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Conatus 03-30-2008 10:50 PM

acception to disease
In my experience, anxiety has been the product of guilt and constant self criticism. My anxiety has intruded on all aspects of living and has enveloped my mind, constricting it with all of its wonderful compromises. My past decisions to decieve those around me has led to the corruption and decomposition of my sense of reality and overall wellness. I cannot sleep, I hardly eat, and I cannot stop questioning the thought that it is just punishment for my actions. No pill can conceal or suppress the constant corrosion of my mind, because my "sickness" is natural in form and not to be cured. Cursed is the human mind, as the mind is itself a curse on man, always questioning the circumstances in which it exists. I will die wondering how i could have prevented it, instead of embracing it.

TEdds83 05-27-2008 12:39 AM

Re: acception to disease
I read your post and I hope you are ok. You are not alone. So many of us suffer. I feel like it is my curse in life too , but I am bound and determined to overcome it too! I have faith in Christ and in the good things in life. I wish all these things for you! I hope you are ok, I really do!:angel:

ceg741 11-23-2008 01:39 PM

Re: acception to disease
Bless you,i wanted to cry when i read your post.Be strong,i know its soooo hard but have faith and believe in yourself.You will get thru this and be better i really believe this.You can get thru this and beat it.
Takecare of you! Best wishes.

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