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keatis 04-01-2007 11:34 AM

Who here has a SEVERE social anxiety problem?
I do. I've had it all my life. I've been diagnosed/misdiagnosed with so many things like ADD/ADHD, Bipolar, etc. But the only thing I know I have is social phobia. I kinda feel like I have ADD and that might be part of my social anxiety disorder. I've had "friends" throughout my life, I'm 23 if ya need to know, but I know a lot of them just used me. I just find it so hard to make true friends cuz of all this. It's all led me to major depression. I was just in a relationship with this girl I really loved and the greatest person I'd ever meet...but that's a another story but it was because of my anxiety and anger (jealousy) that ended that relationship in which I wound up in a psych ward for 2 weeks afterwards. I've been through therapy (still am) a lot but that's the least thing that helps. Psychiatrists - they're only good for benzos and stuff but they never give me enough like higher doses. I'm on 1mg of Xanax twice a day and if I asked him for more he said he'll just "fire me". All the psychiatrists I've seen say the same crap. My question is is anyone else going through all this? Trouble making friends am talking about mostly and just talking to ppl.

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