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presson 11-14-2006 12:26 AM

pros and cons of meds
hi everyone
i have had an eating disorder for 18 years (now in recover) and am generally an anxious person..was very nervy child, feared death, loss of parents, etc, and still am a "pressured" person with no doubt an overactive CNS!

i am getting lots of people recommend i use anxiety meds, but am hesitant. mainly cos my anxiety kicks me at nights, when i get skipped heartbeats (seems that PRECEDES anxiety) and i fear that taking meds will make me worry about possible side effects ie fear death more?!?!

any comments???

Steve1 11-14-2006 05:20 AM

Re: pros and cons of meds
Hello Presson

I have suffered anxiety and depression for years now! I will say one thing, I can't live without my meds!
I take Xanax and Luvox, But....

There are cons
Xanax, makes me tired (but i can sleep). Doesn't last as long as i would like, but keeps me from having a meltdown...
Luvox, Keeps me from sinking into the abyss, But also takes away my passions for normal things. Sure it takes away most of the little worries, but also takes away some emotions that i would like to share with others. Luvox has a habit of sexual side effect as well...
So the Pros and Cons are going to be up to you and how you react with the meds! Something you and your Dr will have to decide. Now for me it took a few years before i found something that helped but didn't have TOO many side effects

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