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    Old 06-25-2006, 03:06 AM   #1
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    JB68711 HB User
    Does this sound like Anxiety?

    Hi I'm 20... and I'm kind of thinking I have anxiety. If I do, it started a couple weeks ago. But I don't know how normal my "symptoms" are. I know I have a lot of them... but some things I just don't understand and seem off.

    My friendships lately have been kind of deteriorating... just because of a lot of stuff that has been going on in my life, depression... I'm not really doing much at this point in my life. And basically, I've just felt really boring, and I feel uninteresting to be around... I never really have anything to talk about. When I hang out with my friends, I start to feel uneasy. I'm usually "okay" around them. But when I get into a group of friends/acquaintances (which sometimes is inevitable), my mind just starts to go blank, and I become "out of it." Sometimes my foot starts tapping like crazy, though I can't even feel that it's doing that until I look and see it. When someone starts to talk to me, it's hard to concentrate on what they are saying. I can hear what they say, but it's hard for my mind to process it and respond. My mind becomes overwhelmed with negative, worried, stressful thoughts... and it's a constant non-stop thing. But at the same time, my mind will go blank, I don't know... it's hard to explain. And sometimes these thoughts don't have anything to do with the social situation, but with other problems in my life.
    I start getting really tired... and sometimes I feel like I can't get up (if I wanted to). But then when it comes down to actually getting up, and I try to do it, it's a lot easier than it felt when I started thinking about having to get up. Sometimes I start to feel like if I close my eyes I would fall fast asleep right away, but it scares me because that feeling is so unnatural. I just get really detached from everything. I just kind of stare off for the most part.
    When people do try to talk to me, I can answer... but it just seems like it takes so much for me to focus on talking, and I start to stutter... or just simply agree "yeah", and seem completely uninterested in what they're saying. Actually, a lot of the time I am uninterested in what they are saying. I don't mean to be, but it's just the way I feel. Ever since this has been happening, everything everybody says has just been uninteresting, and sometimes it even feels irritating to listen to them. And I don't like feeling that way, but I start to wonder what the point is in conversation. Why people have things they want to talk about when 90% of what we say is insignificant to each other's lives. It's kind of a feeling of just being "stuck".
    When I'm by myself, these thoughts are still just running through my head... I'm almost always worried and stressed. My mind rarely takes a break, and it always seems to be somewhere else. When it does take a "break", it just goes completely blank. There are certain things that I do that make me feel like I'm crazy. Like earlier tonight, I got home and walked from my car into my house... and I looked at this CD in my hand, and couldn't figure out WHY I brought it from the car. I didn't mean to, I didn't want to bring it. I didn't even think to bring it. It JUST HAPPENED. Or the other day, I was going to go into my brother's room to borrow a shirt... and I stopped at a cabinet in the hallway and opened it and looked in at a bunch of towels. Things like this are starting to scare me. And I don't know what it would have to do with anxiety... but there are things that seemingly do have to do with anxiety, and all these things pretty much revolve around my mind being somewhere else. Can anyone give me any advice, or is there another board I should go to?

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    trg247 HB Usertrg247 HB Usertrg247 HB User
    Re: Does this sound like Anxiety?

    I don't know about anxiety but it seems to me you have a low grade type of depression

    Major Depressive Disorder With Psychotic Features
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Borderline Personality Disorder
    Generalized Anxiety Disorder

    Current Meds

    Old 06-25-2006, 07:52 PM   #3
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    kristin19 HB User
    Re: Does this sound like Anxiety?

    i know how you feel.. im nineteen and doing absolutely nothing with my life.. i live with my dad, i dont have a job, im not going to school i just sit around the house all day doing nothing. i dropped out of high school cause it seemed like a waste of time to me and sleeping til 2 oclock in the afternoon seemed like more fun(stupid idea looking back at that now..but too late) i have no friends cause friendships just seem like too much work and going out isnt all that much fun anyway.. i dont know if i have anxiety or depression or im just a loner or lazy i dont know. i dont really feel bad about my situation though and its not always on my mind. ive been doing nothing for so long i think its just become routine and im kind of numb to my life.. almost like ive accepted it..this is my life and go on day to day living like this.. but i know thats not good either.. i just wish my parents would motivate me more to do something with my life. i definately dont want to go back to school.. and getting a job just seems like torture to me.. any suggestions to get me out of this rut?

