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sarah5432 09-09-2005 01:30 PM

going to social events....
How do you do it without having to leave right away? My anxiety has been pretty high lately and although I take Xanax, its still there. I find it hard to take my Xanax even though I know I need it. I don't like to take it so instead I seem to let myself suffer with these anxiety feelings which is horrible.

My husband and I are supposed to go to a college football game tomorrow. This is something I've done my entire life and have always enjoyed doing. However, my anxiety started in the end of December so this is my first time experiencing a game with anxiety. All I can think about is the negative things. What if I can't escape quickly or what if I pass out, ect. My breathing has been bad lately, I'm try to do deep breathing but don't always pay attention and find myself getting short of breath then panicking over it.

I'm really nervous about going tomorrow. The game is at Noon and my anxiety is always highest in the mornings. I realize it'll only last a few hours then we have an hours drive home. This is something I would have never thought twice about before but I'm really scared to go.

I want to back out but at the same time I want to go and see if I can do it. I'd hate to drive all the way there only to discover I cant do it and we've wasted a trip.

can anyone help?

mjewell 09-09-2005 02:39 PM

Re: going to social events....
sarah, if you are that concerned I would really recommend taking a Xanax before you leave. At least you will be able to enjoy yourself. I know you don't like the thought that you have to take it to get through something you once enjoyed, i feel the exact same way. However, I believe I have a choice - I can either suffer through everyhting and only feel slightly better that I didn't take a Xanax (which rarely happens cause I usually end up having to leave early and take a Xanax anyway) OR I can take a Xanax beforehand, not have a care in the world and enjoy it. I woudl take one a half hour or so before you have to leave and if you don't feel it take another. Although one usually does the trick for me, for particularly scary things i take a second an hour or so later.

My husband also helps me to remember that no matter what I am NEVER trapped. I am free to go whenever I want no matter what. This always reassures me. I hope you have someone with you that is supportive that way too.

Just enjoy yourself and take the Xanax if you need it. That's what they are for. :)

Verucah 09-09-2005 03:59 PM

Re: going to social events....
Boy can I relate toy you. I have been having trouble breathing and then start to panic over it also. It is so frustrating! Today my daughter sang at a school event and I almost walked out because I couldn't breathe.

What I have been doing is trying to reassure myself that this is anxiety and it will only escalate if I interpret that feeling to be more than just that. I know easier said than done....But I don't want to take medication so I'm willing to try anything.

You can make it to the game. Tell yourself that if you have to, you can go to the bathroom for a brief escape. You can go to the car if you need to get out of the stadium. You can do it.

The worst of it will be right in the beginning because that when you get that trapped feeling. But once it is underway your anxiety will slowly lessen. Check your breathing. If you are breathing shallow from your chest, put your hand on your stomach and let out a heavy sigh. This will release the air in your chest and the built up tension. Keep doing it while you have that feeling. It will eventually start to subside. What is critical is that you don't put any scary meanings to why your breathing seems hard. You are experiencing anxiety. Period. Don't let your mind wander.

Let us know how the game was...and if for some reason you don't make it? Thats o.k. too... it's not like there won't be another football game. Right? Whether you miss the game because of anxiety or because you have the flu, both are legitimate reasons.

So I wish you well...and calm...


hry33 09-09-2005 06:06 PM

Re: going to social events....
to sarah
you need to take a higher dose of xanax with docs OK
some are too proud or stubborn to take the dose they need of xanax type meds and so they suffer needlessly :nono:

sarah5432 09-09-2005 07:18 PM

Re: going to social events....
Thanks everyone. I know I need to take more Xanax. My doctor has prescribed it three times daily and the most I've ever taken is twice daily. My pills are .25mg. I'll take two pills about an hour before the game tomorrow. Since the game is at Noon, I'll be taking my regular morning dose just an extra pill and hoping it'll last throughout the game.....about 3 hours? I hope!!! I'm REALLY nervous about going. I also have a 20 month old and have left her overnight which is something we've only done one other time. That only adds to my stress but I know she's just fine. She'll be having fun too.

My husband knows how bad my anxiety can get and he's really supportive. He knows we may need to leave early but I want him to try and make me stay. Usually when he does that I end up having a great time. It'll be like going on a date for us since its been so long since we've had alone time together. We really need and deserve for tomorrow to go well.
I really appreciate all the pep talk. I really need that!! Thanks again everyone....

mjewell 09-09-2005 09:46 PM

Re: going to social events....
sarah -

yeah, .25 is a pretty low dose, so i would def. take two. I take .5 and like I said sometimes I have to take two.

