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joebloggs2 02-23-2008 05:21 PM

Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
I have GAD. Have had anxiety for as long as I can remember.. at least a decade. Finally getting treated for it. Taking Wellbutrin for fatigue (yeah yeah.. not practical) and Zoloft 50mg/day for anxiety.

When does it kick in? So far I have a chronic headache, nausea, worse anxiety and the worst, I feel indifferent. Not zombie-like, but my brain seems 'flat.' I used to write pretty well, but now I don't know how to start, for example, or how to put things into words eloquently.

Yesterday I took a nap and woke up with a panic attack (VERY rare for me). I was numb from head to toe, heart beat through the roof and very confused. Felt like I was in a dream. Anyway, it subsided after Clonazepam and an hour or two.

but anyway, I can't stand this 'indifferent' feeling. My income depends on my creativity/writing.. and I find it hard to concentrate. Easy to lose focus, and my short term memory is bad.. these are all likely due to the increased anxiety.

[B][SIZE="6"]When did it begin working in your experience, and at what dosage?[/SIZE][/B]

[I]Interesting note: Zoloft has fixed my sex life. Libido seems the same if not better, but the sex itself feels 100x better. Before the Zoloft, there was no pleasure in foreplay, and sex was bland. [/I]

granny0 02-23-2008 08:30 PM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
Hi Joe,
I went directly from Lexapro to 50 mg of Zoloft for one week and 100 mg on the 2nd week. I noticed a big difference by the second week. I think the Lexapro was making me worse. I feel pretty much normal on the 100mg of Zoloft. I've been on it now for about 6 weeks. I still have some anxiety, but nothing like I was experiencing before. Give it a little time.
Hope you see an improvement soon.
Best wishes,

Kay1234 02-24-2008 04:23 AM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
i totally know what you mean joe. i just started taking zoloft 5 days ago and i havnt felt like myself at all. i cant make any decisions, like sometimes i dont wont to go to work then one minute later i do, and it just goes back and forth. it happens with everything i do! i feel so lazy and unmotivated. Im very moody and irritable. i also feel like i have things crawling on under my skin. my muscles get really tight and i toss and turn all night.
I feel like im going crazy!!

Is this normal??will this ever pass??

j2006 02-24-2008 06:18 AM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
Wellbutrin and Zoloft are both, for me, a stimulant. So you must have anxiety or feel jittery.

It does pass. Mine lasted a few weeks. Hang in there you will feel better. Zoloft is a great medicaine for me.

Boston George 02-24-2008 11:52 AM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?

I know exactly what you mean, This my 5th week on Zoloft 100mg. I went through the same things you are going through.The first week on Zoloft is the worst, it can actually make your anxiety worst oddly enough. I felt like I was going crazy, that I was losing my touch with reality. I would feel on edge all day and I thought something was seriously wrong with my body. To help with these feelings, my doctor gave me Ativan until the Zoloft kicked in. But, slowly, day by day, I did get better. I know it doesn't feel that way now but I can tell you from personal experience that you will feel better. And my panic disorder was so bad I didn't leave my house for 2 weeks, my mom had to come over my house and make me go out with her to how me nothing was going to happen to me. If I can feel better anybody can. I'm not 100% better, but I'm getting there. You will get there, I promise. ;-)

Kay1234 02-24-2008 12:48 PM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
thanks for that george! i really needed it.
i havnt been out of my house in awhile. i dont even feel motivated to go for a walk. I work with my family members and i cant even go into work!

when did this "not feeling like you" feeling go away?

p.s. I take klonopin also, so that helps keep me calm a little but it doesnt help with all the other side effects of zoloft. :(

joebloggs2 02-24-2008 02:01 PM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
Wellbutrin is a stimulant for me too, but Zoloft makes me feel like taking a nap. Maybe it'll have a stimulating effect when it begins going to effect on my anxiety.

