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Strange symptom....Advice please.

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Old 12-03-2005, 01:50 PM   #1
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mletters HB User
Strange symptom....Advice please.


I normally post over on Inner Ear board. Since I became sick approx 2.5 years ago, the strangest symptom has stayed with me (although only bothersome on particular occasions), but has now got worse over the last couple of weeks and is worrying me.

When looking at peoples face (ie making Eye contact to have a conversation) the rest of their body appears out of focus. It's in my field of view, but I am getting a frightening visual hallucination (Sorry, this is the only way I know how to describe it). Its as though their head isn't connected to their body.

Now, whenever I watch TV, certain people/faces, hairstyles, outfits freak me out. I don't know if I'm scaring myself, but it won't go away.

I have either M.E or A Vestibular Dysfunction (symptoms for 2.5 years, mainly daIly dizziness, headaches, disequilibrium, short term memory loss, anxiety, depression), but this has to be the scariest.

I have had it for a couple of weeks now and it is still there. From approx 1 hour after getting up in the morning, until last thing at night. It's not all the time, just most of it. I have to 'second glance' at something beacuse I get so freaked out the first time. Faces sometimes appear streched, certain positions of bodies/faces cause visual upset. I think this is also tied in with Anxiety.I get Adrenalin spikes quite often. I'm not normally an Anxious/Nervous person but am since the onset of this illness.

I am not taking any illegal drugs and never have done. The only medication I'm taking is 10mg Amytryptiline b4 bedtime as a Sedative (I wake early morning and seem to miss out on Delta (deep-wave) sleep!).

My Vision has recently been checked and is absolutely fine, which worries me even more.... Is this thing Neurological - Does anyone else suffer with similar symptoms.

Any advice greatfully received.

Kind Regards,


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stillhopefull HB User
Re: Strange symptom....Advice please.

NO.. you are not alone!! Looking at something or someone and having vision distorted, I thought I was the only one, and its a fear I live with daily. Now I don't feel as alone. I feel as if it is all connected with the anxiety. I was looking on this site for someone with the same symptoms as me, because like you I am SCARED. But everything that you described, I have. The one thing that scares me the most is my vision problems. I have so many others, the headaches, dizziness, upset stomaches and severe daily panic attacks. I hope this eases your mind a little.

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Re: Strange symptom....Advice please.

Hi, first a little about me & then what I think could help you out with your meds....
I have panic and anxiety disorder which came on very slowly over a couple years after I had a sudden attack that was horrible! My heart was not racing though, but I went into muscle spasms so bad that it drew me up like I was being shocked. Went to the ER 3 times, a neuorlogist, ear nose & throat specialist, etc., and kept getting told I was fine and I probably only had anxiety.... I was in HELL with the symptoms and then decided to go to a chiropractor who found I had FHP (forward head posture) which was putting pressure on a few nerves and causing the spasms, numbness, etc... He treated me which got rid of all my physical symptoms but at this point I think I had been told so many time to chill, I just have anxiety that I started to believe it! I was obsessing over aaaanything my body would feel, any little quirk. ALL of the symptoms I had b4 with FHP were gone but then I had my 1st panic attack and a whole new bunch of symptoms came on. I think these were the symptoms the doctors must have thought I was having b4 when they all told me it was anxiety but these were very different that the symptoms I had during the FHP thing.
My anxiety does cause a lot of the symptoms you mentioned. It can cause you to have a surreal feeling of your surroundings causing you to sort of "zone out" in which case your vision can get weird as if you're looking at the world through a window or smoke or something. It's bizzar. Another thing. I am on zoloft which did cause me to have some depersonialization which is similar to what I just described but it only lasted a couple weeks. It was hard to snap out of though almost like you're deep in a stare, to the point things get blurry or distorted, yet you're still looking around & are aware of what's happening. That's the only way I know how to explain it because it's such a weird feeling. With my anxiety, I have numbness in my fingers and some times my lips, depression comes and goes, fatigue. Also, burning sensations like a sun burn on my skin (not all the time though). There are so many symptoms that come with this though. These are just a few. Your's sounds a little like "social anxeity" with mild-mini panic attacks. I've had a few mini attacks where it "almost got to the panic stage but just didn't get there thank GOD! You'll think you're dying with a heart attack or stroke or something if you have a full blown panic attack, or at least most people who have them do (even though you're not having heart attack- the feeling is very physical and dramatic so, it's hard to believe or accept that it's just mental). Did you test negative for "adrenal fatigue"? Adrenal fatigue can cause a lot of these symptoms too. It's always best to get tested for everything you can that could be related to this just to rule anything else out. If it is anxiety or panic attacks then there are things like CBT that can help a lot. For me the correct breathing technique (aka: belly breathing or diaphramatic breathing) made all my panic feelings go away in less than 20 seconds each time. I had to practice it a lot while not in anxiety or panic mode just to make sure I got it right. If not done correctly during a panic attack you can get too much oxygen and feel more dizzy (hyperventilation) in which case you would need to slow the breathing down a lot and hold it in for 3 seconds then let it out over and over very slowly. If hyperventilation is too bad then you can breathe into a paper bag till the dizzy feeling goes away. You said that you're too sensitive for antidepressants and haven't found one that works for you yet. There is a test called, "DNA Drug Reaction Test". This test can tell you what type you fall into and will also, give you a list of drugs that "will not work for you" so, then you'll know before having to waste 2 months on trying it out in hopes it works. Since you & your doctor will know what wont work for you, you can cut the chase and get to the meds that will work for you then try them out (not just with antidepressants, but loads of other meds for other things which will come in handy down the road if you ever need to be put on any meds for anything else). Do a search & look the test up on the net to learn more about it. It could help you out a lot since you probably fall into the hyper sensitive catagory. Some insurance companies will pay for this test too. Talk to your doctor about it and then call your insurance company to ask if it's covered. If not, then the tests cost around $700 to $800.
My out come so far: zoloft for about 8 months. No panic attacks but I have anxiety one day a month the day before my period which I can manage with ease and I'll have anxiety if I have mixed drinks (the day after).
Have you tried xanax or any type of benzo's to see if it curbed your feelings/symptoms?
Hope you find your answers!
Take care & let us know how you're doing......

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