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  • Panic Attack Relapse and Its Bad!!

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    Old 08-01-2005, 08:09 PM   #1
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    faeriegirl25 HB User
    Panic Attack Relapse and Its Bad!!

    Hi everyone... new here, but not to panic. I've suffered with Agoraphobia with history of panic disorder for a little over 10 years. I have had 2 relapses and this one is the worst ever. Usually I just panic whenever I am in a situation that I feel like I cannot escape from, but for the last month or so, I have been having them at home. The first one that I had was at supper time, and I was so scared that I was going crazy. This attack has left me constantly anxious and afraid to even be by myself if I am away from home.

    I just started seeing a therapist and have had 2 panic attacks in session with her. Today being the second one. I am so convinced that these panic attacks are going to get worse. I know that I have alot of " What-if thinking" that makes my anxiety worse. Now I am afraid that I am going to go crazy and every panic symptom I have just seems to reinforce the self talk. Any advice how to stop the thoughts? My therapist told me today that nobody goes crazy just like that, and that nobody has ever because of an attack.. this I believe to be true., but I don't think she quite understands what it feels like to go through a panic attack and feel so out of control. I guess I am just looking for someone that I can relate to, and hope that I can possibly give some support to someone else.

    Take Care

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    jjules HB User
    Re: Panic Attack Relapse and Its Bad!!

    Hey I know how you feel I felt that way for quite some time before I went to the Dr. to get me on something that helped. Finally I think I have found something that has worked for me and my agoraphobia and panic/anxiety attacks. Lexapro did alot for me but everyone is different...some people do not function well on it but it has so far done alot for me. Hope your therapist recommends you try a medication-sounds like you need something like that if therapy is not working. Take care and have a great evening. Jules

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    Felicia65 HB User
    Re: Panic Attack Relapse and Its Bad!!

    Hello, I would like to say that eveything you are feeling , and the thoughts you have are the same as others that have panic attacks, ONE things that can help is understanding what a panic attack is. I do not know if you take meds for this but I think you need to talk with your doctor. AND YOU SAID IT THE BIG WHAT IF that is the common thing with people who suffer with panic disorders. WHAT IF??????? and WHAT IF NOTHING HAPPENS????? do try to talk to your self in a posative way untill one day you will find your self not thinKING what if???????? PANIC ATTACKS CAN be hell BUT NO THEY WILL NOT KILL YOU. AND they can be controled. with the help of a good doctor. a friend felicia

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    kitkat77 HB User
    Re: Panic Attack Relapse and Its Bad!!

    Thinking logically during an attack always works for me.

    I acknowledge that I am having an attack, and tell myself that it's only my anxiety playing games. That I know all my symptoms are real, but that there is NOTHING BEHIND THEM so no need to worry. I take deep breaths, close my eyes and try to mentally picture my pulse and heart beat slowing down. Concentrating on trying to make my real pulse as slow as my imaged one, diverts me from thinking about my other symptoms, and it works every time.

    Old 08-02-2005, 01:28 AM   #5
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    Photog88 HB User
    Re: Panic Attack Relapse and Its Bad!!

    Faeriegirl, I know exatcly what you are going through.

    My story is so similiar to yours becasue I have had panic attacks since i was 18 years old (now 28) and I am also going through a really bad relapse.

    At first, like so many other people, I had my first panic attack and ended up in the emergency room. This was in January of 95. All the dr. kept asking me is what drugs I took to get my heart rate up so high. I don't do drugs, and didnt do them then and all I got was more frustrated. To make a long story short, I did all the research and talked to many doctors until i finally found out about panic/anxiety. I knew that what i was reading about was what i was going through and at least that was some comfort.

    For the next five years, i delt with panic and anxiety by myself. I never saw a psychiatrist or any other dr.s regarding panic attacks. I made it through college, and in 2000 I graduated. I planed on moving from NYC to San Diego to pursue my career in Photography. About a month before the move, I started having really bad panic attacks again and decided it was time to give meds a try. My dr. put me on Paxil and for the longest time everything was pretty good. Of course, i had anxiety, but very very seldom did i actually have a panic attack. I think I went from 2000 - 2005 only having about 5 panic attacks.

