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MediaGal 08-28-2005 11:37 AM

Cigarette smoking catch 22 & Wellbutrin
I love this board by the way!

Okay, here I go... I have mild anxiety that really never leaves completely, but I have it PRACTICALLY under control and completely stopped taking ALL meds for it. I always had my Zanax on hand, and often took it if I felt that I would be in a situation that MIGHT make me anxious. I finally stopped taking it by NOT renewing my prescription for it. After a few weeks of feeling ANXIOUS that I HAD NO ZANAX ON HAND.... :eek: I just forgot about needing it. Unfortunately.... during this time I found myself smoking more than usual because we smoking dummies tend to go for the cigarette when we're stressed. And of course, smoking helps to accelerate anxiety. So I went to my doctor about my situation and he prescribed Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin is supposed to even out your disposition so to speak, and is the "miracle" that will get you to stop smoking. Um, right. Since I'm a type-A personality, I defeated the Evil Wellbutrin and smoked anyway, maybe less, but after two months.... no miracle, though I tried really hard to stop. I think it helped with my anxiety, but I felt a little bit disoriented half the time.

Has anyone else gone through something similar and found a suitable replacement for the cancerettes and kicked the anxiety while quitting smoking and succeeded? I know there's a smoking cessation section here, but I've tried most of those remedies with no success. I want to stop BOTH, at the same time, and not get FAT!


tweety65 08-28-2005 11:49 AM

Re: Cigarette smoking catch 22 & Wellbutrin
Well i'm new here. I took zyban to stop smoking 7 years ago. They say that Wellbutin and Zyban are the same. I don't know for sure. I reckon they are. Anyway the Zyban worked for me. I was smoking 3 packs a day. I don't think that i would have ever stopped if i hadn't had some kind of help. I smoked over a half a pack before i left for work in the mornings. It still is a hard thing to do, I think that i can stop eating eaiser than i can stop smoking. Oh by the way i have been on a diet all my life. I think that it is a mind game, more than a addicition. Anyway the doctors tell me that the addiction is gone in a weeks time. It's the habit that you will have to fight the rest of your life. But it get easier as time go bye. Good luck , it's worth the fight.

MediaGal 09-17-2005 09:36 PM

Re: Cigarette smoking catch 22 & Wellbutrin
Has anyone else fought the anxiety demon and quit smoking all at the same time? I'm getting a little anxiety again, all work related, and I'm finding myself going out for smoking breaks just to get away for a few minutes.... and I'm hating it!

Any suggestions?

smc612 09-18-2005 04:44 AM

Re: Cigarette smoking catch 22 & Wellbutrin
i wish i had some. i am in the same boat. have quit 3 times. twice cold turkey with no problems went almost a year both times. death stressed me out so badly that i picked them up again. the last time i made it only 3 months and hated every minute of it. couldn't concentrate,had multiple problems at work(i work with 20 smokers and live with 2) that didn't help. i even took a smoke enders seminar for 6 weeks inthe local hospital and still couldn't do it. i wish i never started. every morning i think maybe today and then the pressure builds. i know i will do it again some day but don't know when. i almost feel like i have to be out of work and away from all stress for months to do this. that is impossible. i think some of us look for the easy way and there is none. i want to just gget up one morning as a non-smoker without any of the horrible effects of quitting. selfish HUH? my first 2 quits i felt like a million bucks within days. the last one i felt horrible everyday for 3 months. gotta get a plan that works for me. don't know what it is yet.

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