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  • Does anyone worry about their health and heart obsessively?

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    Old 11-17-2006, 12:21 AM   #1
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    Angry Does anyone worry about their health and heart obsessively?

    It amazes me, that I just found this forum. I have been suffreing from anxiety for 2 years and it completely controls my life. I have been so consumed with my heart and it's functing that I am a nut. I have SVT and I don't take anytihng for it becuase the fear of taking a med to control my heart overwhelms me. It seems almost daily it goes up to 140b/m for no apparent reason. I have general anxiety and obsess about my health daily. I am constantly convinced there is something horrinly wrong with me. I don't get panic attacks except for when I have to go to the dr. But, I would love to live a life not in fear and if I could just have a normal heartbeat I would pay a million bucks. I am on xanax as needed. But I would love to take a daily med for anxiety and my heart? Any suggestions. Living like this sure takes it toll. I am a grad student, engaged and I work with kids. You would think I would be able to control my anxiety but I can't and it ruins my life everyday.

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    Re: Does anyone worry about thier health and heart obsessively?

    Yes, everyday. I also am obsessed about my heart. I get any little pain and i automatically think its a sign of a heart problem. I do have MVP. I have been tested with every test besides a cath and they show my heart is fine but yet i obsess ever day. The only time i dont think about my heart is while im sleeping. Im glad you found the board, it helps me alot to come here to talk to people and know that im not alone is this.

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    Re: Does anyone worry about thier health and heart obsessively?

    I, too, am obsessed about my heart. I am a 32 year old woman, healthy by all accounts, but since I was 14, I have had "skippy" heartbeats. Then in my late teens I developed a rapid heart rate unrelated to anxiety. It would go up to 180-200 easily but fortunately it was just a normal rhythm. I lived like that for a few years until finally a doctor put me on a beta-blocker. That helped immediately. My heart rate calmed down. I still get some rapid episodes, and sometimes I have to skip or cut down on a dose of beta-blocker because my heart rate will go down low, but I will tell you, beta-blockers are WONDERFUL for people with problems like us. The side effects are minor, especially at the lower dosages, and they are definitely worth a try. I also have had chest pain/pressure that I've been checked out for and that scares me sometimes. I took SSRIs for years and they worked for me for a while, but then they just pretty much stopped working because I had tried almost all of them. They are definitely worth a try, though. I now take benzodiazepines with good success. Take care, heart anxiety is SUPER common among anxious people. Think about it, the heart responds to our emotion and it is just normal for us to focus on it. We just have to learn that 99.999999999% of the time, our hearts are working totally normally and will continue to! Take care, in my opinion, I would ask for a trial of a beta-blocker and possibly some anxiety meds. They could really turn your life around. They don't solve all our anxiety, but they help. Best wishes to you, know you are not alone!

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    Re: Does anyone worry about thier health and heart obsessively?

    i also have constant worries about my heart..i used to have panic attacks often but i started zoloft about a year ago..i have not had an attack since then...xanax can be good for as needed but i def, recommend zoloft for the daily med..isn't it crazy that we can read all about this and we know its just the anxiety, yet it still affects us daily? sux...take care

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    Re: Does anyone worry about thier health and heart obsessively?

    Hi there! Welcome to the board! There are A LOT of us on here that have obsessions with our hearts. I will second what circussquirrel said - you should try a beta blocker. I used to have sinus tachycardia most of the day and now I take a very low dose beta blocker. (I just recently quit smoking so I lowered my dose even more.) The side effects are usually minimal.

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    Re: Does anyone worry about thier health and heart obsessively?

    Hello, to help you feel even better, there are a few of us here on the anxiety board that also have svt. I myself just got diagnosed maybe two months ago. I have had svt for about 4 years I think, but was always told they were panic attacks. By the time I got to a hospital my hr wasn't doing that fast skipping thing, and was back to sinus rhythm, so it took a long time to finally diagnose it. If you look through all my posts, you will find that you sound just like me, I am terrified as heck with this svt and heart anxiety. I am taking a beta blocker, for three weeks now, and it consumes me too. I constantly check my pulse. Did I take too much, did I not take enough, are these side effects? Why did my foot fall asleep, is it no blood circulation,etc. I am sick to death of myself!! I thought my anxiety was bad before I had svt, but now that I know it's a real and not psychological problem, it makes it worse. I just started seeing a psychologist, yesteday was my 3rd time going. I told him I don't like seeing him, I feel worse talking about my fears and health anxieties, yet I know that down the road will get better. I take Xanax as needed, which is daily right now, but tonight I will start on Zoloft as well. My mind won't calm down to let myself relax. I have holed myself up in my house now. It is horrible. And the worst thing is, my Dr. said SVT is not dangerous and I'll be ok. But in my mind I've already decided I have to go have the ablation done, which is soooo far down the road. She hasn't even sent me to a cardiologist/electro, she talked to them, but they said that she can treat me initially. I am scared of Dr.'s and don't trust them, so have a hard time trusting mine.
    Have I made you feel slightly better,
    Take something other than the Xanax, you and I can go through this together. There are others here who have this as well, and it is so very nice to talk to them and know we're not alone. The Xanax calms my panic, but almost does nothing for my depression/anxiety and thoughts over this. I am so tired all the time and who knows if its from the drugs or my depression/anxiety.
    What does your Dr. think and recommend? Do you see a Cardiologist? How often do you have your SVT episodes?
    Take Care, Michelle

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    Re: Does anyone worry about thier health and heart obsessively?

