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Kim Jong-il 10-11-2006 05:55 PM

Lamictal for anxiety?
I have been a lifelong sufferer of depression, anxiety, and insomnia. My depression has been kept in check for some time now with 900mg of Lithium, and I have been taking 100mg of Seroquel for my insomnia, which has also worked well. Anxiety, however, has always been a much trickier matter for me. Of the three problems I have, the anxiety is what hits me the hardest and affects my life the most. It always has, and I'm pretty sure it always will. It is the most difficult illness for me and my physician to treat. I have tried all the SSRIs, and they either do nothing, or in the case of Paxil, actually make matters worse. I have tried the benzodiazapines, and while they make me feel good for about two hours, that's pretty much all they do (though I suppose that's the point). I have tried many other medications that supposedly assist with anxiety, either directly or indirectly, utilizing either on or off label benefits. All have been to no avail, even after raising dosages and giving them all plenty of time to take effect.

Today I visited my psychiatrist (I do so every six weeks), a wonderful man who I have tons of admiration and respect for, as he is the only doctor I've ever had who listens to me, values my input, treats me with kindness and respect (ever hear of such a thing?), and has been able to help me with various issues. After discussing my anxiety for awhile, he gave me a starter pack of one of the few pills I still haven't taken yet, Lamictal. I had no objections to it, and was happy that I was given something new to try.

After my appointments in which I have been given a new medication, I always try to read up on them online at least a little bit. After reading a bit about Lamictal on nearly a dozen sites, I found no connection between this medicine and anxiety. All I see is depression, depression, depression. Each of these problems affects my life in a different way, and it is important that I treat both of them, not just the depression.

Is there something I have overlooked concerning this medicine? Did my doctor make a strange decision? Or is he just so damn clever that my inferior mind cannot possibly comprehend his reasoning?

What sort of experiences have you had with Lamictal and anxiety? Is there any advice or suggestions that you may have?

*Note*~My anxiety consists of severe social phobia, occassional agoraphobia, panic attacks, and strong nervous tension

GatsbyLuvr1920 10-12-2006 08:00 AM

Re: Lamictal for anxiety?
I'm on Lamictal, but I use it for my Asperger's outbursts (and irritation) that are due to sensory overload. It has really helped me calm down and be able to tolerate things better, but it does nothing for my panic attacks and OCD. Klonopin is the only thing that works for my panic attacks; nothing as of yet has helped my OCD (I've been on three different SSRI's). I personally haven't heard of anybody using it for anxiety, or any of the mood stabilizers, for that matter, but it may be an up-and-coming treatment. Good luck, God bless, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! :angel:

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