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Anxiety Sucks!!!

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ruby92173 HB User
Unhappy Anxiety Sucks!!!

Okay so i'm really new at this and i don't know if posting my story will help but i figure what the heck do i have to loose since iv'e almost lost my mind anyways. I have been strugling with anxiety since about the age of 16 i am now 30. I always had "breathing issues" that's what i call it. I was never able to run in P.E i never wanted to do and still don't much of any exercise for fear of not being able to breathe. When i was 16 it was bad but it never limited me from going out or doing things. Ever since i had my daughter 9yrs. ago it all went down hill. I started getiing panic attacks i stopped driving, going out to the stores and going anywhere i went to the doctor which just by looking at me said i was depressed. i started taking Paxil and it worked. i took it for about 6yrs. For some stupid reason i got off of it besides the fact that it made me gain so much weight. So i am now trying Zoloft which according to me does not work.

I am really struggling with this again i am trying to not let it get to the point where i stop working, but i cant help it, it has control of me and i don't know what to do. Lately i feel that my chest is always tight and it hurts my back feels tight and i feel like my lungs or stomach dont expand enough for me to get air. I try not to think about it but the more i try the more i think. I'm always yawning because i feel like i can never get enough air. And to make matters worse i get pvc's those where you feel like your hearts stops and starts again. And since it's been hot i now feel like my breathing sucks even more.

I have had many EKG's, a holter monitor, event recorder, and stress test they all came back normal they said pvc's are normal and part of my anxiety but for some reson that does not comfort me. If i was fine why would i get these real feelings of not being fine. I am a hypochondriac and i guess i have some ocd along with my GAD. i see a psychologist not so much a therapist. But i feel alone in this iv'e read other people get anxiety but to me it seems like no one is so focused on their breathing like me. Just today i went out and it was 97 degrees and jsut walking to the store i felt my hear tskip a beat i felt like i could not get enough airand i started to get shaky and feel like i was going to pass out. i finally sat down and trieed to breathe deep but i feel that breathing exercises mess up my breathing even more. i tried not to think about it and made it home. but all the while i was miserable i don't go out as much and need to cause i have a child that goes to soccer practice.

i get so bad that sometimes i feel like i can only take a few steps and then it all starts againi start to breathe shallow and get all shaky and nervous i get this pressure in my chest like my blood pressure just went through the roof. i have to stop and try to realax but i'm always putting my hand on my stomach like if that were to help it make it go up and down. I wan tt o go to the doctors offfice everyday to keep making sure my lings and heart and everything that has to do with my breathing works. But they say as usual it's your anxiety go home i can not believe all these feelings i get are all anxiety.

They tell me it might be because of sleep apnea which i was diagnosed with a while back ago but i was never able to use the machine again because of my breathing i'm a mouth breather and when i close ti i feel doomed like i can't breathe. So i am always spending my day wondering what is it that i could have. what is causing me to feel like this all the time. What if no one has caught my heart or lung deffect. Is it true that i'm stressed and have anxiety and all the other mental illnesses the doctor say i have. I HATE THIS!!!!! i need help. But What am i alone here. what do i have i want and desperately need to lead a normal life i cant go on like this this is not living i call it dying a slow death.

So many people are not scarred of dying because they dont feel like they die a little bit every day. if only i worried about something other than something so crucial as is my breathing.

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ShakesMcThyroid HB User
Re: Anxiety Sucks!!!

There are many that post here that have the breathing problems that you talk about, so they can probably be of more help than me.

However, as far as my experience with anxiety and the recovery process, I believe it's a multi-step process that involves a lifestyle change. From your post, you only go to a psychologist. Do you go to a psychiatrist or does your psychologist provide meds?

IMO, anxiety can only be dealt with full-force. That requires meds, therapy, dietary change, exercise, relaxation techniques, education about your disorder, and time.

In your post, you talk about your lack of exercise and therapy. I can only suggest that if you wish to correct this problem, attack it head on, doing whatever it takes to fix it. If at that point you see no results, then so be it. But IMO, I think if you had the mindset of 'I'm gonna fix this' and did everything in your power and knowledge to beat it, you could. That's JMO.

Good luck and let us know how you're doing.


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babygirl35565 HB User
Re: Anxiety Sucks!!!

I have anxiety and panic attacks also and i believe i know what you mean by breathing problems. I too take more deep breathes especially when i feel anxious and i yawn alot too and sometimes feel as if i can't complete the yawn and get a good breathe. I also have things happen with my heart like the palpitations, feeling it and hearing it beat really hard and faster. And sometimes i feel like this weird feeling in my chest like a bubble popping or something. I don't think my breathing problems seem as bad as yours because you seem to constantly worry about it and mine happen when i am having an attack. But i do think it has alot to do with your anxiety and i think you are worrying yourself to death about it and when you feel like you can't breathe you get even more scared and your anxiety gets worse. Maybe you need to find some ways to relax, i have found that relaxation techinques help me alot and trying to just calm down and not worry so much about it can help,but i know how hard it can be to calm down. Anxiety pretty much makes you feel like you are dying sometimes and causes you to feel all these things that really aren't as bad as they seem like your health, it's something i can't even understand.

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hotdam HB User
Re: Anxiety Sucks!!!

Shakes is right you have to face this head on, so with therapy, exercise lifstyle change and meds because it is a muti step process, I have felt the sameway you did 7 months ago, since I have been on meds, changed my lifestyle diet exercise I have felt 100% better, it wouldnt hurt to try it.

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