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mia'smom 08-29-2006 02:49 PM

Xanax. what good is it for?
My doctor recently perscribed Xanax .5 mg for my anxiety. I have been taking it as needed for about 1 month and have not noticed any effects whatsoever. I have read horror stories on the internet about how easy it is to get addicetd to, but for the life of me I just dont see what kind of buzz people feel on the medication worthy of gwetting addicted to. I absulutely feel nothing on it. No relief of anxiety. Maybe the .5 is not stron enough for me. But isnt is supposed to give you a feeling of relaxation??

Leela_C 08-29-2006 03:18 PM

Re: Xanax. what good is it for?
Xanax is a miracle drug for me! I only take .25 when needed and it helps my anxiety so much. I don't get buzzed or anything on it. It just keeps my mind from worrying about every little thing. I also take it when I feel a panic attack coming on and it stops it from happening. I'm sorry you aren't getting any benefit from it. Maybe you should try a different med.

Hope4All 08-29-2006 04:09 PM

Re: Xanax. what good is it for?
I don't know why people without anxiety would want Xanax! I take it and it makes me feel NORMAL. There is absolutely NO buzz. I think though that if you take it for a long time your body becomes dependent on it OR maybe its a psychological dependency. Like if I don't have it I'll lose it!

Im with you, if your a drug addict why would you want this


Punkdizzle 08-29-2006 04:20 PM

Re: Xanax. what good is it for?
miracle drug for me also. just makes me feel normal again. you may need a higher dose for it to work for you.. since everyone is different... some people it works at .25 other may need 1 mg.. but talk to your DR before you up your dose..

from what i have read the reason people without anxiety take it is to counter act the anxiety they can feel from using street drugs...

i have never once in my life felt a buzz or high from xanax... a little drowsy at first but thats it..

Ariom 08-29-2006 04:22 PM

Re: Xanax. what good is it for?
HI, I totally agree. I have been taking Xanax .5mg in the am and another .5mg at night if needed. I have never taken for THE BUZZ..because in all honsety, I never felt a BUZZ. It helps my anxiety and panic. I lead a very normal life. I can remember the days I was on something else, and I didn't and couldn't even leave the house in fear of getting an anxiety attack in public. So don't know where your stories are coming from about BUZZ. That might for those who pop any pills they can get their hands on. But for anxiety it works wonders. Yes, it does relax you. Perhaps as you mentioned the dosage is not right for you. There are many people who take 2mg 3x's a day, now that is alot. But once again dosage is different for everyone. Some people just have a high tolarance for meds. I would not trade it for the world. many doctors and people state that it is addicitive. But you know something, I have been on other meds alot people say is better than Xanax, and the withdrawl was awful. Al medications are addictive, it is the person taking the medication that has to be careful. The reason I find that alot of doctors don't like prescribing it is because they don't get a huge kick back from the pharm companies. Doctors are asked to push certain medications all the time. The lastest being Cymbalta....notice all the TV ad's for it for Depression??? Well that just goes to the way...Cymbalt is addictive too. My mopther was on prozax for 11 yrs, and you should her when the doctor tried taking her off that drug, she ended up in the hospital. So just goes to show.....

Good luck!

Ariom :wave:

808Lion 08-29-2006 11:33 PM

Re: Xanax. what good is it for?
just because you don't feel a "buzz" from a med doesn't mean it's not potentially addictive...

xanax falls into the benzo class of meds...
benzos, can indeed, become addictive with regular use in as little as 3 weeks...
that doesn't mean that every single person who takes benzos regularly for 3 weeks is definitely going to get addicted... but it does mean there's a good chance...
and the addiction doesn't manifest in your thinking you "need" the med or "want" the med, but it can manifest in some pretty uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms... ironically one of them being severe anxiety... which is probably why you were prescribed them in the first place... lol

i was on ativan for 8 weeks on a regular basis, but was fortunate and with the help of a pretty slow weening schedule from my doc, i got off without any withdrawl symptoms and no side effects...

just keep an open line of communication with your doc and you should be ok...
just my $0.02... :-)

CircusSquirrel 08-30-2006 06:22 AM

Re: Xanax. what good is it for?
If you look around on the internet, you'll find people who blame medications for everything from making them feel bad to making them kick their cat. Don't read that crap. Xanax is wonderful for anxiety, it is especially useful for panic. I've never had a "buzz" from Xanax, it just makes me feel calm and normal, quite frankly. I feel like I do when I'm not all worked up. Unless you have issues with addiction, people who truly need Xanax rarely get addicted to it. There is a difference in becoming tolerant to the dose you're on (and subsequently having to raise the dose) and being addicted.

musicmork 09-03-2006 10:36 PM

Re: Xanax. what good is it for?
If I may add my long experience....

