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  • Anyone here have anxiety that started when health problem (i.e., heart palps)started?

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    Old 11-04-2006, 06:09 AM   #1
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    zosolizard HB User
    Anyone here have anxiety that started when health problem (i.e., heart palps)started?

    Hi there,

    I haven't posted here in a while

    In talking with my therapist, we realized that I NEVER had anxiety problems until I started having irregular heartbeats & chest pains last summer. They came out of the blue (after quitting smoking) and never went away. I have them EVERY day of my life.

    The arrythmia shows up on EKG, so it's not imagined. I've had most of the cardiac tests - they cannot explain the arrythmia or pain. They are not part of a panic attack, or stress/worry induced.

    I've tried different things - supplements, diet changes, even SSRI's, Xanax.... nothing helps. The xanax basically made me a drowsy person with chest pains, LOL

    I ended up taking xanax every day and am now tapering off, since I became physically dependent.

    If I go for hours without any palps/pain, I basically have no anxiety. As soon as my heart goes out of rythm, or I have chest pains - I start freaking out, because it's sooo scary.

    I don't care if 1,000 doctors/people tell me "not to worry". If they had this, they'd get scared as well.

    If my heart arrythmia/chest pains would go away - my anxiety would go away!

    Anyone else dealing with this type of thing ?

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    Old 11-04-2006, 06:39 AM   #2
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    McGloogan HB User
    Re: Anyone here have anxiety that started when health problem (i.e., heart palps)started?

    My anxiety started with neck/head pain (which I found out was just from sleeping on it wrong and pinched nerves) then worsened after my cousin died of brain cancer. I was convinced I was going to die for about 2 months. Then from health, I went into mental. Now, somehow I ended up where I am now- in question of my sexuality (H-OCD).

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    confused32 HB User
    Re: Anyone here have anxiety that started when health problem (i.e., heart palps)started?

    Zosolizard- You sound like your living my life.....Mine started about 5 years ago. I was having palps and finally told i had MVP and it was all apart of that. I was put on a beta blocker to help with the palps and eventually the anxiety of them went away when they came less often. I was doing fine, would just have a few around my monthly cycle but i learned they were not going to kill me. Then back in March i started getting pains in my left arm i had read that that could be a sign of a heart issue so i started freaking up i obsessed about it all day and it landed me in the ER that nite in full blown panic mode. They gave me some ativan and told me to stop worrying. I went to see my cardio he did test and said my heart is fine and not to worry, well its not that easy now is it, they just dont get it. The pains kept coming along with more after a few days, i ended up at the ER again, this time they kept me and ran more test, those to were fine. I kept telling myself they were missing something. Well i had another trip a few weeks later to another hospital they said the same your heart is fine and wanted to put me on anti-depressants. I refused them. I dont want to be put on medication to TRY to make me feel better if there is something really wrong. My last ER trip was in May, since then i contiune to have chest pain, jaw pain, left arm pain, nausea, dizziness. Im to the point where i dont even bother going to the ER cause they say the same thing everytime. I went yesterday for a calcium screening to see what that test shows, the only test i have not had is a cardic cath, im to scared to get it done, they did say they would do it so i could put my mind at ease. I started having chest pains yesterday and im still having them, i keep trying to tell myself its not my heart, its gas or something so i dont go into full panic. I can sleep and not have the pain so i figure if it was my heart that wouldnt happen, that i would be in pain all the time. I agree with what you said.......if the pain would go away then the anxiety would go away. I dont have pain due to anxiety attacks i have anxiety due to pain!!!!!!!!! THEY DONT UNDERSTAND AND IT MAKES ME SOOOOOOOOOO MAD!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i had some advice for you all i can say is dont let them tell you something that you dont believe is right, keep pushing for answers until YOU feel comfortable with the answers. I live like this EVERYDAY i go to bed worrying about my heart and i wake up doing the same, it never ends. I am in anxiety therapy but it is not doing any good. It teaches me how to relax but i need help on getting this idea of heart disease out of my mind, cause once i can get it out of my head then my anxiety will be gone. Keep us posted on how your doing, coming here and reading and talking to everyone does help.

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    langy HB User
    Re: Anyone here have anxiety that started when health problem (i.e., heart palps)started?

    hi i understand your fears but all the symtoms you describe are classic signs of anxiety. i know that you feel you werent anxious until you got the physical symptoms but i was once told and by reading books that yoyu may think you werent anxious until the palps,chest pains etc but you probably were without realising as aniety manifests itself in many ways. i know that i didnt feel id got any stress or anxiety but it had been years of things happening in my life that had built up gradually and id not dealt with them and i too started with
    physical symptoms. yes as the palps etc decrease then so does the anxiety but youll also find that as the anxiety decreases so do the is difficult i know but hang on in there. langy

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    miche31 HB Usermiche31 HB Usermiche31 HB User
    Re: Anyone here have anxiety that started when health problem (i.e., heart palps)started?

    I understand how you feel. I have anxiety OVER my REAL heart condition. I have pac's, pvc's, sinus tachycardia and SVT. It scares me to death, so for me it's a full circle. I have a real hard time trying to live right now. I am, for the sake of my son, but it's real hard to fight the fight. And, it's sad, because I know this isn't life threatening, but I can't convince myself that. I've become afraid of everything. Michelle

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    MAD MAZ HB User
    Re: Anyone here have anxiety that started when health problem (i.e., heart palps)started?

    I started getting heart palps irregular heartbeats about 10 years ago the doctors said dont worry it just Anxiety.

    in August 2005 I was told I have a underactive thyriod, hashi's.

    When you read the symptoms of a over and underactive thyroid it is on the list!!

    I do believe I was overacitve going back then, I had lots of the symptoms lost weight after having baby didnt sit still, heart palps, very Anxious.

    when I got told I have a underactive thyroid my fsh was 29.53 thats high!!

    I also gave up smoking at the time of going underactive!!

    maybe get your thyroid tested....Mandy

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