    Old 06-25-2006, 08:58 PM   #4
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    Ryan1212 HB User
    Re: Does this sound like Anxiety?

    Hey I'm also 19teen and just like u kinda a loner also. I graduted from high school and still have a very small group of friends i somtimes hang out with. I have aniexty attacks and symptoms of it that I really don't feel like doing anything. I usually chill and watch movies or play everquest and think about all the possiable dieseas I could have that can be causing this. But My best advice to you is get like a part time job somewhere where this is allot of people ur age. It should be easy to make friends that way.

    Old 06-26-2006, 08:49 AM   #5
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    tnmomofive HB User
    Re: Does this sound like Anxiety?

    come on fellow anxiety sufferers (ok that sounds corny but lol)
    seriously though there are ways to pull yourselves out of this rut.
    Dont sit around letting life pass ya by I have been there too.
    Was diagnosed at 19 now 31.I have had good days and bad days but over time I found ways that work for me to have many many more good days then bad.You guys just have to get out there and find what works for you.
    There is therapy,medications,self help books.I have taken meds before and they did help me loads when at my worst.I can tell ya though nothing helped me more then just getting on with my life and facing up to the anxiety accepting it and moving on.It doesnt happen over night I had to take baby steps.I still have days where I feel like I must be dying full of anxiety symptoms but I just tell myself "ok its the ugly anxiety crap it cant kill me im not REALLY sick so my day must go on what am I gonna do today..."
    After doing this for a good period of time the anxiety will fade when you do start to have problems you will be able to brush it off.
    I can tell you exercise is a MAJOR help for me (speed walk 2 to 3 miles a day) proven to reduce stress....which is a good part of anxiety.
    Let me tell ya too when I first started my exercise I was feeling ILL plus I was out of shape so you can imagine lol.
    another help ...slacking back on the caffiene ....I have 1 maybe 2 diet sodas a day at the most and 1 coffee a couple mornings a week......none is best.
    Eat right and drink plenty of water....cut out the junk foods if you do those or cut way back.
    Sleep ...this one is tuff for alot of anxiety sufferers getting good rest if you cant get a good nights sleep the exercise will help ya get there and maybe a long soak in a warm bubble bath with some relaxing scented candles or essential oils.
    Vitamins........I just take a simple cheap brand multivitamin daily
    so all in all try and live a healthy lifestyle as you possibly can.This will also help with the health concern worries.
    Dont let this thing choke the life out of you go back to school,get a job,join in on some volunteer work,get with an anxiety support group.......this board is wonderuful but try face to face with others going through exactly what you are.
    You have to find what works for you.Just like if you decide to try anti anxiety meds not all will work the same for each sufferer but with all the meds out there there is one that will do the job for you.If you dont want to go the med rout thats fine to I have heard some have some good results just taking st. johns wort so maybe check into that.
    I am a rambler sorry lol its just I hate hearing of others sufferering like this and their lives passing them by cause ive been there and its no way to live its just not living.Yall are too young for this and you have alot more strength then you realize right now.So please take some of my sugesstions or someone elses ....and get back to living!

    take care we all can do this

    Old 06-27-2006, 12:41 AM   #6
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    JB68711 HB User
    Re: Does this sound like Anxiety?

    Thanks tnmomofive for your encouragement... I know I don't want to be like this forever, just have some problems... including procrastination. I hate that it's so much easier to let the days waste away, but at the same time it's so unfulfilling.
    I know that once I find a direction... once I start living, working, going to school... finding out what it is I want to do with my life, things will change drastically. It's just so hard for me to actually get started... to actually be motivated. When it does start, I'll have the determination... but it's just hard to find the determination to start, to get myself there.

    Kristin and Ryan, good luck to both of you. Hope things work out for the best.

    Old 06-27-2006, 07:38 AM   #7
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    tnmomofive HB User
    Re: Does this sound like Anxiety?

    aww JB I understand what your saying im a big procrastinator myself lol.I am better with that then I used to be though.I believe you are right once you find the motivation you will do great and I wish you the best!

    take care

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