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  • terrible psych. (long story)

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    Old 09-20-2006, 09:59 PM   #1
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    terrible psych. (long story)

    i will never see my psychatrist again. ugh! i have always had trouble with meds like lexapro, prozac etc cause i get sexual side effects from them and have to go off, as i have psoted in the past.
    So i went off Lexapro... took 10 mg for 4 mnths... then went down to 5mg about 2 weeks and then was off. i had a very bad two weeks after. dizzy, very bad panic attacks. SO i tell her this yesterday and she tells me she never told me to go off the med (not true.. i only had ten pills left and no refills... she told me how to dose myself unti lthe pills were gone)... and that usually people then go to one or one and a half a day... not from 5mg to nothing (its that true??).
    I didnt ask her if I went off too fast (i should have) but I was so ****** that she didnt remeber what she told me. Im not an idiot. im not going off a med without being told to.
    Then I told her I wasnt ready for Effexor due to my hard time coming off lexapro. she told me i shouldnt rely on antianxiety meds for my anxiety (not SSRI stuff, but stuff like ativan etc). I told her I had a therapist that I go to to help teach me ways of dealing with my anxiety. she said that i needed to learn how to control it... like by distracting myself.. like when im having a panic attack to look at a tree and observe the branches. she actually said that. can you believe that?? If it was so easy, she'd be out of business!
    She doesnt like prescribing anti anxiety meds as an only med. I guess she worries about them being habit forming... but come on! ive taken them in the past at a higher dose and never had an issue... i have told her this before.
    So then I tell her the clonazapan (whihc is the only med she is comfortable prescribing... but just one a day) wasnt working (when i rarely took it) and i needed more than one a day or something else since I was still having panic attacks (i am having relationship issues as well as a lot of work stress... on top of my normal anxiety issues)
    {REMOVED}I have really bad back problems and have access to all types of strong meds... and I do not abuse them or have any issues with them. her treating me like this made me feel like she didnt trust my motives... which are nothing but looking for anxiety help.
    THEN she tells me she doesnt like ativan cause it doesnt last as long as the clonazapan, and that xanax is even more short acting... I dont believe her when she says that.
    She said my panic attacks were new and I told her that I had them when my mom got diagnosed with cancer a few months ago. She actually looked in my chart and told me I was having generalized anxiety... not panic attacks during that time. Again, does she not believe me? why would i make that up? I TOLD her that. I know its normal to have attacks in that stressful situation, but still... does that mean I don't get a bandaid to help my normal anxiety when it gets spiked by a real situation??
    In the end she gave me ativan. Then said I'd have withdrawls for 3 weeks after stopping. So I said, so I take it every day? (cause you know, if you are going to have withdrawl form something, you are most likely taking it somewhat often) ..and she says "no, you take as needed. why would you take it if you didnt need it?"
    ugh. I will not go back to her. Her notes on my case were inaccurate, she seems to think im lying or something... of which i have never given her reason to think. I felt like my issues were trivialized.
    just had to share....

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    Re: terrible psych. (long story)

    Wow! I'm sorry that you have not been helped. Maybe psych drs get burned out trying to help people, or maybe they forget how different we all are.
    I went to a dr for depression and she gave me a prescription for Effexor. The starting dose was a half tablet, so that evening I took it. Woke up at 1 am with severe panic which lasted for 4 hours. I laid on the floor by the bed and my husband held my hand the whole time to get me through it. When I called the psychiatrist the next morning she was angry with me. She said, "I told you to take it in the MORNING, not at night!" I didn't remember those instructions and besides I had felt miserable for soooo long that I thought it would help right away. She told me that she didn't want me for a patient if I wasn't going to follow her instructions. No concern, just very cold. Needless to say, I never went back to her, but it was a long time before I ever tried to see a psychiatrist again. Maybe you could find a recommendation on a good dr, like through a local mental health support group. I was able to talk to some people when we were trying to find a psychiatrist for my mother who is bipolar. They mostly suggested drs to avoid, but even that is helpful.
    Hang in there. Hope you find some help soon. There are good drs out there, you just have to keep trying. I'll be praying for you.

