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  • Could this be anxiety...or any other suggestions please!!

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    Old 06-07-2007, 03:29 AM   #1
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    Unhappy Could this be anxiety...or any other suggestions please!!

    Hey everyone,
    I have never had any previous problems but for over 5 months now i have been feeling very all suddenly started walking around one day in SE asia after a big night out.
    All of a sudden walking felt very strange like i had no balance and the ground was also moving as well.
    Since then i have had the following symtoms....they are always there but can vary in intensity
    - real troubles standing still with balancing
    - when walking or standing the ground feels like it is also moving and it just feels strange is worse on hard surfaces and slopes and stairs are terrible!!
    - when sitting upright i can kind of feel my body moving around or being pulled slightly in different directions, surfaces also seem to move slightly
    - if i try to exert myself too much or just get through the symtoms i generally feel terrible afterwards
    - i have trouble concentrating....even sometimes being in conversations
    - have had a few 'panic attack' sort of episodes
    - after drinking alcohol or not getting a proper sleep i feel shocking the next day(s)

    Have been to numerous doctors, natropath, therapist and neurologist and have yet to find anything substantially wrong except i fail the balance test standing still with eyes closed and have evidence of the CMV and EBV viruses in my system. Basically i am bed or seat ridden for most of the day as standing up tires me and basically i can't cope with the movement of both me and other surfaces. Have been unable to work during this time. Only one doctor has said it could be all caused by anxiety with all the others thinking it is something physical


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    Re: Could this be anxiety...or any other suggestions please!!

    A friend of mine came to me feeling the same way you described, he thought it was vertigo, Virus, etc he eventually tried antidepressents given to him by the GP and he feels better already. hes taking Lexepro 10 mg a day, you would be suprised how many symptoms can come back to anxiety, But dont take my word on it, get fully checked out by as many doctors as you can, Just dont rule out Anxiety disorders.

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    Re: Could this be anxiety...or any other suggestions please!!

    I have been having very similar issues, I have found alot of information on these symptoms being linked to low Cortisol. research low Cortisol and see if the symptoms look like what you have been dealing with. I have found out after my symptoms I was suffering from low Cortisol and low testosterone! it seems to me from my experience that if doctors have a hard time figureing out whats going on, and cant pin point things, they love to blame it on Anxiety! not that Anxiety isnt real, but I do believe many people are wrongly diagnosed with Anxiety when it may not be the issue. there are many health conditions that mimic each other and are hard to pin point. read my post called Adrenal Fatigue under Addisons disease. see it sounds anything like you have, it may help. Also, look into the possibility of a inner ear problem.

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    Re: Could this be anxiety...or any other suggestions please!!

    thanks for the suggestions guys....i'm still clueless. I just finished uni and still have the obviously was not anxiety about that as I have no real worries or stresses except whatever is going on with my body!!!

    The symtoms are so strange and debilitating really...i feel normal when i wake up but after getting up it all starts again....i do probably get it worse when i try to go to the shops or something....but then again the symptoms are still here sitting at the computer, or cooking dinner or taking a shower, so i really don't think it could be just anxiety as I don't really feel anxious...just strange!!

    Please give me any more suggestions no matter how left field they may seem to really helps me to read them and it will help when i go to my next new doctor and see the neurologist again. Is there anything in particular i should ask the doctors about or demand that they test me for???? Please help

    many thanks again

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    Re: Could this be anxiety...or any other suggestions please!!

    Davo, I had similar symptoms that started about a year after my mother died and while I was taking night classes, working a demanding job during the day, and raising a family. This was 6 years ago. The symptoms started with my left arm feeling really heavy and weak. Then I would have dizzy sensations and feel like I was leaning and being pulled to the right side when I walked. I had trouble concentrating at work and when I would try to read something. It was hard to follow conversations sometimes... I just felt really strange. One time I had a dizzy sensation while driving and had to pull over. I had a tension headache for 3 years and finally went to the doctor. An MRI ruled out anything wrong in my brain. He said it was a chemical imbalance in my brain and put me on Celexa. After about 3 weeks, the symptoms gradually started going away. I was on Celexa for 18 months. I was OK for about 6 years, then recently the symptoms started again after once again taking night classes, working long hours, and dealing with my dad's illness. I didn't waste any time this time and went to the doctor and was put on Celexa again. I started feeling better in about 2-3 weeks. I have read that anxiety and depression sometimes don't hit you until until a year after a stressful event, and some people are just more susceptible than others and don't necessarily have to have a traumatic event occur to trigger anxiety or depression. I encourage you to see a doctor so you can feel better soon. Take care.

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    Anxiety has vicious cycle and it aggregate more when cause is there like working late or more work and it is not advisable that celexa you take and you feel ok but how long time? it has side effect so better solution is try to remove cause or minimize it and also have some alternate therapy like yoga and meditation.

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    Re: Could this be anxiety...or any other suggestions please!!

    Have you looked into a thyroid condition? I had severe anxiety which I had to seek in patient treatment for. Two years later, I was diagnosed as hypothyroid and after treatment the anxiety subsided in great part....only took more than ten years of suffering. ( i am still fatigued as it is complicated by iron deficiency).

    If you have been tested, check your results against current guildelines with the Amer Asso of Clinical Endos. Sometimes Dr. use outdated guidelines and say your results are "normal"

    Also, b12 deficiency, though it sounds insignifcant, can have neurological effects, esp on the CNS - anxiety, depression memory problems,even psychosis etc. In addition, it can be responsible for neuropathy and other nerve problems.

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