Also, its ok to not take the Xanax as is prescribed on the bottle - most people who have taken or are taking benzos will tell you that you should only take it when you need it and not necessarily every day 3x a day. You avoid any kind of addiction that way.

2 of them should def. last 3 hours, but if in doubt take one more during the game. It won't hurt you.

You will do great, have a good weekend!!

Verucah 09-10-2005 09:45 AM

Re: going to social events....
Doesn't all that xanax make you sleepy? I took it years ago for my anxiety and all I did was sleep. Does it have the same effect on you?


sarah5432 09-10-2005 03:10 PM

Re: going to social events....

Well I made it to the game and stayed the entire time. Had a wonderul time and really enjoyed myself. I took 2 Xanax before going into the stadium. I had to leave the stadium twice to walk around and get some air and sit in the shade. It was very hot outside but I still had a great time. I'm even planning on going again next weekend and that'll be an even bigger challenge for me as its further from home.

Thanks again everyone!! I feel so confident today and it feels great to finally have a good day!!!!!!

NotUnderstood 09-10-2005 03:50 PM

Re: going to social events....
I'm wondering if this Xanax would help more than the Klonopin that I'm currently taking. It seemed to help me a while back when I was taking it, along with Paxil, but lately, the Klonopin hasn't seemed to be doing anything for me really. Maybe I should ask the doctor about taking Xanax, what do you think?

It's hard for me to go out and be social too, sometimes, all I want to do is stay inside, and I know that it's not going to get any better if I continue doing this. I don't know what to do anymore sometimes. :confused:

Biyak123 09-10-2005 04:21 PM

Re: going to social events....
I just read this post. I have severe breathing problems and have been diagnosed with Anxiety.

Does your breathing difficulty only come in attacks before you go somewhere or get to a place? Do you experience it other times? For the last couple of months it has been there all the time. Sort of like a pressure on my chest that makes it impossible to get a real breath. This is like 7/24.

I have been to the ER and have been told that it was not heart and that it was likely Anxiety. Same from the psychiatrist, family Dr.,ENT, etc.

I was on clorazepate (a benzo) for about 25 years. I tapered off it gradually over many months and it seems that about the time I got off it completely this started but not as bad as it is now. At the time I am not on that type of med. but maybe will have to try it and see if it helps. It may not be just coincidental that the timing of going off the med and starting these symptoms are so close.


boobo0 09-10-2005 04:35 PM

Re: going to social events....
Great to see you made it through the day Sarah. Way to go :)

SRMom 09-11-2005 02:38 PM

Re: going to social events....
Good for you Sarah! Did your team win? You know, going out and having fun releases endorphins and that can only be a good thing for people like us. Go team!!

ajas 09-11-2005 09:43 PM

Re: going to social events....
well done sarah
its always great to hear success stories on these boards, I wouldnt worry about the next game as even tho it is further away from home, you had all the coping skills and know exactly what to expect, and how to cope. And you DID cope. yahoo.Go Girl.

ajas 09-11-2005 09:49 PM

Re: going to social events....
Forgot to add
Mjewell is right, take xanax when needed for anxiety, rather than what the bottle says..... I have taken valium for years and take only when needed, can go days without, then may need a couple another day.That way you dont build up a tolerance to them.
once again well done.

sarah5432 09-12-2005 08:28 AM

Re: going to social events....
Thanks everyone, I really appreciate it. I did start taking Xanax on an as needed basis but eventually got to the point where I needed it everyday. SSRI's don't work for me I've had bad reactions and therefore choose not to take anymore of those. I used to worry all the time about taking Xanax daily but I've had all my doctors (cardiologist, Neurologist, GP and ENT) all tell me its fine as long as I don't abuse it and take more than is prescribed. I normally only take one pill per day until last week (really bad week) and I started taking two per day but the prescription is for three per day...which I've never done.

I'm working with my GP and therapist to get weaned back down to one per day and then on an as needed basis again. I just needed it everyday during a rough bout of anxiety that I was going through. Its been a lifesaver for me.

Hoping to have another baby sometime next year so I need to get myself better so I can go without the Xanax totally. Therapy has been so wonderful. I always feel so good after a session. I have the Anxiety and Phobia Workbook as well which seems to help.

Thank you again for all the kind comments!! I'm nervous about this weekend so I may post again.. :) You've all been very kind and helpful!

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