    About 12 years ago I started having rapid heartbeat episodes for no apparent reason and I too was put on a beta-blocker. I still wake up with my heart racing sometimes but I was taught to take a real deep breath and bear down in your chest as hard as you can it will slow your heart rate down. It works for me every time. You may have to do it a couple of times though. I rely on the bb but I also have started having chest pressure and squeezing which the dr told me he believes is stress related. When it's happening to you that theory goes out the window because you could swear your either having a heart attack or on the verge of having one. All these problems have caused me to have high blood pressure too and I'm terrrified of taking medicines so I'm always in a constant state of anxiety. Life can be hell sometimes.

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    I can't tell you how happy i feel having come across this site. I have suffered for over a decade with panic/anxiety disorder. Recently it has become worse and i have become obsessed with my health, especially with regard to my heart. I notice the slightest change in the regularity of the beats, I have PVTs occasionaly and insane and unfounded (so i'm told lol) panic follows. I'm on 160mg propranolol a day which is some relief, but the biggest relief is coming here and reading your stories and discovering that i am not the only one who is needlessly worrying about their heart. I think that is so important to know that there are people who are the same as you. So thankyou i guess...i know i will feel a lot better when i go to bed tonight. Take Care.

    PS PVTs are completely harmless right? Here we go again lol

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    Re: Does anyone worry about thier health and heart obsessively?

    I have crazy flip floppy,skippy,irregular beats too.Recently I noticed a type I never noticed before my heart is beating normally and then I get like 3 seconds of fast beats then back to normal.I don't know if that is PVC's too or what.I did wear a monitor months back and it caught some PVC's.Seem's over time it get's more wacky.

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    Re: Does anyone worry about thier health and heart obsessively?

    Thanks to everyone who wrote a reply. What a relief to know we are not alone. It convinces me that I am sane! RELIEF. I can't wait to see a dr. and talk about my options. It's important that each one of us not waste time, and let this inhibit us. So thanks for opening up and sharing your stories with me. These are all real things we are expierencing. It brings me such joy knowing other peopple obsess over their hearts and that it's hard to think of anything when it's beating so fast. Talk about annoying! PLus dr.s just htink your crazy that, you should just relax! If it were only that easy. Just to answer some questions: I have seen a cardiologist, two to be exact. I have had ultrasounds, ekg, and numerous other thyroid etc. All came back normal, thus I didn't want to take meds. I have a fear of doctors, becuase they aren't very helpful in the first place. And the anxiety, well that's just the pits. But, I can't wait to try some of these meds and see if they too can work! Thanks and best of luck to everyone!

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    Re: Does anyone worry about thier health and heart obsessively?

    Warm greetings to all of you struggling, brave people!

    I figured I might as well join in and let the rest of you know that I'm with you! I'm almost 25 and was finally given the diagnosis "panic disorder" after months of doctor's appointments, emergency room visits, and, of course, panicking! I panic about my health. It's odd though, because I'm someone who didn't have a care about this even a year ago. I had to be pulled to the emergency room because I had malaria, and they kept me there for 5 days - all of which I only complained about how I was fine and just wanted to go home and take the pills. Now I'd try to stay in that hospital as long as they'd keep me just so I had medical attention "incase" something happened!

    For me, it started when one day I randomly smelled ammonia (like in my head, for no reason.... and it was STRONG). Then my arm hurt and I decided I should go to the emergency room. After that I was panic panic panic about everything body-related. From chest pains, to arm pains, to shortness of breath, to craaaazy headaches...... Now I'm on Effexor (lowest dose) and take Ativan when necessary. I am happy to say that I'm past my worst times. Before the Effexor, it was BAD, every day. Getting onto the Effexor was also not a walk in the park, but I stuck with it and I feel that there is hope. This isn't to say that I still don't have plenty of issues - I sure do - but, it's not as bad. I know pills aren't the answer for everyone, but for some, it is a bit of relief. I hope you all find what you need to keep you sane.

    If anyone wants to greet me further, feel free: {REMOVED}

    peace and love!


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    Re: Does anyone worry about thier health and heart obsessively?

    I used to worry about my heart all the time I still do every now and then.I worried more when I started to notice skipped beats more often.I started to panic about them daily. They started coming on everyday I went to the ER several times.They did chest Xrays,EKG's,and bloodwork along with the regular check up.All normal.So the ER doc told me to wear a Holter Monitor for a day.Results showed I have PAC'S I went to a PVP and got a check up she told me alot of people get them not to worry unless you start passsing out when you get them then you will have to start taking medicine for them.So I stopped worrying about them I now noticed I dont get them very often anymore.I felt one last week.When I stopped worrying about them it helped .The stress I think brings more of them.

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