I was on (and addicted) to Valium for 28 years straight and at one time was on doses of 40-80 mg a day which was insane. I was sleeping a lot back then and the problem with Valium was it wasn't the answer to panic attacs.
I felt "drugged" most of the time and it had a stronghold on me.
I had tried ( with medical supervision ) to get off of it several times ...but I always strayed back on it.

Then Xanax came along. Yeah, I know another addicting benzodiazepene.

My shrink changed me from Valium to Xanax instantly and (about 7 years ago approximately) and since that panic attacks have been much less frequent than anytime when I was on Valium.

The thing is...I have been able (with a lot of self discipline) to maintain my dosage over the last 7 years which is .5 mg four times daily with an option for an extra one as needed.
That's 2 mg. a day of Xanax and that dosage is at the bottom of the therapeutic dosing chart which ranges from 2-9mg daily.

Like many have said here...there is no "buzz" with Xanax. Valium always gave me a nice warm blankety buzz.

Xanax...if used properly can help panic sufferer's to have somewhat normal or normal lives. However, There comes times in out lives where we fall deep in a depression..or fear..or obsession...or something extremely worrysome...or just high anxiety, know...all the fun stuff.

The answer here is proabably some kind of behavioral cognitive thinking,exercise,diet change ...etc. instead of an increase of the drug.

Last night I was in the ER from a heart-panic episode thing. I have been on a deep depression some serious digestive physical problems for a while now which has been consuming almost 100% of my waking hours. I have been so obsessed with my fear of what is wrong with me and other things ( long story) that my life has totally changed for the worse. Sleeplessness.....apetite loss...weight loss....unhappiness...despair about my future or lack of one....etc. Just AWFUL.

Back to the hospital story...As I layed there overnight in an observation room( plenty of interruptions) I started to feel a bit anxious. That was AFTER I took my nightime meds. Well..instead of reaching in my overnight bag for another Xanax....I turned on The Animal Planet on their limited cable TV. When I saw some of the poor dogs (Animal Cops Miami) who who were being so mistreated and ignored...starved an AWFUL pet store owner...I lost it. I started crying and crying (I'm a 52 year old male and a huge animal lover).

The natural release of my body chemicals after a good cry seemed to have a calming effect. I finally started to fall asleep after a half an hour (I was hooked on the show..needed to see how the puppies recovered).
As soon as I was nodding off...a nurse came in and woke me up for more blood draw. I was ******. I mean I only had been averaging 2 hours of sleep a night and ...oh you get the idea.

About another hour later I fell asleep for about 20 minutes and the same nurse woke me up again ..flicked on the light and drew more blood.

I never fell asleep again last night and left the Observation area against medical advice.

The point here is....I think that even though Xanax can do wonders for panic..there are always other things a person needs to do to assist the relaxtion process...without ingesting more pills.

Thanks for reading,

bulletinboard25 09-04-2006 10:12 AM

Re: Xanax. what good is it for?
[quote]that doesn't mean that every single person who takes benzos regularly for 3 weeks is definitely going to get addicted... but it does mean there's a good chance...
and the addiction doesn't manifest in your thinking you "need" the med or "want" the med, but it can manifest in some pretty uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms[/quote]

What you're describing is not addiction, rather dependence, which is an entirely different thing.

edz61 09-05-2006 03:55 PM

Re: Xanax. what good is it for?
I think Xanax and Ativan are better than the rest of the anxiety drugs. I take either one on as needed basis. They can be habit forming so you have to be careful. I take .5mg-1.0mg to sleep when I am anxious.

Sustasha 09-06-2006 03:35 PM

Re: Xanax. what good is it for?
You're not taking enough milligrams. I've been taking it for over twenty years and it still works--but you learn the least you can get away with taking.
For instance: if I am going to be stuck on a boat for awhile with acquaintances I have to take 2mg before I leave the house. But if I'm just feeling nervous (for what reason? I don't know, usually) and upset and am going out w/my DH, I can take one mg and do fine. But I have to take it half an hour BEFORE leaving.
I COULD get a true buzz from it, yes; but who wants to spend that much money PLUS feel like that when driving? No; that's what I'd call being addicted. lol I may already be addicted and don't even know it :rolleyes:
I don't think I've ever taken any while at home for the day. But I've been known to act like a moron at the dentist's office on occasion! :rolleyes:

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