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Trouble eating? Rotating symptoms?

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Old 07-30-2007, 12:57 PM   #1
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whobitty HB User
Trouble eating? Rotating symptoms?

I've always been a racing heart, muscle tension, jittery sort of anxious person. However, I seem to have bridged over to some of the stomach issues.

When I am seriously stressed, I am starting to get really nauseated (sometimes even vomit), gassy, and sometimes have diarrhea. I then have trouble even looking at food and eventually have stomach pains from not being able to eat. I am then freaked out that I'm never going to want to eat again. I usually work my way back by eating saltines. I have trouble eating much else, though, until I accidentally let myself relax at some point (a few hours to a day).

Has anyone else entered this vicious no-eating circle or "switched" symptoms? I feel just like I have morning sickness, but since this has happened a few times over the past six months or so I assume that I'm not pregnant.

I still get my usual symptoms sometimes from time to time, but the stomach thing comes on when I am completely overwhelmed.

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Old 07-30-2007, 01:39 PM   #2
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VoodooBiker HB User
Re: Trouble eating? Rotating symptoms?

Yeah - for me, it's Triscuits and organic peanut butter (chunky), spinach, yogurt (just plain) and oatmeal - and that's pretty much what I can eat. No caffeine - and a ton of tea. I try to supplement the lack of nutrients with vitamins.

Eventually, I'll get back into eating on a more 'normal' diet schedule. I had my first anxiety attack about two months ago, and I lost about 15 pounds in a month. I usually do the following to ease my way back into a regular eating habit:
- Try to incorporate at least one different food item daily that you didn't before. If saltines are the only things you can eat - maybe mix in some sharp cheddar cheese or an orange or strawberries.
- Exercise - that's usually a metabolism booster.
- Try to get a regular schedule for eating - like if you're fairly comfortable in the morning - use that time to get a good amount of nutrients in (for me, it was yogurt with a handful of blueberries, a nutrition bar and a few Triscuits and organic peanut butter) before my anxiety got worse later in the day.

The humorous thing is when all of this ends and your body goes into the opposite mode - when you're hungry for everything. After about a month, I considered it a victory when I bought a pint of Ben & Jerry's "Americone Dream" - whereas when I was training for a triathalon, I thought doing that was a huge step back

Old 07-30-2007, 07:10 PM   #3
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freely HB User
Re: Trouble eating? Rotating symptoms?

Originally Posted by VoodooBiker View Post
Yeah - for me, it's Triscuits and organic peanut butter (chunky), spinach, yogurt (just plain) and oatmeal - and that's pretty much what I can eat.
Wow, this is just like me! I can only eat oatmeal, whole wheat bread, triscuits and yogurt and some soup. I have to force stuff down my throat because of course when I'm worrying about something, I have a hard time eating.

Whobitty:I get the same symptoms as you, I feel sick a lot, and sometimes really do get sick, I'm going to the gastro dr. soon to make sure there's nothing wrong. I think my tummy problems kinda formed my anxiety and in turn my anxiety makes my tummy problems worse.

Old 07-30-2007, 07:25 PM   #4
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Re: Trouble eating? Rotating symptoms?

I know exactly how you feel. For me it is canned peaches, apples, and nutrigrain bars. I have to force anything else down and it takes forever. The smell of any other food makes me feel like vomiting. Last time I went through it I lost 10 lbs. and I only weigh about 115-120. It makes me look very sick. My skin even began to look yellow. This is what happened to me when I realized I had anxiety. I eventually started taking zoloft and started becoming myself again. I have a huge appetite so I was weirded out that I didn't want to eat. I am 100% for medication.

Old 07-30-2007, 07:44 PM   #5
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whobitty HB User
Re: Trouble eating? Rotating symptoms?

I'm glad someone mentioned the smell of food. I couldn't smell or look at anything today. It's amazing how anxiety can mimic the stomach flu or pregnancy symptoms. Or for that matter, it can mimic pretty much anything we can think of!

