal. I really feel like I AM GOING CRAZY.

    I can't go on for the rest of my life avoiding everyone and living in ISOLATION. Right now I cant see me living beond the end of the year!

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    Old 03-21-2005, 05:16 AM   #2
    Senior Member
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    bondgrll HB User
    Re: Extreme Symptoms PLEASE HELP

    You have GOT to get an appointment to see a psychiatrist (a medical doctor) and he will help you rule out what you do and do not have. More importantly, he will probably prescribe a medication that will be a godsend. It sounds like you have Generalized Anxiety (not necessarily a particular fear) with a touch of panic. You will need medication at this point but you have to get to a point where you can function normally. Don't put this off any longer, you've waited 15 months,,,,it's time to see the're not going crazy.

    Old 03-21-2005, 08:22 AM   #3
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    lisa30777 HB User
    Re: Extreme Symptoms PLEASE HELP

    also notice a horrible pressure sensation behind the top of my nose and forehead. It just doesn't feel right when I look at people I have a horrible dizzy sensation (not vertigo).

    I get this all the time! i could'nt put it in to words,i also get random pains, i started meds a week ago, my tests all came back normal but i don't feel normal i feel ill

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    Old 03-21-2005, 11:13 AM   #4
    Join Date: Dec 2004
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    mletters HB User
    Re: Extreme Symptoms PLEASE HELP


    And thankyou for your replies. For some strange reason my dizziness and anxiety is worse in the morning. It proably sounds strange (but then again so do half of my other posts!), but my symptoms seem worse when I am approaching someone and actualy think about how I'm going to react when I approach them. I think I've just had too much time to think about my symptoms every day and in turn my brain is constantly tuned into self talk/thought about my array of symptoms.

    When I look people in the eyes it dosn't feel right. The strange thing is if I'm doing something with my arms then it's not too bad. It's also better when I'm sitting down and people approach me (not vice versa!).

    This is pretty hard for me to talk to anyone about these (anxiety?) symptoms because I've gone from starting my own Business, DJ'ing and singing in front of 1000+ people and also lecturing new intakes at my daytime job.

    SO HOW ON EARTH do I go from that (up until Sept 03) to where I am now. Turning more agrophobic by the day, avoiding people, places and situations where I have to talk about myself and terrified of people in authority. The sweating from my armpits and hands and feelings of shaking inside?

    That's what I am just having a hard time understanding. Every time it happens, I BEAT MYSELF UP over it. I am constantly analysing bodily symptoms - it's as though I'm waiting for the next thing to happen!

    I known that social contact is very important. I also know that I have depression but feel that it is secondary to the illness (it started a couple of months after my illness? started). At times, I cannot see a future or a way forward and just think about ending it. I don't think I ever could though! I just pray every day and ask for strength in dealing with this.

    Some of my tests are starting to show something. For example, I had some vestibular function tests a couple of weeks ago. My hearing was just about normal, but the CALORIC test only made me go dizzy on one side. This is where they are supposed to inject hot and cold water into your ears and they note the Nystagmus, dizziness etc. on a computer. I couldn't tolerate water in my ears (due to getting some trapped water a couple of months earlier when swimming. I could hear the water in my ear with every footstep I took. Fortunately, the next day it dried up or something and my hearing was back to normal). That's how hypersensitive I am at the moment about my symptoms. Anyway, they used cold air which is frozen down to a cold temperature. One side, sent me dizzy. The other side.......Nothing.... Wait 5 minutes and testsed again..........Nothing. So my thoughts are either inner ear involvment (but only a slight hearing loss in the affected ear - but interestingly this is where I have the tinnitus!) or could it be CNS damage?

    I also have a positive dx of TMD/TMJ along with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (Mild).

    So that's where I am at the moment. I'm scheduled to have a SST (Short Synacthen test) tomorrow morning. This is where they test your Adrenal Reserve capacity and test for Addisons disease (primary failure) or Secondary Adrenal Exhaustion (Chronic Stress, CFS, FMS, anything else!).

    I've also got a sleep conduction study scheduled for a few weeks time to try and figure out why I am waking up at 6am on the *** every morning (could be Cortisol related? Would also fit with stress/adrenal stuff !?!).