I also noticed it makes me very introverted... probably because it's increasing my anxiety. People talk to me and I just nod my head or say 'ok' or 'yes'/'no' - People also say I ignore them, but I don't notice it myself. Although, after it was mentioned, I did begin to notice that most of the day happens just in my head (conversations, replays of old events, thoughts, day dreams, etc).

Anyway, It's been a little over a week now. Other than the introverted/not my self feeling, the GI side effects are pretty harsh, but hopefully both will subside.

Thanks for the replies, very inspiring.

Boston George 02-25-2008 01:53 AM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
The whole not feeling yourself thing takes a while, I wont lie to you. I had such a great personality before I started getting these horrible panic attacks and agoraphobia. I just now 8-9 or weeks after I started to get my worst symptoms am able to crack jokes and have a little of my personality come back. But in short, it took about a 4-5 weeks on meds to feel half way normal. Keep in mind, mine were reaaly bad, the doc said some of the worst he ever seen. I was afraid to leave my house for 2 weeks. You will get better faster than i did. And don't feel bad about not wanting to do anything yet,it will come. Maybe go to a record store and just walk around a little bit looking at some of your favorite bands. Helps get you out of the house a little and if your feeling anxious you can leave. Thats what I did. Or go and get a tea or decaf coffee, I don't think any of us are ready for caffeine yet ;-) But take the Klonopin for the next few weeks it will get you through the hard times. I hope each day gets better for you. I'm here if you ever need to talk.


Kay1234 02-25-2008 06:19 AM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
thanks so much george. i really appreciate it. :)

Boston George 02-25-2008 12:58 PM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
No problem, I know how hard it is to talk to somebody who has never had one before. Their
just like "snap" out of it. If it were only that easy right? Well I hope you feel better soon ;-)


Kay1234 02-25-2008 05:06 PM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
exactly. no one understands except people on this board. my mom thinks im making it up!

just curious..when you first started taking zoloft, did you take anything to help with the side effects.

i've been taking my klonopin every morning and night and its not doing anything. do you think it could be because of the zolofts effects like "over powering" the klonopin?

i just dont know what to do! i dont want to take the klonopin if its not doing anything for me you know?

j2006 02-25-2008 06:06 PM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
How much Klonopin are you taking and what dose of Zoloft?

Boston George 02-25-2008 07:42 PM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
I know what you mean, it's like eating at you all day. You feel out of control..Like what the heck, can I just have one minute without being anxious! It's very tough the first week or two, my doctor gave me something called Ativan to help get through the first few weeks, It really helped me. maybe you can call your doc and tell him/her that you are really suffering and the klonopin does not seem to be working and ask if there is anything else you can try. There is nothing worse than having that feeling of helplessness I know. but don't lose hope, it takes 2 weeks for the meds to stabilize in your blood, then when the side affects go away, which in our case with Zoloft is more anxiety (go figure why a anti-anxiety drug gives you more anxiety in the beginning) you start to feel better...Finally. But If I were you I would call my doc tomorrow and say I am
anxiety all day, the klonopin does not seem to be working, is there anything else I can try. Like Ativan or Xanax? Some meds work better for certain people. I tried Xanax and It didn't work for me, but Ativan works really well for me. But you are right, there is no reason to take Klonopin if you are still anxious in my opninion. But of course check with your doc before you stop taking it ;-) ..Feel better

Kay1234 02-26-2008 05:48 AM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
i take 100 mg of zoloft, .25 klnonopin each in the morning then night.

your also on both of those meds right? did you go through this to? did the klonopin not do much until the zoloft settled in?

j2006 02-26-2008 06:50 AM

Re: Zoloft for GAD.. when does it kick in?
You didn;t start at 100mg did you? How long have you been on it?

I take both. I take my Zoloft in the morning and I take .25 twice a day. But not before bed. I found I was too tired in the morning if I took it at night.

I started at 25mg for a week then 50mg for 6 weeks then 100mg

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