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kirsten22 07-10-2006 05:20 AM

sighing/yawning constantly shortness of breath?
I have the yawning and sighing constantly problem. as tho im struggling to get enough air into my lungs to feel a deep satisfying breath. At times i can get the breath's more easily and at times its a struggle.

I just did a methacholine challange test and was diagnosed with asthmatic lungs.
I am upset because i don't feel my medications i got for asthma are helping my frequent sighing and yawning and i have no idea how to tell when to take the asthma medications, or if i have two seperate conditions, or if I don't have asthma, or if I do and this is just part of it and I am not on the right medications... AUGHHHH! When I exercise I get very short of breath and the inhaler seems to help THAT but not my yawning and sighing issue.

Someone please help me I don't know wat to do. I was relieved when I was diagnosed with something other than anxiety finally but I am feeling worried that maybe its still not the answer.

confused32 07-10-2006 06:35 AM

Re: sighing/yawning constantly shortness of breath?
I would go see a different doctor. I also have the sighing/yawning problem off and on and i dont have asthma. Mine just comes and goes but has been worse in the last 4 months since my anxiety has been at its highest. I worry that mine is a sign of a heart blockage along with other symptoms ive been having. I to feel like i cant get a deep satisfying breath.

CircusSquirrel 07-10-2006 08:05 AM

Re: sighing/yawning constantly shortness of breath?
Yawning and sighing are both signs of hyperventilation. Unless the hyperventilation is extreme, you may not even realize you're doing it. When I'm going through a particularly anxious time, I do this, too. I feel as if I can't get enough air (and I don't have any respiratory problems), I can't breathe properly, and I do yawn and sigh more. Doing some deep breathing exercises can help, but don't do too many at first. Just breathe in very slowly and very deeply, try to draw your breath in to the count of 10 (or as far as you can go) and try to very slowly exhale to the count of 10 or as far as you can go. Pause about 3 or 4 seconds between breaths and repeat. When you do this just two times, it sends your body a "cue" to relax. If you're new to this, I'd practice 5 to 10 minutes at first. If you're not new to it, just keep practicing because it can really help the symptoms you describe.

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