The good news is that I am on the upswing at this point. I happened to be with a nurse who noted that I looked dehydrated. After a few small glasses of water and the telling of more problems than she wanted to hear, I did start feeling better.

Anxiety is so weird - I was coming up with all of these awful things that might be wrong with me instead of realizing that I forgot to drink anything today. At least I can step up to apple juice and maybe even some applesauce now that I feel a little better. I do think the anxiousness seems to take a lot (water, nutrients, etc.) out of you too.

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Old 07-30-2007, 09:49 PM   #6
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Re: Trouble eating? Rotating symptoms?

The only thing I feel that helped me was medication and therapy. I learned to deal with the anxiety. You have to turn your negative thoughts into positives. You need to say to yourself "this is just anxiety. I am not going to die. It will pass" I has before and you can make it through it."

When mine first hit me I had a sickness called CMV virus. It is like mono. I thought all the symptoms were from that, but now I realize that it most of it was anxiety.

Every time I do get the flu I think it is anxiety because the symptoms are the same. It is so hard to distinguish between the two. That is why I am afraid to get pregnant. I know you get nausea and that automatically triggers my worries. I am going to stay on prozac while pregnant and hopefully I can handle it.

After talking to a therapist I learned how to calm my mind down. I try meditation. Concentrating on one thing and when negative thoughts come into my mind I try to go back to my two words. "Peace and Calm" I breath in and picture the word peace in my mind and breath out and picture the word calm. You need to take deep breaths. It helps. Also when I have trouble falling asleep I put headphones on and listen to classical music. It doesn't have words to distract me and keeps my mind off of my worries.

I have been dealing with this problem for 6 years now and I have a great support system in my family. My husband is wonderful with me. He listens and holds me when I feel bad. I hope you have someone there for you to listen to. Sometimes you just need someone there who understands. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Old 08-01-2007, 01:36 PM   #7
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Maya80 HB User
Talking Re: Trouble eating? Rotating symptoms?

I know the feeling. I'm the applesauce girl, boost breeze juices for nutrients, fruit, crackers..basically anything that's easy to get down since when I'm anxious I can't eat..I get so sick to my stomach and it's all due to the anxiety. I lost so much weight that I had to start seeing a nutritionist and she helped greatly, but it's really hard to keep up the routine. There are good and bad days. I would have trouble eating with my family, friends and boyfriend and it's unreal how anxiety seems to get to our stomach first. I use to vomit also after eating and I'm been much better with eating and controling the anxiety but I have my moments where I eat my applesauce, I blend my soup and drink it so I don't have to chew it. I eat fruit snacks, basically what I can but won't make me feel sick.

It's amazing how our body works. So you're not alone and yes i do have trouble eating even until this day. I've been with anxiety and depression for 8 years now and try my best to cope with it each day. Good luck to all of you..

Old 08-02-2007, 12:53 AM   #8
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mochi* HB Usermochi* HB User
Re: Trouble eating? Rotating symptoms?

I just got this for the first time (except for when I get really depressed, I get it then too..) this weekend!
I was sooo stressed out about this stupid vacation, that I was supposed to be enjoying, but worried so much about having insomnia (one of my main worries) that I made myself sick, and couldn't eat anything without feeling naseaus!
I had to force myself to eat rice, cereal, bread, bananas, ect just so I could make it through the trip.
I even got a majr dizzyn spell, because I couldnt eat enough, anf each time I ate I had to force myself to swallow cause i felt so sick!
I LOOOOVE eating!!! and I typically have a HUGE, healthy appetite.
So, I am worried now that my anxiety is reachign new levels, I've never made myself so sick before with worry, not unless something MAJOR had happened...
This time NOTHING happened, it was just worry that made me worried sick!

I've been home and resting for a few days, and feeling better, but my stomach is still finicky and havig a hard time gettign my appetite back completly, even though I'm not feeling worried anymore.
This is ridiculous!
I wish I had better advice for you!
But for now, I can only relate and say that for me, I had to FORCE myself to eat, slowly, with plain foods and LOTS of water!
I think the actual solution lies in treating the anxiety... then the tummy will follow!

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