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littlen2005 11-24-2005 02:23 AM

Celexa / Citalopram
Hi Everyone. :wave:

It's me again. I went to my doctor today and I told her how bad I have been feeling lately. Like panic attacks every day, too scared to go out anywhere etc.

So, she prescribed me Citalopram, which is know as Celexa right? (Just done some research). She said it is an SSRI, which is an anti depressant, isn't it??


Anyway, she said the first two weeks I may feel a bit worse... :eek: :eek:

But then I should feel better :)

I am currently on beta blockers too (propanolol), but she said to just take the beta blockers for two weeks, then just stop them!!! :eek: Because by then the Citalopram should be working....

I was like :confused:

And she said "you don't want to be popping pills all the time do you?" So, you know, doctors orders and all that.

I have not heard any one else really mention anything about Celexa, so if anyone has tried it or knows anything about it, please will you reply?

I will be going to the chemist in a minute to get them :rolleyes:

Thanks for reading, sorry it is long. :angel:

hry33 11-24-2005 02:34 PM

Re: Celexa / Citalopram
yes citalopram is one of many prozac type meds and may eventually help a lot, takes 2 to 6 weeks to work, a very low starting dose is best for anxiety sufferers, split the tablet if needed
the beta blocker can be taken as needed and goes well with the citalopram, ask about a cheaper generic version

littlen2005 11-25-2005 09:30 AM

Re: Celexa / Citalopram
thanks hry33. well, theres no point, cause doc said to only take the beta blockers for another 2 weeks then just stop! ive been on them for 2 years and 8 months! [COLOR=Red]{REMOVED}[/COLOR]

WD34 11-30-2005 06:38 PM

Re: Celexa / Citalopram
I was on Celexa, until I started having involuntary movements during sleep, RX or not I almost poked my eye out. Stopped Celexa, have not have had another incident since.

ladyalaska 11-30-2005 07:11 PM

Re: Celexa / Citalopram
I am surprised that you were rx celexa for anxiety, it is an anti-depressant, I have been taking it for about 3 years now. I don't take it for depression but because I had a hysterectomy and no longer have cycles, so I was having huge moods swings and the celexa is recommended for PMDD -in layman's terms pms extreme!-. I take ativan for anxiety attacks when necessary and the combination is very effective. Good luck....

miche31 12-01-2005 09:09 AM

Re: Celexa / Citalopram
I am just curious to why you are on beta blockers? And why is your doctor taking you off them? Michelle

littlen2005 12-01-2005 11:05 AM

Re: Celexa / Citalopram
I am on beta blockers because they get rid of the physical symptoms like fast heart beat, blushing, sweating etc.

my doctor wants me to come off them because i have been on them for over 2 years now and wants to see if i can cope without them, she says im too young to be taking all different types of meds.

thanks for all your replies.

ativan is a benzo, which my doctor will not prescribe.

she has said that this SSRI will help relieve some of the anxiety. i have been on it for a week, still feel anxious, as well as feeling sick, having a dry mouth and having headaches!

miche31 12-01-2005 12:06 PM

Re: Celexa / Citalopram
I am being prescribed Xanax. I just tried Ativan, but it made me dizzy, and just tired all the time. Being a mother, I can't be like that. I am having about 1400 pvcs a day ("skipped" heart beats) Which I can feel and it is literally ruining my life. The Dr. says almost everyone has these to some degree and most people don't feel them. Well, I am the most fortunate, (joke) because I feel every single one of them. So they said that is making me have anxiety (along with heart racing, hot flashes, chest pain, nausea) which will them make more of these pvc's. He doesn't want to prescribe celexa or zoloft, etc., because he said I have anxiety not depression and should stick strickly to a anxiety drug. He doesn't want me to do a beta blocker because he told me the side effects will make me really sick. I am frustrated as well. Good luck with you. Michelle

anna317 12-02-2005 06:20 AM

Re: Celexa / Citalopram
I have been on Celexa for 2 weeks now for anxiety (5mg/day). I have been very apprehencive about taking it like a lot of us on this board, but my anxiety attacks were very bad.

I should say my anxiety probably improved 50% in the last two weeks, I do think Celexa is helping (even it is not suppose to help so quick, but I felt the effect in a week).

The only thing: I feel more dizzy (slightly lightheaded); and my feet and hands are tingly. I did not feel it with my anxiety, or at least the spell of dizziness would dissapear with Ativan right away, now it doesn't, and this tingling is driving me crazy. I had similar tingling with Paxil and discontinued that. So I don't know: Celexa did help some, but now I am anxious about , I believe, side effects. I will see my doctor next week and see what he says.

tina76 12-02-2005 12:57 PM

Re: Celexa / Citalopram
I am on citalopram/celexa for depression/anxiety. I have been on for about 8 months. it has helped me a lot. Recently I have been having a lot of anxiety problems again and my doc just upped my dosage. However, it did take about 5 weeks before I really noticed that it was working when I first started.

littlen2005 12-02-2005 02:24 PM

Re: Celexa / Citalopram
Ok thanks for all your replies. I am on 20mg a day. today is day 8, and ive not felt too bad today. hopefully this works. :)

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