    I've already had 2/3 appointments with a Psychiatrist. The two that I've seen just listened to my symptoms for a couple of hours, and then fobbed me off with some Mirtazipine. I was reluctant to take them for a few weeks and in the end got desparate, took one pill before I went to bed. When I woke up the next morning I couldn't lift my head off the pillow. When I did, I callapsed and ended up in A&E. I've already tried Prozac - 10 weeks (made me feel suicidal!), Dothiepin - 2 months (this didn't have any effect either way!), Venlafaxine (again servere reactions after just ONE pill! - extreme aggitation/irritability/panic/nervousness - had to call emergency doctor. Immediately withdrawn from it!). I seem to react to SNRI or SSRI's (Hmmm., wonder about this one... No one has been able to answer why as yet!).

    I've also had 17 appointments with a Psychotherapist who delved into my past and decided that the problem wasn't there!

    I've seen a spirutal healer, had accupuncture, accumassage, essensial oil massage, reflexology, flotation therapy, Reiki, meditation. All work with little or no effect.

    I just dont know if this is CFS,ME, Vestibular disorder, Labyrynthitus, Anxiety, Depression or what. That is half the problem - NOT knowing! Nearly as bad as the illness itself!

    Ah well, we'll see what happens with Endocrinologist tomorrow.

    Thanks for listening.


    Old 03-22-2005, 02:34 AM   #5
    Junior Member
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    jay20_music HB User
    Re: Extreme Symptoms PLEASE HELP

    i experitence the same things. it seems no one want sto help tho. cant offer you much advice just my support. all the best!


    Old 03-23-2005, 09:35 AM   #6
    Senior Veteran
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    hry33 HB Userhry33 HB User
    Re: Extreme Symptoms PLEASE HELP

    to mletters
    you obviously need some valium type meds, taken as needed these will relax your body and mind a beta blocker med such as inderal will help with the singing , sweating, etc and can be taken only as needed
    sadly your psych is one of many now brainwashed into " antidepressants only for anxiety" and your bad reacrtions to them are quite common for anxiety sufferers, in other words, you see the doc for help to get better and his meds make you worse instead

    these bad reactiions to an antidepressant can cause a person who is just barely coping to have to stop working and other severe problems

    IMO you need to get some benzos, that is any valium type meds, they all work as well, inderall will also help and generally isnt hard to get

    probing the past or the subconscious mind almost never helps for anxiety problems

    keep getting tests done and ask for referral to another psych who isnt so antibenzo, usually an older one also ask the GP for some valium, especially due to your failure on the antidepressants

    antihistamine tranquillisers are better than nothing

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    Old 03-23-2005, 10:44 PM   #7
    Join Date: Mar 2005
    Posts: 63
    theforlorn HB User
    Re: Extreme Symptoms PLEASE HELP

    "I known that social contact is very important. I also know that I have depression but feel that it is secondary to the illness (it started a couple of months after my illness? started). At times, I cannot see a future or a way forward and just think about ending it. I don't think I ever could though! I just pray every day and ask for strength in dealing with this."

    I also get this feeling of hopelessness or apathy towards the future. It is quite depressing and disheartening. I also get suicidal thoughts when I experience this, but I know I would never kill myself. I still have a lot of livin' to do!

    It's just a really ****** feeling, but in a way it makes me appreciate when I feel ambitious and hopeful that much more.

    If there is one good thing anxiety and panic has brought me, it is the ability to appreciate and not take for granted some things that most people take for granted everyday.

    More than not I feel the entire experience of panic and anxiety is an alternate world we build in our own minds and the only person that can truely help you overcome them is yourself. Meds and Dr.s can of course help the process, but ultimately we have to fight our own demons. Everybody is different and there is no single wonder cure. Just like anything else in life, fighting anxiety is something you have to work at.

    Sometimes I feel just knowing that I am still in control and can take inititive to making myself better helps me relax. I hope that you can overcome your troubles in the near future so you can enjoy life as we are meant to do.

    Old 03-24-2005, 02:51 AM   #8
    Senior Member
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    depflephc HB User
    Re: Extreme Symptoms PLEASE HELP

    read the inner ear disorders board

    Old 03-24-2005, 08:34 AM   #9
    Senior Veteran
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    twanger HB User
    Re: Extreme Symptoms PLEASE HELP

    I agree. Read the inner ear disorder board and search the internet. You may just need to see an ENT doctor and maybe have some tubes put in. All these symptoms can be part of Eustachian Tube Dysfunction (ETD). Look it up and see if it fits.

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