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maili 09-26-2006 08:20 PM

light headed, dizziness?
Hey everyone,

If you get a second please respond to this message. I just joined the message board but I have been reading the various postings for the past week or so. I have noticed that a large percentage of anxiety suffers seem to share the common physical symptom of dizziness. I too get dizziness but really never thought much about it until I began reading this message board.
So, if you are an anxiety sufferer and also have bouts of dizziness or lightheadness please respond to this message.

Thanks everyone.

feel_bad_2_much 09-27-2006 09:16 AM

Re: light headed, dizziness?
hi maili........
i too suffer from dizziness/lightheadedness.........i also have an inner ear disorder, which i think causes my anxiety. i was put on zoloft a couple of weeks ago, but haven't noticed any changes yet. My Dr. started me on a very low dose.....12.5mg, but now am up to 50. Do you have any other symptoms, other than these???

eloise_girl24 09-27-2006 10:26 AM

Re: light headed, dizziness?
ill put my hand up for this one! i am ALWAYS dizzy and often feel lightheaded. it was so bad the past two nights that i couldnt sleep. i felt sick to my stomach from being so dizzy. i hate this. i dont know why its a symptom of anxiety but i know a lot of people have it. even people who have never said anything about it. ive had two friends recently mention to me that they were ALWAYS dizzy. i felt so bad for them but at the same time it was kind of reassuring to me that i wasnt dying. a lot of people have dizziness. also when i am really stressed or freaked out about something it can cause me to be lightheaded. even days later. ive talked to doctors about it and they all say it's anxiety. i want to get my inner ear checked out though too. dont worry you are not alone on this. my dizziness is so bad that im constantly leaning on things like when im doing my makeup in the morning i lean on my sink to steady me.

maili 09-27-2006 10:53 AM

Another Question
Thank you for the responses. I just find it strange that a large majority of anxiety suffers seem to share dizziness as a symptom.

I do have another question regarding meds if anyone cares to weigh in on it. For whatever reason my dr. is giving me discretion about my meds. I have an unfilled perscription for Zoloft but I cannot decide between Zoloft and Paxil. I'm not sure what the difference is and if they have different indictions for the many disorders..i.e. Zoloft for social anxiety, paxil for GAD,ect.
Does anyone have any advice or knowledge about the two meds? I would really appreciate some guidance.

Thank you

boxerlover227 09-27-2006 01:35 PM

Re: light headed, dizziness?
VERY INTERESTING!!! I don't know if what you are saying is the sensations I myself have been struggling with for "years".. Here is what it is like for myself, I get a floating feeling, intense Falling to the side & backwards sensation, sinking to the ground feeling, a motion sensation as if I am swaying on a boat, and my favorite the good old dropping feeling you get on an elevator.. The "elevator sensation" I also feel like my head is very heavy
foggy and swimmy and some days just have trouble holding it up! All these sensations I experience on a daily basis mostly 24/7 The only time I don't feel this way is if I am laying down, it seems to subside then. I have gotten many eye rolls:rolleyes: from the Doctor's I have seen in the past.. As if these feelings were being made up in my head.. These daily sensations have caused me more anxiety and intense panic attacks.. It seems as soon as I experience any one of these sensations my panic attacks kick in full force..
Inner ear, maybe at one time in my life yes but years later to still be feeling this way I doubt it, allergies hhuuumm Dr. gave me the nasal sprays on every visit and did nothing, neurological disorder thought about it but there would be so many other symptoms, TMJD possibility being that I do clench my teeth with all this anxiety and have developed tmj along the way, Headaches/Migraine's yup have them everyday so that could be a possibility as well.. Anxiety yup I have that but what came first the chicken or the egg.. Seems the anxiety is triggered by these sensations so I just don't know! But I do know this if this is what you are feeling, what I described I can guarantee you that you are by no means alone.... I feel like this every single DAY!!! It's horrible Any thoughts or questions let me know!

eloise_girl24 09-27-2006 01:51 PM

Re: light headed, dizziness?
boxergirl, i could have written that post myself. everything you have described there is exactly what i have ALL the time as well. i sometimes feel like i am walking up hill and i have to lean forward to brace myself. i feel really foggy all the time. headaches/migranes you name them. i get them everyday. i have taken excedrin daily for about 3 years solid now. at least 4 pills a day. that cant be good but it's the only thing that will make the headaches go away. not the floaters or swaying or heavy headedness but the actualy headache. if i shake my head really fast i feel really dizzy like im shaking up my brain or something. i cant sit up really fast or ill get super dizzy. i lean on everything and brace myself, even when im sitting at my deak i curl my leg around my chair to hold myself steady. sometimes i feel really loopy like im going crazy. it scares the hell out of me. :rolleyes:

dodedoo 09-27-2006 03:43 PM

Re: light headed, dizziness?
when i first started getting dizziness i wouldnt have imagined that it was from anxiety. i feel like they are so randomly linked. i know people with anxiety dont breathe deep enough so they might be hyperventilating half of the time which can cause light headedness. so perhaps practicing deep and relaxing breathing will help. otherwise i don't know what to tell you about the dizziness b/c i've had it now for almost 5 months now. wow, i can't believe that. i tried taking paxil cr but it didn't do anything for me and i just switched over to celexa so i'm trying to see if it works. the dizziness occurs for me mostly in my vision which keeps making me think something is wrong with my eyes! anxiety sucks!

maili 09-27-2006 04:09 PM

Re: light headed, dizziness?
The breathing thing is the only correlation between anxiety and dizziness as well. But it just seemed odd to me that sooooooooooo many people seem to suffer from makes you wonder. I, for example, get dizzy frequently and I am relatively sure it is not induced by anxiety because it doesnt always occur when I am anxious and it doesn't bother me when it does happen.

Maybe people with anxiety have higher levels of dopamine or something, I don't know it just seems like an odd coincidence.

boxerlover227 09-27-2006 04:18 PM

Re: light headed, dizziness?
Hi Maili ~ :wave:
Paxil and Zoloft are both effective treatment for depression, anxiety and panic.
Both are serotonin reuptake inhibitors and are equally effective. I believe they are both the same "class" drug of course but one can cause side effects to a person taken them that the other drug may not. Meaning paxil may cause you to have a sedation effect, where as Zoloft may cause you to feel insomnia. It all depends on the individual and how their body reacted to the medication. But they are BOTH SSRI's and are used to treat the same disorders. You just may react better to one verses the other. I have know people who did wonderful on paxil and others that just couldn't take it so switched to Zoloft with no further problems. I guess you need to see which medication does the best job for you! :) I you found this helpful! Boxerlover

Hi Eloise~ :wave:
My heart goes out to you girl I know how hard it can be struggling with anxiety and then having the dizziness on top of it :dizzy: It just intensifies things and creates more of a hypervigilant personality! :mad: I suffer from this feeling all day long, somedays better then others depending on the anxiety that day, or the degree of my headache. The only time I find relief from these feelings is if I am sleeping or laying down relaxing. If you get a chance go to the headache board and look up my post titled "Chronic tension headache's" You may find some information there useful as well as seeing that there are other suffers as well who also have anxiety. I wanted to mention you said you take Excedrin, this has caffeine and I have noticed that when I take it my anxiety increases tremendously. I found Advil to be more effective without the caffeine side effects.. Just a thought! :D If you would like to speak more about the dizziness just start a new post in the anxiety board titled to my attention Boxerlover227 I would be happy to answer any questions or thoughts you might have as well. I am glad you found some comfort in knowing you are not alone on this one!! :angel: Boxerlover

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