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BoredIndyGuy 08-29-2005 12:41 AM

Help: Is this GAD? and if not what is it?
Took me along time to get the nerve to ask about my problem.. this is pretty embarresing. I know i'm the only fool to have this problem.

Here goes:

I have a problem which appears to be pretty serious. It may be related to GAD but I'm not sure.

This is really embarresing please bear with me-

First off, I did have some anxiety problems when I was in HS, but I overcame them... I'm actually quite an outgoing person, and in most social situations I'm very comfortable. I feel VERY confident about myself.

However, one particular social situation makes me uncomfortable... The class room. I've been homeschooled all my life, and was a bit uncomfortable going to class my first time a year ago. I got really sweaty all over.. And it seemed to get much worse. I don't know if it's related, but it felt like my [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR] was beginning to BURN and feel like it was on fire in these situations. (this next part is real emberrasing) I'd even begin to smell as well- I'd shower, get out and smell, and I didn't even know why. I'd feel very gassy. So bad, that I'd avoid leaving the house not because I was afraid but simply because I wasn't healthy enough. (who ever had the problem of thier [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR] acting up?? [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]?)

I know these social situations have to cause it though. When I'm away from school, these problems disappear. I went to boot camp and training and the problems disapeared. When I came back to school, i wasn't really scared this fall. I didn't have anything to be afraid of.. However the symptons came back. I know these have to be related to me going to class. My [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR] feels like it's on fire... This all in the last week... just starting school. I'm not really that nervous but. Eh I'm so frustrated. This is incredibly emberrasing.

I have no clue what my problem is... but i need to figure it out. I'm in hell right now.

I [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR] shower and don't even feel clean.

Please please, just give me a break. As much as you want to laugh, how are you going to laugh when it's not my choice? It's not my fault, I can't control how my body reacts the way it does.

mjewell 08-29-2005 11:08 AM

Re: Help: Is this GAD? and if not what is it?
ok, well since most of the main words have been deleted, can you again summarize your situation with safe words? I can't decipher what exactly the problem is.

SRMom 08-29-2005 04:02 PM

Re: Help: Is this GAD? and if not what is it?
Ditto, love to try to help, but you need to use words that won't be censored.

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