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    Re: terrible psych. (long story)

    I too am sorry you've had such a hard time with your doctor. I had a doc much like yours for about a year before I called it quits. The only reason I stayed with her that long was because I needed prescriptions, and she told me no-one else would do more than glance at my chart - not true! She treated me like I was five, and made me feel like a failure when I couldn't tolerate lexapro. I too never had an abuse history with medicatons, but she never trusted me.

    I have a wonderful new doctor now who really cares, and treats me like an adult. Get rid of that loser, and keep looking until you find a doctor you like - and who likes and cares about you!

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    Re: terrible psych. (long story)

    I'm sorry you guys have had such bad experiences. It really helps to find the right person, and I'm a firm believer that all doctors are human and subject to the same issues we all are. Sometimes you have to seek out the right one, because I really believe (sadly) that some of them got into the profession for the salary and prestige. When you find one who got into it because they truly care about people and want to help, I think that makes the difference.

    Thank God for my therapist. She's wonderful. And she's not afraid to admit to me that she has her own issues (which makes her a real person without the holier-than-thou attitude). She also doesn't tell me *what* to think, but suggests different alternatives to my thinking.

    I have to say though, when I was looking for her I placed calls to five different therapists and she was the only one who called me back. None of the others even picked up the phone to place a polite "not accepting more patients" phone call or anything. Maybe that was fate stepping in, because my therapist is great...

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    Re: terrible psych. (long story)

    sorry to the moderator that I posted that. I wasn't thinking.
    well, the ativan really didnt do much today, but i will try tomorrow. these panic attacks are so frustrating.
    oh well...At least I have a good therapist. she is going to be very surprised when I tell her all this.
    i will never see that prescribing doctor again. I felt disrespected. I know there are better doctors out there, and I'll find one. I dont know why Im being forced by her to only take anti depressants (daily) for my anxiety if i can just take an anti anxiety med on and off as needed. grumble....
    maybe I'll go back to my old doctor. he was werid as well... but he at least took good notes and tried to work with me.

    thanks for all the repsonses and support. I know getting good doctors is a process.... and you have to be patient. I just have so little time in my days to shop for a new prescribing doctor. too bad she wasn't a good match for me.. or in my opinion good at her job.

    ok - im over it. done venting! thanks all!

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    Red face Re: terrible psych. (long story)

    Oh my god, you think your psych is kookoo you wouldn't believe what mine said to me. I recently moved to a new area and I had to leave all my good drs behind. So I went to this new psychitrist and told him how I've been suffering with anxiety for the last year. I told him that I'm on Remeron and ativan but I've recenly had a setback and I don't think they are working. At the the end of the session I asked him if he thought if their was any hope for me and if there is a cure for anxiety? His response was while laughing sarcastically, "no no there is no cure for anxiety". I couldn't believe what I just heard this dr say. So I asked him again and he repeated the same thing over. So I said to him what about what everyone else says that it is long term but curable. He says to me they are lying to you, are you cured? I said no. He says you see you are not listening to me. I said what about medication? He said they only help with the symtoms. I ended up with a higher dose of remeron and ativan and a prescription for xanax which I hear is very addictive. I rushed out of there crying hysterically until I was able to get a hold of my cousin and helped me calm down and told me that he is just a quack and to never go back to him again.

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    Re: terrible psych. (long story)

    oh that is awful. don't go back to that person. there ARE good ones out there and you will find someone. Meds can totally help and in my opinion, can cure some people. Others need a psychologist as well... (i personally think it's the best way to go).
    but be patient and try not to worry... its a pain to shop around.. as I now have to do... but you will eventually find someone who will help you out and not make you feel the way they made you feel.
    keep us posted!!

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