    After being on Paxil from 2000 to april of this year, i decided it was time to try and come off meds. Tapering paxil from 30mg/day to nothing over the course of 2 monts was the worst hell i ever went through. I finally got of the drug and actually felt really good for about a month. Then, BAM, panic started back like crazy. I got more and more depressed and felt like i was going insane and would wind up in a padded room on sedatives.

    I went back to my dr. about 3 months ago and he put me on Zoloft. At first the Zoloft made me really sick to my stomach. Eventually, I adjusted to it and I've been on it for about 10 weeks now. I really don't think the Zoloft is working though, because my anxiety is still very prevalent and my depression is the worst its ever been. Somedays I cant even leave the house and I feel completely useless and pathetic.

    The good news is that I got health insurance that went into affect today and I have my first dr.s visit on Friday of this week. I plan on seeing a psychiatrist for the first time in my life and maybe try to get on a different med.

    I can totally see where your comming from. Just when you think panic and anxiety are behind you it sneaks up and hits you over the head again. Lately I've felt like Im losing control of myself and that I'm going nuts. Im in a hole right now that I can't get out of. I've lost interest in everything I use to do and I was into bodybuilding until about 4 months ago when I stopped Paxil. My weight has dropped almost 30lbs in the past 4 months and i feel like hell. Im never hungry, always dizzy and all i want to do is sleep the rest of my life away.

    I guess we should stay optimistic though, right? We beat this once and hopefully, we can beat it again and get our lives back. It's weird, but I cant wait to go to the dr. Most people probably hate going to their dr.s but I know that going will set me back on the path to recovery. It's so hard to think optimisticaly, but thinking badly only hinders our efforts more.

    Don't worry too much about how you feel with going crazy and all. Im sure your not crazy, its just a side affect from anxiety and panic. No one has gone crazy or died from a panic attack and you sure won't be the first. My advise to you is to go to a shrink and talk to him/her about what your feeling and ask about the pros and cons of meds. They may really help. Personally, talking to someone really helps me deal with all my crazy feelings and thoughts and it reassures me that nothing is really wrong with me, its just anxiety playing tricks. Good Luck


    Old 08-02-2005, 04:50 PM   #6
    Join Date: Jun 2004
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    faeriegirl25 HB User
    Re: Panic Attack Relapse and Its Bad!!

    Thank you all for your heart-felt replies. I am crying right now because I feel more at peace knowing that there are others that I can relate to. I was on Paxil about 4 years ago and I was on it for about 18 months until I had a major panic attack and they switched me to zoloft. I was on it for a little over 2 years, up until last july, was switched Wellbutrin XL( made me have bad nightmares). After this I just stopped meds completely, now I wish I hadn't.

    I'm not real sure what exactly caused this relapse, but I have a good idea it has to do with the stress that I am going through. I think that I am basically reacting to all the symptoms of being stressed and of course having a history of panic disorder, I automatically assume the worse. The what if thinking gets me into trouble, and the thoughts of losing control and being crazy are the absolute worse.

    I don't get a chance to see the psychiatrist until Aug 8th and I am so ready to go!! I hope that he can put me on some meds, I really think that I need to be on something so that I can get my life back under control and do the things that make me happy. I did however, call my regular doc and she gave me 10 pills of Aprozolam 0.25 mg to take. I am on thyroid and blood pressure meds ( Levoxyl and Toprol XL) and I need to check with the pharmacist about an interaction, I've read that the toprol actually enhances the effects of benzos. Anyone know anything about this one?

    Thanks again all, and I look forward to getting to know all of you better.
    Take Care

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    tnmomofive HB User
    Re: Panic Attack Relapse and Its Bad!!

    I am glad you got something to help.I really feel for ya ,know what it is like.
    I am hoping I will continue to handle it without meds.Lately anxiety has been creeping back because I have been pretty stressed.I am having just the physical symptoms no panic attacks that I notice yet.As long as it doesnt get too too bad I should do fine without meds if not I will be a pill poppin again.

    take care I hope you get better really soon ........Beth

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